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41 Best Corfu Beaches – Our Complete List

Last updated on October 5th, 2022 at 09:54 pm

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How many Beaches are in Corfu?

Corfu beaches are countless, beautiful, and enormous. Most are sandy and crowded, although many peaceful and quiet remote beaches are not missing. Mainly those in the small bays of Erimitis on the northeast coast, and the beaches on the Northwest side of the island, south of the amazing Palaiokastritsa.

In Corfu, we have the endless long sandy beaches of the west coast and the tourist pebble beaches on the eastern coast.

Most of them were awarded blue flags due to their crystal and clear water.

Maps with Corfu beaches

Below we have 2 Maps with all the well-known beaches in Corfu. Although some very beautiful secluded beaches are missing from the first map, you can learn about them here

Large Corfu Beaches map Large Corfu Beaches by type map

Useful maps that show a complete picture of the type of beach visitors are going to visit.

We mark the large sandy beaches, the well-organized sandy Corfu beaches, the organized beaches with pebbles, mixed beaches with sand and pebble, and the Small and isolated sandy or pebble beaches as well.

Check in the map’s memo how the different types of beaches are indexed.

But to drive to those beautiful places you need a car, get ONE here:

The best beaches in Corfu are on the southwest coast, these are the largest sandy beaches on the island. And you have easy access if you stay in any of the tourist resorts of the middle and south Corfu.

By car, bus, or bike you need 10-20 minutes to drive to these beaches that are all well worth visiting. You will be amazed by their enormous size, the purity of the sand, the beauty, and the sudden changes in the landscape.

Best Corfu beaches: The Complete List

Corfu beach Chalikounas
Corfu beach Chalikounas

Sandy beaches in Northwest Corfu

1- Sidari and Canal D`amour beach

Sidari is a large Organised Sandy beach, family Friendly with Water sports and Diving, located on the northwest coast of the island, 35km from Corfu town

Sidari, Canal d'Amour
Sidari, Canal d’Amour

Sidari resort is one of today`s largest tourist destinations on the island and is located on the north and west coast of Corfu.

The beaches at Sidari are many and suitable for anybody.

In the East part of the village, a sandy stretch deepens softly and is good for families. It is fully organized with water sports and other amenities.

On the west side, we find Canal D`amour, a rocky formation ideal for romance as well as diving. It is equally good for young and older people.

It is said that whoever meets his or her beloved under these rocks, their love will last forever.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the best beaches on the island.
Sidari and Canal D'amour beach

2- Peroulades and Loggas majestic beach

Loggas beach is Sandy, organized and narrow, but in a majestic landscape located on the northwest coast of Corfu, 37km from the town.

Loggas in Peroulades Corfu
Loggas in Peroulades Corfu

Peroulades is a small village with simple apartments and villas. People here can enjoy the wonderful sandy beach of Loggas below the cliffs, and see the famous sunset from the top of the cliff.

Loggas, the beach of Peroulades is a rare geological phenomenon with very steep tall rocks that give a sense of majesty.

It is a fully organized beach with water sports but is quite narrow, when the sea is rough is almost lost under the waves.

It is aimed at romantics because of the fabulous sunsets, also good for the adventurous type of person.
See more about Peroulades and Loggas

3- Agios Stefanos

Agios Stefanos is a large organized Sandy Beach for families, located at a distance of 32kms from the airport on the northwestern tip of Corfu

Agios Stefanos beach north Corfu
Agios Stefanos beach north Corfu

The large sandy beach of Agios Stefanos on the northwestern end of the island attracts many people. There are often quite big breakers here, but the water stays shallow for quite a long way.

Therefore is an ideal Beach for families and relaxation.
More about San Stefanos and Arillas

4- Porto Timoni beach

Not organized, unique double-sided beach with pebbles, at the west side of Corfu, distance from the town is 30km.

Porto Timoni double beach at northwest Corfu
This is Porto Timoni, a unique double-sided beach in northwest Corfu

On the island, there are also some incredible places like Porto Timoni.

Porto Timoni is a double beach between the Gulf of Saint George of Pagoi and Afionas. The whole scene is a slimline land that connects Corfu with a small piece of land that otherwise would be an island. A downside is that it is accessible only by the sea.

