Benitses Map: Maps of Benitses Wide Area

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Benitses maps in large size showing in such detail all small roads, paths, and landscape, this map of Benitses is the only one that exists in such a size.

All maps are tourist maps in Greek and English, they can be opened in new windows when clicked.

Benitses area maps

Benitses map

Here is the map of Benitses with all details and all roads

Benitses village as the Benitses map shows has it’s north limit at the junction of highway Lefkimis and the Corfu-Achilleion Street and ends at south in Tsaki area where the Achilles hotel is situated.
Crossed as shown on the map by the coastal highway, there are some cross-streets leading to the old village, to the mountain villages of Stavros, Agioi Deka, and Gastouri.

The road that leads to Stavros village starts from a point at Chontrakia region, it is extremely steep for the first 2 km, winding and narrow, but then things get better and only the turns remain.

There is another road that starts from the entrance of the old village, crossing and passing beside the aqueduct where is divided into two paths, the left path leads to the mountain village of Agioi Deka and the right to also mountain village of Gastouri, it reaches Gastouri at the building of Philharmonic society.

This road, especially the track which passes through the old village of Benitses is a problem.
The road width does not exceed 2.5 meters and passes between adjacent houses, so if two cars are meet one should make back even 500 meters.

Countless cars have left their footprints on the walls of houses, in a corner a metal bumper is placed to protect the building.

During the summer with the increased traffic where foreign visitors do not know the street narrowness, the situation becomes grotesque if not unacceptable, it is a road difficult even for pedestrians.

In some electronic navigators, this path is indicated as the main road, this is wrong and needs to change.

The mountain roads from Benitses to Agioi Deka and Gastouri are extremely narrow and dangerous, they are used with great care and only in case of emergency, they are offered only to serve traffic between the inhabitants of the three villages, and only for this purpose.

Benitses map
Benitses map
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A road map of Benitses

Benitses map with most important roads and spots in Benitses is below

Benitses map
Benitses map

New map Benitses 2014

Benitses map from the area Limeri at south up to Costa Blu apartments at the northern spot

Benitses map-2014
Benitses map-2014

Benitses wide-area map

A map of Benitses including Tsaki area at the south

Benitses map large
Benitses map large
Click here for a large map

To open the maps at full size, right-click on the map and (open in new window or a new tab)

A Letter from Coronavirus to Humanity

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Hi people, I’m COVID-19.

Many of you simply know me as Coronavirus. So yes. I’m SARS-CoV-2 and this is my message to Humanity.

I am the enemy of your vanity!

Forgive me for not informing you in a timely manner, but I know when I will arrive, in what form and with what power I will hit you.

Why am I here?

Let’s say I’m here because I’m tired of seeing you go backward instead of progressing.

I was tired of seeing you constantly being destroyed by your own hands.

I’m tired of the way you treat and destroy your planet.

I am tired of your incomprehensible obsession with everlasting growth, growth at the expense of the environment, depletion of the planet’s natural resources, and excessive carbon dioxide that disrupt the climate and cause natural disasters.

I’m tired of the way you treat each other.

I’m tired of your abuses, the violence you carry out, the wars, your interpersonal conflicts, and your superstitions.

I’m tired of seeing you being jealous of social looks, your skills, your hypocrisy, and your selfishness.

I’m tired of the little time you spend with your families.

I’m tired of the lack of attention for your children. I’m tired of how shallow you are.

I’m tired of the importance you often give to superficial things at the expense of the important.

I’m tired of your pathetic and endless search for the best dress, the latest smartphone model, and the most expensive car just to satisfy your vanity.

I’m tired of your scams. I’m tired of the propaganda in your media. I’m tired of the insufficient time you spend to communicate with each other.

I am tired of your constant complaints while doing absolutely nothing to improve your lives. I’m tired of seeing you in disagreements and bickering over trivial occasions.

I am tired of the constant skirmishes between those who govern you, I am tired of your wrong choices of those who govern you.

I am tired of seeing people muttering and even killing for a football match.

I know … I’ll be tough with you. Maybe more than enough, but I don’t stand out.

I’m a virus.

