Corfu Achillian Race and Semi Marathon

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Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 07:07 am

Update October 20th, 2019: In recent years Achilles’ race is no longer happening, this article has only historic value!

Achilleian race event in Benitses
Achilleian race event in Benitses

The union of the Ionian Islands with Greece is officially celebrated here on May 21st when schools, armed forces, fire department, and other organizations parade in Corfu Town, accompanied by the bands of the City, and in the presence of local dignitaries.

About ten days later, usually on the first Sunday of June, the annual Achillian race takes place, taking its name from the former municipality of Achillion.
A semi-marathon in which anyone can participate regardless of sex or age.
The route passes through the villages of the municipality and after about 21 km the athletes finish in Benitses, where the awards and medals are presented.
Each year the race is upgraded, and last year athletes from all over Greece took part, and also many from Italy.
Following the event, there are performances by local dancers, singers, and musicians.

The Achilleian race is organized every year to develop sports incentives on the island of Corfu, where very few sporting events with an international character are taking place, but also to promote the diptych “SPORTS & FITNESS”.
Participants can include athletes from the Athletics Federation, sports clubs, Health Club Runners, veteran athletes, students and fans of both sexes.

Great success had this year the Achilleian or Achillion race in Corfu

Crowned with success for the fifth consecutive year, is the Achilleian Road Race of 10 000 meters and the semi-marathon of 21km, run for the first time on Sunday 23 May 2010, starting from the centre of Kynopiastes School and the nursery of the Municipality of Achilleion respectively, and both ending in the main square of Benitses.

Taking part in the race were athletes belonging to the powerful Athletics Federation, clubs, associations of runners for health, veteran athletes and general participants from Corfu and mainland Greece.
The participation of athletes from the city of Patras, which this year honored the game, was particularly impressive but runners also came from Trikala, Preveza, Igoumenitsa Agrinio, Athens, Kozani, Kavala, and for the first time about 60 athletes from Italy.
The athletes’ participation surpassed all expectations, as the number of participants exceeded 300 people.

Finishing first in the General Ranking and the race of 10, 000 meters in the men’s category was Thomas Nikas from Corfu and in the women’s category athlete Evangelia Donta from Corfu.
In the semi-marathon, in the men’s class, John Stamatopoulos of CMS Patras was first, and in the women category Gratsani Paraskevi from Trikala came first

The supporting organizations contributed significantly to the success of the event, primarily the Police Department of Achilleion, the Corfu branch of the Greek Rescue Team, the motorsports team of Achilleion, the Greek Red Cross, the clinic “THERAPIA”, the Primary Health Care of Moraitika (provided an ambulance during the race), the P.E.P.F.A.of the prefecture of Corfu, the Amateur Sports Association, the prefectural officer of Corfu Mr. Amoiridis, the CF Athletics Federation, the Association of Crete, the Corfu Athletic Association, the group of football and volleyball VOLIDA, the Sports Karate Association of Achilleion, the Athletic Club Kerkyra, the Cultural Association of Benitses and many citizens.

It must be noted that funding came from the organizing Region of the Ionian Islands and the NEW BALANCE, and GETIL (MESIMERIS – Skiadopoulos), Germanos, and Dionysis Chalikias.
Communication sponsors were the broadcaster TILEKERKYRA and radio stations RADIO CORFU, POP FM and LIFE RADIO.
There were also substantial contributions by the individuals: Mr. Nick Perros, Mr. G. Psailas, Mr. Nikos Moschos, Mr. Christos Vradis, Mrs. Stamatella Pouli, Lambrini Gioti and Elena Poulimenou as members of the Organizing Committee.

The awards ceremony included dancing by the cheerleader Schools of Nante Rizos and Mika Giourgas and the Dance Department of the Cultural Association of Benitses, while the signal for the race’s start was given by the Mayor of Achilleion Mr. Erotokritos Karidis and the President of O.N.A.D.A Mr.Spyros Kardamis with the presence of the Philharmonic bands of Gastouri and Kynopiastes.

It is worth noting that during the awards ceremony for the winners O.N.A.D.A. plaque honoring Paul Skordilis recognizing his contribution to sports events on the island was unveiled.


6th Achilles Road Race of 10,000 meters and semi Marathon of 21,100 meters (06/06/2011)

Held last Sunday (5/6/2011) the 6th Achilles Road Race of 10,000 m and the semi Marathon of 21,100 m., starting in the center of Kynopiastes School and nursery of the Municipal Unit of Achilleion respectively and finished at the main square of Benitses.

In the event took place athletes belonging to the power of Athletics Federation, clubs, health associations runners, veteran athletes and fans from Corfu and mainland Greece.
Impressive was the participation of athletes from Patras honored this year of struggle, but also from the cities of Ioannina, Preveza, Igoumenitsa, Athens, Thessaloniki and about 100 athletes from Italy.
The athletes exceeded their participation in 250 and reached the finish of around 200 of them.

Finished first in the General rank in the path of 10,000 m in the category of men, Nikas Thomas from Corfu and in the category of women Koukakis Catherine, while on the road of 21,100 m in the category of men finished first the athlete John Stamatopoulos athletic federation of Patras, who scored a record, and in the category of Women Kourlesi Joanna.

The success of the organization contributed substantially, the Police Department of Achilleion and Corfu Municipal Police, Corfu Annex of the Greek Rescue Team, the motor Sports team of Achilleion, the Hellenic Red Cross, the General Hospital of Corfu, Corfu General Clinic Primary Health Care at Moraitika (provided an ambulance during the race), the Department P.E.P.F.A. Corfu, SP Athletics Federation, the Association of Judges, the Corfiot Athletic Club, the football team VOLIDA, the Sports Karate Association of Achilleion, the Cultural Associations of the area and many residents.
It should be mentioned that contributed to the organization: the NEW BALANCE, the DIELLAS and Accounting Office of Georgia Mitsi, while media sponsors were the Broadcasters CORFU CHANNEL and START TV and radio stations STAR FM, RADIO CORFU, POP FM, KYMA FM, IONIAN RADIO, ANTENNA CORFU, new radio, and LIFE RADIO.

The awards ceremony included dancing cheerleaders from the Rizos Nantes and Mika Giourga schools of Dance and the Dance Department of the Cultural Association of Benitses In awarding the medals and cup winners attended the Aldermen Erotokritos Karidis, Barbara Vlassis, Anastasios Potamitis, Alexandros Poulis, President of the cultural organization, sport and environment of the City Mr. Spyros Pandis, and the President of the Local Benitses Community Mr. George Spinoulas.

Results of 6th Achilles Race and Achilles semi-marathon (6-6-2011)

7th Achilleian (Achillion) Road Race of 10,000 meters and semi Marathon of 21,100 meters (03/06/2012)

The 7th Achilleian race took place on Sunday 3 of June 2012, at 9 a.m.

The starting point for the seventh Achilleian race of 10,000 meters was at the School of Kynopiastes village, the athletes followed the road to Ponti’s crossroad, then they reach Vrioni area and arrived at Chrysida, then Perama, Kaiser Bridge and finally ended at the square of Benitses.

The 7th Achilleian Semi Marathon of 21,100 meters was started at the municipal nursery Unity Achilleion on the National road, the athletes followed the direction to Ponti area, crossing the villages of Kastellani, Kouramades, Kalafationes, Agios Prokopios, and then through Lefkimis National road reached Perama, Kaiser Bridge and finished at the square of Benitses.
See the results of the seventh Achilleian race here:

Achilleian Semimarathon 21.000m – results here:  2012-achilleian race 21.000m – results
Achilleian race 10.000m – results here: 2012-achilleian race 10.000m – results

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