Still one of the best beaches for nature lovers, good for relaxing too.

5- Agios Georgios of Pagoi

Large organized Sandy Beach with watersports for families. It is located in northwest Corfu and at a distance of about 30km from Corfu town.

Agios Georgios north Corfu
Agios Georgios north Corfu

Agios Georgios of Pagoi is a spectacularly beautiful beach inside a huge horseshoe-shaped bay. Fringed with small hotels, bars, and tavernas along the length of the sand and shingle beach.

A very laid-back, relaxed resort, not overly commercial, and appealing to those wanting a quiet holiday, but with things going on that you can join in if you choose.

We are talking about a family beach and resort.

At the northern end, the cliff rises and a village can be seen at the top. Afionas, with spectacular sunset views and some excellent tavernas- but a steep climb.
Click for more of Agios Georgios

Best Corfu Beaches on West Corfu

6- Beaches inside Paleokastritsa

Paleokastritsa with its beaches is located on the northwest side of the island and is 25km far from Corfu town.

Paleokastritsa from Lakones village
Paleokastritsa from Lakones village

Palaiokastritsa has been called the jewel of Corfu. Set on several bays which all are beaches, separated by small promontories.

The whole area is exceptional scenery along with superb beaches. The waters are cool and crystal clear, ideal for swimming and water sports. On most of the beaches, there are taxi boats, sunbeds, umbrellas, motorboats, and canoes for rent.

In the settlement`s area, there are seven beaches, separated by round-shaped capes.

On the headland farthest out to the sea is the beautiful monastery, still working and occupied by cat-loving monks, and containing the famous icon of the Virgin in its church. There also exists and kept the skeleton of a whale that had been stranded years ago on the shores of the region.

Beaches inside paleokastritsa

  1. Ampelaki beach is the first on the line starting from West.
  2. Agios Petros beach, very close to the first, inside the first cove.
  3. Palaiokastritsa or Agios Spiridon, the central beach, in between the two capes. Voted inside the 10 best beaches in Corfu.
  4. Alipa beach, where there is a small harbor, is the Alipa port, suitable for small yachts, speed, and fishing boats. From this port, you can hire a boat to visit the neighboring isolated beaches and remote caves south of Paleokastritsa.
  5. Platakia beach.
  6. Agia Triada beach.
  7. Beach of La Grotta, the easternmost. Opposite the beach of Liapades a couple of miles to the East.

All beaches here are sandy and beautiful.

Also, there are hotels and apartments to suit all pockets, and many tavernas and bars strung out along the road. Some on the hillside, and others on the water’s edge.

The view from the village of Lakones on the hill above is stunning. Many visitors walk up the old donkey trail which goes between the two places, and some go on up into the hills above, exploring the inland villages of Krini and Makrades.
Read more about Palaiokastritsa

7- The group of Beaches south of Paleokastritsa

7 Secluded Beaches with clear and emerald waters with sand and pebbles, accessible by the sea. They are located south of Palaiokastritsa on the west side of the island, 20km from Corfu town.

Beaches in Corfu - Stelari
Beaches in Corfu – Stelari

Small coves divided by rocks are ideal for couples who are seeking isolation, and beautiful landscapes.

It is a large area where there seem to be no beaches on the map.

The coastline is rugged with very high cliffs and there are no roads to reach the coast.

And yet, here are the most beautiful hidden beaches of Corfu, wild, with a back of towering cliffs and sand in turquoise crystal clear waters. A lot of people do not know them simply because they are accessible only by the sea.

Starting from north to south we find the beaches of Liapades, Rovinia, Limni, Liniodoros, Paradise or Chomi, Stelari, and the small Stelari respectively.

These beaches are unspoiled, with no tourist infrastructure or unregulated tourist development and they remain secluded.

We don`t know if they are awarded blue flags but certainly, they are awarded by nature with majestic landscapes. They have the cleaner and most crystal waters on the island.

If you have a boat you shouldn’t miss them.

See all of these beaches in detail here Corfu paradise beaches under Paleokastritsa

8- Rovinia beach

Remote and beautiful beach, one of the most beautiful in Corfu according to many.