My action will cost you lives, many lives, cause I want you to understand once and for all that you have to change course … For your own good.

The message I have to give you is simple.

I wanted to emphasize that the society you have created is wrong, so you must change it.

I wanted to pause everything to force you to understand that the only important thing you have to deal with your soul from here and onwards is the following: Human and life. Yours and your children’s.

And that they really need to be protected, embraced, and shared.

I wanted you as confined and isolated as possible in your homes, away from parents, grandparents, children, and grandchildren.

To be able to understand how important a hug is, a human contact, a conversation, a handshake, a night out with friends, a walk, a dinner in a restaurant, a run in the park in the open.

From these images, everything has to start all over again.

Bring down racism, divisions between you, ignore the religions that fuel hate and wars, let go of stupid nationalisms, I had shown you that you are all the same, still not seeing it?

Do not discriminate between you.

Respect the planet that hosts you, the resources it provides are more than enough, and surplus for you to live all rich, share the wealth of the earth, I will not forgive you next time unless you take away the wealth of the few to share it with you all.

You will have no other chance if I find humanity again with children starving and dying, with innocents being killed in futile wars, with uprooted refugees looking for a new home, with homeless people, with starving people, with exploitation, misery, and social inequality.

The wealth that your work generates should not be concentrated in the hands of the few but used to protect the planet and the lives of yours and all other species, to provide everyone with a comfortable life without anxiety and uncertainty about the future, to be channeled into scientific research on cures for serious diseases rather than weapons of death and destruction.

You are the rulers of the planet and you must take care to keep it alive.

I have shown you that there are no distances. Although so small and invisible I traveled thousands of miles and I am everywhere in no time.

I am a passerby, but the feelings of solidarity and cooperation that I have created in your hearts in a short period of time should last forever.

Live your life in a simpler way, Walk. Breathe free. Help those in need because the goodwill always is returned to you.

Enjoy and respect nature.

Do whatever please you and fill you up and create the conditions that will allow you not to be afraid for the future.

I’ll stay with you as long as needed, When you start the celebrations it will be because I’ve gone.

But remember, don’t try to be better people only as long as I am present because I will come back mutated and stronger.



This letter was written by Danilo Calabrese
With many additions by Antonio Tirospanacoli

Corfu Easter 2020: All Events Canceled Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

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Easter in Corfu 2020

Easter of 2020 is on 19th of April, but…

In the midst of war, we cannot speak of celebrations and events, let alone when the war is waged against all humanity by an invisible enemy that threatens not only the lives of all of us but also the existence of states and the whole structure of the world as it was until now.

Corfu Easter-2020 and COVID-19
Corfu Easter-2020 and COVID-19

No, the earth was not been attacked by aliens, neither did nuclear world war broke out, nor did a meteorite fall from space, it is something much worse.

A tiny new virus, about one-tenth the diameter of the common influenza virus, SARS-CoV-2 as it is scientifically called, causes the COVID-19 pandemic that in record time has spread from China, from where it first appeared, across the globe with catastrophic effects, such that mankind has not yet known.

The illness caused by SARS-CoV-2 or coronavirus, causes severe pneumonia that is potentially lethal for old and burdened with health problems people, but also it doesn’t make exceptions for much younger and healthy people too.

There have been thousands of victims within a relatively short period of time, with the disease, if not stalled, able to affect millions, and the impact, both from the virus and from the unprecedented isolation measures of entire populations taken from almost all countries to the economy, to be unprecedented as there is no cure or vaccine yet.

But apart from the lives of all of us, this situation threatens the very structure of today’s civilization.

Already, economies are shaking to the brink of collapse, and the future of mankind, until at least some cure and later an effective vaccine is finally found, it will certainly be very, very different, and probably not reminiscent of anything we know so far.

And we’re still at the beginning.

What is the situation in Corfu

Although, until today 19 March, Corfu is free of coronavirus cases, the whole country is under a limited quarantine to prevent coronavirus disease spread in the country, nobody knows until when, it will depend from the size of spreading, but currently, it will last for at least some months.

