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Benitses Map: Maps of Benitses Wide Area

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Last updated on February 7th, 2022 at 01:59 pm

Benitses maps in large size showing in such detail all small roads, paths, and landscape, this map of Benitses is the only one that exists in such a size.

All maps are tourist maps in Greek and English, they can be opened in new windows when clicked.

Benitses area maps

Benitses map

Here is the map of Benitses with all details and all roads

Benitses village as the Benitses map shows has it’s north limit at the junction of highway Lefkimis and the Corfu-Achilleion Street and ends at south in Tsaki area where the Achilles hotel is situated.
Crossed as shown on the map by the coastal highway, there are some cross-streets leading to the old village, to the mountain villages of Stavros, Agioi Deka, and Gastouri.

The road that leads to Stavros village starts from a point at Chontrakia region, it is extremely steep for the first 2 km, winding and narrow, but then things get better and only the turns remain.

There is another road that starts from the entrance of the old village, crossing and passing beside the aqueduct where is divided into two paths, the left path leads to the mountain village of Agioi Deka and the right to also mountain village of Gastouri, it reaches Gastouri at the building of Philharmonic society.

This road, especially the track which passes through the old village of Benitses is a problem.
The road width does not exceed 2.5 meters and passes between adjacent houses, so if two cars are meet one should make back even 500 meters.

Countless cars have left their footprints on the walls of houses, in a corner a metal bumper is placed to protect the building.

During the summer with the increased traffic where foreign visitors do not know the street narrowness, the situation becomes grotesque if not unacceptable, it is a road difficult even for pedestrians.

In some electronic navigators, this path is indicated as the main road, this is wrong and needs to change.

The mountain roads from Benitses to Agioi Deka and Gastouri are extremely narrow and dangerous, they are used with great care and only in case of emergency, they are offered only to serve traffic between the inhabitants of the three villages, and only for this purpose.

Benitses map
Benitses map
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A road map of Benitses

Benitses map with most important roads and spots in Benitses is below

Benitses map
Benitses map

New map Benitses 2014

Benitses map from the area Limeri at south up to Costa Blu apartments at the northern spot

Benitses map-2014
Benitses map-2014

Benitses wide-area map

A map of Benitses including Tsaki area at the south

Benitses map large
Benitses map large
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