Best beaches in Corfu - Rovinia beach Corfu
Best beaches in Corfu – Rovinia beach Corfu

Rovinia beach is perhaps the most beautiful beach in this area, at least according to tourists’ opinion, and is located in the area of Liapades in western Corfu just south of the rocky shores of Paleokastritsa.

Small, remote, beautiful, and unspoiled, accessible from the sea as well as from the land through a small path with steps, about 600 meters long.

It is deserted, therefore not very crowded, with fine pebbles, little sand, and a turquoise crystal clear sea in a landscape of exceptional natural beauty, it could be a nudist beach.

The beach of Rovinia is a small petal-shaped beach, almost surrounded by tall rocks on both sides, rocks at its southern end creating a small but spectacular cave.

The waters here are crystal clear, fairly cold, and almost frozen, as well as in the whole area of Paleokastritsa, due to the cold streams from the Adriatic that end up on these coasts.

See more about Rovinia beach
Liniodoros beach at west Corfu
Liniodoros beach at west Corfu

9- Ermones

Organized Family Friendly beach with shingle and a little sand, on the west coast, and 15km from the town.

Ermones beach Corfu
Ermones beach Corfu

Just below Paleokastritsa is Ermones. This beach is made up of sand and shingles and can be found on the edge of the Ropa valley.

This dramatic cove on the west coast of Corfu is one of the places claiming to be where Odysseus landed. Here he found the lovely Princess Nausika and her ladies washing their clothes.

But if he arrived now he would find a wide choice of places to stay- all of high quality.

The large hotel on the cliff top has been joined by several boutique establishments, set on attractive grounds and spread across the bay.

It is a favorite place for golfers to stay, as the golf course in the Ropa Valley is only a few minutes away, so you can indulge in your hobby whilst other family members enjoy the clear blue sea or pool.

There is a welcoming clubhouse serving drinks and food. The course is challenging enough to occupy many golfers who return annually.
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10- Myrtiotissa Nudist Beach

Sandy and Partly Organized, Nudism Friendly, at the center of the west side of Corfu and 16km from the town.

Mirtiotissa nudist beach
Mirtiotissa nudist beach

Myrtiotissa, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Also known as “the only beach on the island of Corfu where nudism is officially tolerated“.

It’s a nudist beach reached by a steep path or by the sea. A rather small sandy beach is difficult to spot that lay just north of Glyfada which is separated by a thin but high rock. Also one of the best beaches in Corfu.

No hotels, apartments, or restaurants are on the beach. So it remains natural and unspoiled by progress.

Located between the villages of Pelekas and Vatos. In an isolated place on the western coast of the island. About 13 km away from Corfu town.
See all about Mirtiotissa

11- Glyfada Beach

Organized cosmopolitan beach with sand and water sports. Located on the west Corfu coast, just 15km from the town center.

Glyfada beach in Corfu
Glyfada beach in Corfu

Glyfada is one of the most popular and busy beaches in Corfu. A long sandy stretch on the island’s west side, opposite the town at a distance of about 15 km.

A cosmopolitan beach suitable for young, old, and people who love to meet new friends. Definitely one of the best Corfu beaches.

There are plenty of hotels, apartments, and restaurants here, also some of the island’s most famous nightclubs, so the beach is aimed for nightlife too.

Buses from here go to Corfu Town, passing Aqualand, the largest water park on the island. Also going near the golf course in the Ropa Valley.
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12- Pelekas and Kontogialos Beach

Organized Sandy beach with Water sports and family-friendly. At the center of the west coast, in close proximity to the town at a distance of 15km.

Kontogialos beach under Pelekas village
Kontogialos beach under Pelekas village

Kontogialos is below the famous village of Pelekas. It was the beach that during the ’60s the hippies had as their favorite resort.

It`s a large organized beautiful sandy beach, good for relaxing moments.

The village of Pelekas can be seen from far away as it is situated on a hill overlooking all of central Corfu.

At the top of the hill is a viewpoint. Said to have been a favorite spot of Kaiser Wilhelm 2nd who used to walk across from Achilleion Palace in Gastouri.

From here you can look across to Corfu Town, the bay of Gouvia, and right up to the coast to Nissaki. While in the foreground is the lush meadows of the Ropa Valley.

The most popular time to enjoy the view is sunset.
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13- Gialiskari Beach

Sandy, Remote but organized. At the center of the west coast, close to Glyfada and 15km away from Corfu town.