Therefore for Easter 2020, it would be meaningless to think about events, celebrations, and visitors.
After all, to limit the COVID-19 disaster as much as we can, we have no other way than to isolate people as more is possible.

Greece until now is doing fine, schools, restaurants, hotels, most shops, even organized beaches are closed, also citizens are strongly advised through mass media campaigns to stay@home and avoid concentrations and go out only for absolutely necessary activities.

These strong measures have been taken early by the government and have limited the number of cases so the national health system can cope with all severe cases and save the most lives that can be saved, despite the financial cost, for us the Greeks, human life is above all money and financial cost.

See you all at Easter of 2021

We wish the nightmare to end as quickly as possible, life is above all and maintaining life is the first goal, we must survive first and then to think about the economical disasters so that we can rebuild our world in a completely different direction at this time.

With respect to the planet that tolerates us, but we are consciously or unconsciously destroying it, and by setting human above numbers, crushing capitalism and its derivatives such as stock markets, rating agencies, and all their inhumane models of governance to religions, tribes and set borders that will fall.

And the world’s governments must act now, mankind cannot stand another uncontrollable financial collapse and the only way to save anything that can be saved is to spend the most money now to help the scientific community to find a vaccine soon.

If we don’t stop this now, the money will have no value in a few months.

money for toilet paper
money for toilet paper

We hope all this is an exaggeration, we pray for the nightmare to go, the financial damage to be manageable, so we can be together in Corfu next year, at Easter of 2021, and this time in more numbers than any other year, to celebrate Easter 2021 with a different mindset and greater love and solidarity for humanity.

Now, we do not travel, we all stay home, we limit the spread of this curse, we all stay spiritually united, we take care of our lives without calculating the financial cost, and everyone prays in what he believes, in order to save humanity from disaster.

Corfu Easter 2017
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Holy Week Photos and Events
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Sagrado – What does this word finally mean?

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Many of you may know the small Italian town of Sagrado northeast of Venice near the border with Slovenia.

Some may also know that in Spanish it means Holy or Holy Place or something similar.

Of course, very few will know what Sagrado was in Medieval and Venetian Corfu, this is what we will try to explain below.

Let us emphasize here that anything follows is derived from stories told by older people who also learned these stories from older generations, so there may be some dose of imagination or exaggeration mainly about the usefulness of this space (Sagrado) and not about the meaning which is not disputed, as is their existence.

In Corfu of Venetian rule (1386-1797), the executive power, and not just this, belonged to the nobility, they did and treated the poor people almost as they wished.

Every aristocratic family had its own tower or a large house with orchards and gardens around it, and almost everything had a Sagrado, this is a fact.

Sagrado was an underground, narrow, and very deep space like a gallery never be seen by the sun.
Built with large stones and only one entrance that could be hermetically closed with a double door.

They were usually located in the basements of the mansions or in their enclosures as a separate building, in that case, it had an arched entrance.
The Sagrado, located in the basements of the mansions, usually had another entrance from above, a well-hidden hatch that opened in exceptional cases.

In the photo, we see the entrance of a Sagrado in the mansion of Konte(Count) Rivellis.

Sagrado entrance in Rivellis mansion
Sagrado entrance in Rivellis mansion

And here is the drama of history.

The arbitrariness of the nobles in those times was the norm and it covered all aspects of daily life.

Stories like the following were very common among the locals of past centuries.

Nobles did not only determine the financial situation of those who worked for them, but also their lives.

For a worker to claim his money was equivalent to death.

If he became too pressing then the count would invite him to his house to pay him, thereafter putting him standing on top of the hatch, and the poor man was falling to Sagrado where he was going to find a slow and excruciating death, usually by starvation.

The same thing could happen for anyone who became unpleasant or dangerous to the noble, he disappeared without a trace and none dared to search for him.

If someone applied for a loan and took it, usually with a mortgage on his house, he would probably lose both his property and his life.

Because if he could repay the loan, the count would summon him, and after taking the money back, he would extinguish it in Sagrado, and after presenting the signed paper on the mortgage he would also get the house.

If he wasn’t able to pay, the count would call him with a pretext for a new settlement and he would disappear.