Gialiskari beach
Gialiskari beach

Gialiskari is further south. A small yet quiet sandy beach, well-organized with sunbeds and umbrellas. A place surrounded by woods that keeps the temperature low especially in the summer. Rather like natural air conditioning.

Nice beach for nature lovers and relaxing.

On the beach, there are water sports facilities for the more adventurous types.

The background is rocky and magnificent. It offers natural shade and the wider area guarantees peace. Just behind the beach, there are several hotels and restaurants.

14- Agios Gordios Beach

Large Sandy, family-friendly, water sports, organized, situated south of Glyfada and at a close distance from Corfu, only 15km.

The huge and very busy beach of Agios Gordios is a sandy beach that ends at a high rock called Ortholithi.

It looks like Glyfada. A bit less cosmopolitan though but still good enough for young people and families, surely one of the best beaches in Corfu.

Agios Gordis has plenty of restaurants and small bars for nightlife too.

It is located almost at the center of the west side, it takes only 20 minutes by car to get there as the distance from Corfu town is just 15 km.

It is the summer resort of the beautiful Sinarades village on the hills.
More about Agios Gordios

The Best Sandy beaches of Southwest Corfu

It is certain that on this side of the island you have many options. You can arrange to visit all of the best sandy beaches. For this purpose, it is advisable to choose the place of residence to be close to them. Benitses looks like the ideal place for that.

Staying in Benitses means that you have quick access to the best beaches on the west and south side of the island.

15- Vagonaki, Paramonas, Prasoudi, Kanouli, Gardiki, Alonaki

Not organized, 6 small remote sandy beaches. All of them lay north of Chalikouna on the southwest coast and 16km from the airport.

West coast of Corfu from Paramonas
West coast of Corfu from Paramonas

Vagonaki and Paramonas follow further south, then Prasoudi, Kanouli, Gardiki, and Alonaki, the last one before the vast beach of Chalikounas.

All small peaceful beaches in small bays. Some are hard to reach and many are quiet, on the west to the South part of the island, good for relaxing.

16- Chalikounas beach

Semi-organized Huge sandy beach in southwest Corfu, prone to wind. Special for paragliding and Water sports. The distance from the town is about 20 km.

Chalikounas beach
Chalikounas beach

Probably, the best sandy beach in Corfu is called Chalikounas. Followed by Issos in the south.

Chalikounas is enormous, endless, with variations in the landscape, with a forest, and a lagoon behind the sand dunes. Above all, it is pristine – no hotels or uncontrolled tourist development.

This part of the island may remind you of the Sahara desert in Corfu.

17- Issos Beach

Large sandy beach in southwest Corfu, between Chalikounas and St. George. The distance from the town is about 20 km.

Corfu - Issos beach
Corfu – Issos beach

Issos sandy large beach is in continuation and equally large and beautiful. It is considered among the best beaches in Corfu.

The beach has another access from the main road, just after the long straight road of Linia. We hope the place will always remain as it is today, photos illustrate the uniqueness of the landscape.

These two huge sandy beaches together are more than 10 kilometers long. With golden sand and permanent waves making them ideal for surfing, windsurfing, and paragliding.

Luckily they are next to the lagoon of Korission, a protected area, along with the habitat. So there are no hotels or restaurants here.

If one is thirsty or wants to eat something, there is a simple bar on the beach.

Between Halikouna and Issos beaches, there is a cedar forest three kilometers in length. It starts at the end of the track of the sandy road in Chalikouna and finishes at Issos. There is a path through the cedar forest leading from Halikouna to Issos and vice versa.

Both Chalikounas and Issos are good for adventures. Depending on the weather, winds blow a bit stronger here and may not appeal to families.

Click to go to Chalikounas Take me to Issos

18- Saint George Beach South at Argyrades

Organized large Sandy, family-friendly, with Water sports, at the west coast, about 20 km from Corfu airport.

Saint George in Argyrades before the ’90s was a beach of wild beauty when the roads that drive down there were unpaved between the towering dunes.

You could find your way to the beach only by following the smell and noise of the sea as it could not be seen yet.

Until you suddenly found yourself in front of the magnificent sea breaking over the pristine sandy beaches. Where there was almost nothing except your presence.

Today the landscape is completely different. With plenty of concrete development on one side and the sea on the other. It has lost the wild beauty that it used to have in the past.

It is still very pleasant and still among the best beaches though. Organized with umbrellas, sunbeds, and water sports. Visit it if you prefer the comforts of the shops and restaurants.

There is a great restaurant that deserves a visit, called “Cafessas” at the southern end of the resort.
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19- Marathias and Santa Barbara

Organized Sandy beaches with Water sports, at west coast close to the southern tip, distance from Corfu center is about 30km.

Marathias and Santa Barbara to the south of Saint George. Two adjoining sandy beaches, about four kilometers long, make them a beautiful shore included in the top 10 beaches on the island.

Good for relaxing, families, and couples.

They can be reached by driving through Perivoli village and following the signs.

Nobody knows exactly where their boundaries are (the locals are still arguing about that!). But generally, the northern part is called Marathias and the southern Santa Barbara.

If you see a sign on the main road showing the way to Malta or Marta beach just remember that it is the same place with a different name used by the locals.

The beach is well organized, with many restaurants, and attracts many visitors. Although the parking area is quite small for all the people who drive down there.

Read more about Marathias


20- Vitalades beach of Gardenos

Organized Sandy large beach with Water sports, located at south Corfu at a distance of 38km from the airport.

Gardenos beach in southwest Corfu
Gardenos beach in southwest Corfu

Then the beautiful large sandy beach of Gardenos at Vitalades.

Ideal beach for sand lovers, couples, and families too.

Gardenos beach is situated in the southwest end part of Corfu and is the beachside of the traditional village of Vitalades.

The distance from the town of Corfu is quite large, about 30 km but it is worth the drive.

The region took its name from a small river that flows on the beach.
Read more

21- Megali Lakka (Kanoula beach), or Agios Gordios of South

Not organized Sandy remote beach. About 44 km from Corfu town

Megali Lakka beach
Megali Lakka beach

The beach of Lakka or Agios Gordios of South or else Kanoula is under the traditional villages of the Lefkimi area, Paleochori, Neochori, and Dragotina. But there is only a narrow road to drive down there. Another way to get to it is to walk from Gardenos.

This magnificent beach is just before Megas choros, before one of the southern capes of Corfu named Arkoudila.

It is the natural continuation of Gardenos beach. It’s a remote beach with golden sand. There is absolutely no tourist infrastructure there. So you must have with you the necessary equipment to enjoy swimming.

To be honest, someone can not separate this beach from the next beach of Megas choros down to the South.

22- Megas Choros

Not organized sandy remote beach south of the island, 41km from the town of Corfu.
Megas Choros beach
Megas Choros beach

After Gardenos and Agios Gordis at the south of Corfu, just before the last beach of the island, Arkoudila at the southern end, there is another remote sandy beach called Megas Choros. The name means Great Dance, we know the meaning but we don’t know the exact reason for this name.

Some people say that this place was so remote that it was used by the pirates after their looting of the villages around the west coast of Corfu, they came here to celebrate their success by dancing. Therefore the name Great dance.

While some others say that it was used as a large dancing place for the locals of the around villages. Therefore the name may be Large space, again for dance!, keep in mind that in Greek there are some words that sound the same but have different meanings, in this case, the one word is Choros=Χορός=dance and the other is Choros=Χώρος=space.

In any case, it is another lovely sandy beach, completely unspoiled. There is a small dirt road leading down there through the village of Vitalades but the access is very difficult. But if you manage to reach down there you will get rewarded by the tranquility of the landscape and the absolutely unspoiled virgin sandy beach.

23- Arkoudillas beach

Partially organized, and sandy, the largest part is unspoiled in a spectacular landscape between the two southern capes of Corfu, Arkoudillas, and Asprokavos, 44km from the airport.

Arkoudila bay Beach with majestic rocks
Arkoudila bay Beach with majestic rocks

It is a large area with a sandy beach.

The sea here is very clean but there are some underwater currents. Families can visit it but they must be careful with their children.

But let’s focus a little on this beach of Arkoudila.

It is the most remote, the largest, and most majestic beach in the most dramatic and wild landscape of Corfu. Literally, it’s an exotic paradise.