Needless to say, the only law that existed then was the law of the mighty.

The official version for the use of Sagrado

The official version for the construction and use of Sagrado is that they were wine cellars or storage areas.
There is another version that wants them to be catacombs – family graves of the nobles.

But there is also a legend about an institution imposed by the Venetians.

According to this institution, the hunted, criminals, and fugitives had the right to seek asylum in a noble’s mansion.

If they managed, before being arrested, to simply touch the door knocker of the mansion’s gate, prosecution by the official authorities would cease, and justice and possible punishment would now go to Conte’s jurisdiction.

Those who committed petty offenses continued for the rest of their lives as slaves to Konte, while criminals were locked up in Sagrado where they usually died.

This was how the place was cleansed from thugs and the poachers were scared and remained quiet.

It is said that only a few nobles such as Sordinas, Kourkoumelis, Androutselis, and Rivellis were granted the license to give asylum, but most likely there were more.

The horrible reality

The Sagrado gained a terrible reputation, for they were, in fact, dark dungeons where criminals and/or innocents have died, so Sagrados were used as tools of fear for the people, and extermination tools for the nobles to accomplish their aims, very horrible and exceedingly myths were cultivated.

Old ruined noble house in Corfu
Old ruined noble house in Corfu

However exaggerated the myths about the sagradο maybe, cannot be all lies, the nobles then, in order to keep their privileges and to get rid of their dangerous opponents, did not hesitate in front of anything.

During the occupation of Corfu by the axis forces, the Germans opened the sealed entrance of a Sagrado in which human skeletons were found, with no trace of coffins and scattered around, surely it was not a family grave!

So this was Sagrado, an underground, narrow and very deep space used by the ruling class of nobles to eliminate the dangerous, their opponents and the poor people.

COVID-19 Pandemic: Coronavirus Breaking News

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Coronavirus Live: Breaking news, world Map and live counter on confirmed and recovered cases.

In the city of Wuhan, Hubei province, China, a series of cases of pneumonia occurred.

On January 9, 2020, the Chinese health authorities announced that it is a new corona strain (2019-nCoV).

Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that usually cause respiratory infections of varying severity in humans and animals. It is estimated that about a third of upper respiratory infections in humans can be caused by coronaviruses.

The Greek organization of Public Health (EODY) is monitoring developments from the beginning and is in constant contact with both the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

EODY(Greek Organization of Public Health) remains vigilant about possible cases of the disease in travelers while it has already issued and systematically updates information material and specialized instructions.

Data, Breaking news, a world Map, and live counter on confirmed and recovered cases you can find on the sources below.

2. BNO News:
4. 1point3acres (for USA/CAN):
5. RiskLayer (DEU):
6. MorgenPost (DEU):
7. DXY (CHN):
8. J.A.G Japan (JPN):
9. VG (NOR):
10. Amtliches Dashboard COVID19 (AUT):
12. Helsingin Sanomat (FIN):
13. Situación de COVID-19 en España (ESP):
14. T.C.Sağlık Bakanlığı (TUR): /
15. Corona-Fälle in der Schweiz (CHE):
16. Lidovky (CZE):
17. The News International (PAK):
18. kawalcovid19 (IND):

About the COVID-19 Disease

Stay Home - Leave Coronavirus out
Stay Home – Leave Coronavirus out

The disease caused by the new Coronavirus was named COVID-19 and despite early predictions, within a short time, it spread beyond the borders of China, around the world.

The disease is very easily transmitted through the respiratory tract, even by asymptomatic patients who are in the incubation stage that lasts several days, and this makes it very dangerous.
It is transmitted by droplets emitted from the nose or mouth of asymptomatic carriers but also by objects that they have touched or had any contact with them.

The symptoms in the vast majority of cases can vary from very mild to none, with exceptions, but for the elderly over 65 and various vulnerable groups with underlying chronic diseases, such as heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, and many other chronic autoimmune diseases can be very serious, with severe pneumonia that can lead to death.
Incidents involving organs infected such as the heart, kidneys, stomach, brain, etc. have also been reported.