Due to the difficulty of access but mainly the large distance from the center of the island it has remained untouched by humans, this is fortunate.

Therefore, here nature creates masterpieces on the sand and rocks, with galleries and strange erosions, away from human interaction.

The dramatic and majestic landscape with the towering cliffs, bare on the seaside, but green on the other, combined with the huge golden beach shaped and painted by nature, make it, in our opinion, the best beach in Corfu, without any exaggeration.

And one of the nicest beaches in Greece.

However, it is not so well known as the Navayio(shipwreck) beach of Zakynthos because it did not have the luck (or the misfortune), I would say, of a smuggling ship to sink here.

The Beach of Arkoudila, however, existed for centuries and will still exist when the Navagio of Zakynthos, due to the landslides, will disappear.

In conclusion, I would say that anyone who has not visited Arkoudila beach, will not get a correct and objective image of the unique Corfu landscape.

Apart from the beach there are many more important facts about the area, check them all in detail on page: Read more about Arkoudillas

Best Beaches in Southeast Corfu

24- Kavos

Organized, sandy, Cosmopolitan, youth-friendly resort, at the southeast tip of Corfu, the distance from the town is 45km.

Beach at Kavos
Beach at Kavos

Kavos is on the southernmost edge of Corfu, in the region of Lefkimi. Currently is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island.

A Beach for parties and young British tourists, not recommended for relaxing or families.

Preferred mainly by young British tourists because of its rich and notorious nightlife offered by the many nightclubs which offer cheap drinks. Also due to the very cheap accommodation offered compared to other destinations.

In the area, there are approximately 15,000 beds divided between cheap hotels, apartments, or studios. But also there are some more expensive hotels outside the noisy settlement.

In Kavos, nobody sleeps before 06-07 in the morning.
Discover more about Kavos

25- Messonghi

Organized sandy, the cosmopolitan beach on the east coast, with many Water sports. It is located about 20 km south of Corfu airport.

Messonghi beach
Messonghi beach

Messonghi is one of the most popular tourist villages in Corfu.

Only a river separates it from Moraitika. It offers natural charm and beauty, is hidden among green hills and olive groves, and boasts a beautiful beach.

Messonghi is a place for families looking for a relaxing holiday.

The beach is sandy with some shingles. Very well organized with sunbeds and parasols as well as plenty of water sports.

More facilities include showers and changing huts. Along the beach, there are many restaurants and Bars.

The sea is clean and calm, perfect for water activities. Suited to families, couples, and especially small children as the waters are very shallow even at large distances from the shore. Therefore very safe.

There is a school for scuba diving run by a friendly Anglo-Greek couple. It’s the Nautilus Diving School on the shore of the Messonghi beach hotel. Also recognized as British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) school.

They also organize trips for qualified divers and equipment for hire is also provided.
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26- Moraitika

Organized sandy, cosmopolitan beach with many Water sports. On the southeast coast of Corfu and 18 km from the airport

Moraitika beach
Moraitika beach

The busy resort of Moraitika is perhaps the best beach on the East coast for children. A mixture of sand and pebbles, getting deeper very softly indeed, so it is very safe.

This side of the island is also protected as it looks across to the mainland. Often when the sea is rough on the west coast it is calm here.

The old village of Moraitika sits on a hill at the base which is located the modern resort stretching down to the shore.

Families return again and again, renewing friendships with Corfiots they have known over the years. Relaxing in the bars and tavernas which they have visited in previous years.
Learn more about Moraitika

Top Beaches of East Corfu

27- Beach at Agios Ioannis Peristeron

Organized shingle beach with Water sports three kilometers south of Benitses and 15km from Corfu town.

Beach at Agios Ioannis peristeron
Beach at Agios Ioannis of Pigeons

Agios Ioannis Peristeron (St John of the Pigeons) has a seacoast that is a mix of sand and pebbles similar to that of Benitses. It’s a very popular beach among the Corfiots, especially at the weekends.

28- Benitses

Organized shingle beach with Water sports. The old tourist resort on the east side of Corfu and very close to the town, only 8 miles from the airport.

Benitses beach in the morning
And of course, after your journey, the beaches in Benitses are always here waiting for you..!!

Benitses is one of the original holiday resorts in Greece. A charming combination of mountains and sea.

It’s the ideal place for swimming, sailing, and water sports.

There is a beach at the north entrance of the village called Laopetra beach, with shallow and warm waters.

Another beach is next to the new port at the center of the Skaloma settlement, close to most shops and restaurants.

The busier beach with water sports is the Chontrakia or Loutrouvia. It extends from Potamaki hotel up to the bay of Koutsomaroula, which is a natural fishing port.

Find out all about Benitses

29- Perama

Organized shingle beach with Water sports. opposite the airport and Kanoni, 8 miles from the town center.

Perama Corfu
Perama Corfu

Perama is the seaport of Gastouri.

A popular seaside tourist resort for many decades, especially during the `80s and `90s.

Beaches in Perama are basic. But still a good choice for those who love to relax and watch the plane’s landings and take-offs at the nearby airport.

Today the area still has many hotels and accommodation, surrounded by olive groves. It boasts several beautiful pebble beaches.

Perama has the privilege of having the best possible view of Mouse island and the monastery of Vlaherna. Some restaurants and bars at the beginning of the bridge to Kanoni are the best places to watch plane landings and take-offs to and from Corfu Airport.

Most visitors to Corfu pass through Perama. Although nowadays fewer stay there than in the ’80s when it was one of Corfu’s most popular resorts.

Situated between Corfu Town and Benitses. Several of its hotels and coffee bars enjoy uninterrupted views of Corfu’s most photographed sight, Mouse Island (Pontikonissi).
Read more about Perama

30- Beaches in the Town of Corfu

Corfu Town is not the best place for swimming. Although there are a few smaller beaches in the town that are a bit cramped and maybe not the most kid-friendly.

Faliraki, The NAOK Facilities, Anemomylos, and Mon Repos Beach to name the 4 most known.

Find more details about Corfu town beaches on the page for Corfu Town

31- Dassia

Organized shingle beach with Water sports. 8km north of Corfu town on the east coast.

Dassia beach Corfu
Dassia beach Corfu

Dassia was the site of Europe’s first Club Mediterranee. Its promontory is now empty and awaiting development by its new owners.

The sand and pebble beach is popular with families as it is lined with hotels, taverns, and bars to suit all tastes. Swimming is very safe with the beach going very gently into the sea, there are also plenty of water sports for everyone.

Along the road that is back from the sea, there are more shops and bars, and a short walk inland is the Corfu branch of the National Gallery, in one of the largest mansions in Corfu.

In the surrounding area, there are also some very attractive villages that you can visit and enjoy without much effort as the area is relatively flat.

There is camping, as well as 4-star luxury hotels, and also plenty of shops. There really is something for everyone here…
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32- Ipsos

Organized shingle beach with Water sports. It is located 9 km north of Corfu town on the east coast.

Ipsos beach
Ipsos beach

Ipsos is located in a large bay at the foot of Mount Pantokrator, Corfu’s highest peak.

It is a lively resort with a long pebble beach preferred mostly by English tourists. With water sports and a diving school. Dolphins are often spotted frolicking out at sea.

At the southern end, there is a small harbor with fishing boats.
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Beautiful Beaches in the Sinies area

33- Barbati and Nissaki

An organized pebble beach with Water sports. The distance is just 12 km from Corfu town.

Barbati is a place in the Sinies area. Until recently it was a stony beach beloved of Corfiots who came to picnic in the olive groves at weekends. But a sudden building craze has turned it into a lively, vibrant resort that has become very popular with holidaymakers.

This beach has mainly pebbles with crystal clear waters
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34- Agni

An organized pebble beach with Water sports and some restaurants situated on the North East Coast inside a small bay about 30 km from Corfu town.


Agni is a quiet bay site in northeast Corfu.

Olive groves are on either side of the bay.

There are only three tavernas, each with its jetty for mooring. And some houses for the locals. So you cannot say that it is a tourist destination rather than a peaceful location.

The beach is with pebbles and the waters are crystal clear. It is a good place for relaxing and eating during the day.

35- Kalami

An organized pebble beach with Water sports and restaurants, it is located in northeast Corfu while 29km separate it from the airport.