So far the data shows an alarming mortality rate of around 5% which is much higher than that of the common flu and from what we initially thought.

Since there is no specific drug or vaccine against coronavirus, the only defense we have at the moment is complete self-isolation and lockdown in entire areas or even countries and states.
Also to keep our immunity system and defenses in good shape by getting plenty of rest and eating well.

It is important to follow strict hygiene rules, such as frequent and thorough washing of hands with soap and water for more than 20 seconds, avoiding any kind of congruence with other people and keeping a distance from everyone, at least two meters.

The use of gloves and masks is essential for those who know how to use them properly, improper use of masks can be very dangerous as it can help the contamination instead of protecting, so the instructions for its use vary from country to country and are conflicting.

Currently, the epidemic is at its peak, and the entire planet, especially Europe and North America, where the epicenter of the pandemic is, is in lockdown with almost all economic activities locked up.

The health and humanitarian consequences are devastated and well known, we see them every day with tens of thousands of deaths.

But the economic consequences that will follow will be frightening, they will even test the existence of some countries, unemployment, and recession will reach unprecedented levels much higher than those of the 2008 crisis, but they still cannot be accurately calculated now.

Especially the tourism sector has been destroyed, with airlines and travel agencies going bankrupt.
The absence of the tourism product for 2020 is the strongest blow for Greece since tourism accounts for 25% of GDP and essentially feeds the Greek economy.

The priority at the moment though is to tackle the pandemic with health systems around the world fighting the toughest.

Health systems that, due to neoliberal policies, are proving to be insufficient with understaffed personnel and shortages of basic medical supplies, therefore unable of dealing with all cases that have serious complications of the disease.

This is not the time to blame responsibility, they will be blamed after the pandemic.

Two conclusions are definite.

The first is that humanity will survive, an effective cure and later a vaccine will be found sooner or later.
And the second is that the world after this shock will never be the same, how different and in what way it remains to be seen.

Mental health issues due to the pandemic

The coronavirus might affect not only your physical wellbeing but also your mental health. As we might be instructed to stay home due to the pandemic, the mental health symptoms might worsen.

This is a useful guide about improving mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please keep in your thoughts those who are affected by this unfortunate outbreak.

Also, read the Coronavirus letter to Humanity

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Best Restaurants in Paleokastritsa

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Tango Cafe Paleokastritsa
Tango Cafe Paleokastritsa

Paleokastritsa on the west side of Corfu is best known for its natural beauty. But apart from the exciting views and beautiful beaches, it has tons of shops, rooms, hotels, and of course many restaurants.

More than 20 restaurants are scattered mainly around and near the beaches.

Especially the central beach of Agios Spiridon has more than 5 restaurants in its area.

Vrachos, Il Pirata, Mediterraneo with Italian food, Zepiros, Gialos, and Nikos restaurant are all here to give you a wide choice.

In front of Alipa port, there is Alipa restaurant and a little east the Dolphin, Belvedere, and Horizon restaurants.

Moving Eastwards to Agia Triada beach you will find Taverna Andreas, Gran Aladino, The Meraklis, Petrino garden, Taverna Nafsika, The Greek-way grill, Akron beach bar, Poseidon restaurant, Nereids restaurant-bar, Unlimit food bar, and Creperie Makis.

At the entrance of Paleokastritsa and on the way to Corfu town there are some more restaurants, Elia taverna, Zorbas, and Spiros restaurant.

Restaurants in Neighboring villages

In the wider area, there are two villages, very close to the resort. Liapades with an extraordinary beach at the east and Lakones, a mountain village just above the hill.

There are many more restaurants there, from Lakones particularly the view to the beach is spectacular.

In Liapades we find the restaurants: Thalassa, The Village diner, The Bar Blue Princes, the pub La Grotta, Aria’s grill room, Aspros taverna, and Costas grill house.

And in Lakones: Flavor restaurant, Il Pozzo, Boulis, Golden Fox, Bellavista, Dolce cafe, and Orea Thea. Quite a number for a mountain tiny village!

As you can see, Your choices are so many.

Recommended Restaurants in Paleokastritsa

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