The Beach of Kalami
The Beach of Kalami

Kalami, is the village where Lawrence Durrell and his family lived in the 1930s. It has grown into a small resort, with several tavernas. One of which is in the house where Durrells lived– the White House.

It is an attractive bay and a nice shingle beach with water deep enough in the middle for yachts to moor.

36- Kouloura

Round-shaped port, nice landscape. At the northeast Corfu and a distance of 31km from the city of Corfu.

Corfu photos,Kouloura at northeast
Kouloura at Northeast

Kouloura is probably the prettiest cove on Corfu. It is not really a beach but a picturesque spot. Its ancient fortress house protects the horseshoe-shaped harbor. A settlement with just one taverna.

There is a viewpoint on the main road looking down on the bay and over to the Albanian coast. There, another fort, identical to Kouloura’s, has been allowed to fall into decay.

37- Kerasia beach

Semi-organized pebble beach, at a distance of 32km from the airport and close to the northeastern tip of the island.

Kerasia beach
Kerasia beach

Kerasia is a long beach fringed by trees with several simple bars and tavernas. A place to visit during the day though rather than a resort offering accommodation.

38- Agios Stefanos of Sinies

A port for small yachts and fishing boats, at northeast Corfu, 34km from the city.

Agios Stefanos Sinies
Agios Stefanos Sinies

Agios Stefanos (Sinies) is much more sophisticated. Catering for the occupants of the luxury villas which can be seen all along this coastline. Some on the coast itself, but many hidden in the olive-covered slopes above.

It is a lively yacht harbor, with tavernas along the waterfront. And it is difficult to imagine that in relatively recent times this was a forbidden area.

Permits were needed- as it is situated on the narrowest part of the Corfu Channel only 1.5 km away from Albania, but not anymore.

As you understand, we are not talking about a beach, but about a small harbor from which you can find a boat that will take you to the neighboring deserted beaches of Erimitis!
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39- Corfu Beaches of Erimitis area

Remote beaches with pebbles and wild beauty at the northeast tip of the island, and the distance from the town is about 37km.

Erimitis is a protected paradise. Unfortunately, it’s been sold and a hotel will build there, this place will be destroyed.

There are 11 small isolated and pristine beaches in the area of Erimitis.

We mention them briefly here:
To the east of Kassiopi and in order: Avlaki, Vouvalomantria beach, Vrachli beach, Tzoufaka, the Arias beach, Akoli, Vromolimni, Kaminakia beach, Korfovounia, Aspalathras, and Xylokeratia beach.

All these secret havens belong to the Erimitis area.
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Beaches on the North Corfu Coast

40- Kassiopi

Organized shingle and sandy mixed beaches, water sports, and restaurants, at the most northeastern resort of the island, 38km far from Corfu airport.

The port of Kassiopi
The port of Kassiopi

Kassiopi is on the northeast tip of Corfu. Looking across the narrow channel to the Albanian port of Saranda.

There are nice beaches here although the village is more known for its port.

The beaches in Kassiopi are located among the many different shores around the port, and there are quite a few. In the north of the port the beaches are sandy and in the south of it are mostly rocky with spectacular landscapes.

Small but beautiful, such as Bataria, Kanoni, Pipitos, Kalamionas, and Imerolia.

We listed them as they are in order from East to West.

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41- Acharavi

Organized Sandy huge beach with Water sports. In the middle of the north coast of Corfu, quite far from Corfu as you need to drive 41km to get there.

Beach at Acharavi
Beach at Acharavi

This was once a small village, clustered around the well in the middle. But it is now a small town, with banks, supermarkets, schools, etc.

The old village can be found but has to be searched out. Hidden behind the modern buildings fronting the main road. It ends on the lanes leading down to the sandy beach.

Acharavi beach is very long, it covers about 30% of the north coast of Corfu. Therefore in some parts, it is sandy, and in other parts shingle. It is suitable for families and relaxing holidays.

There are many tavernas, bars, and shops here. So many local people no longer need to make trips to Corfu Town. Almost everything can be found on their doorstep!
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42- Roda

Organized Sandy beach with Water sports in the north Corfu seaside, 38,5km from the airport.

Roda beach
Roda beach

Roda is one of the older villages on the north coast where tourism has been well established for many years.

The heart of the village is, of course, the sandy beach which is lined with shops, bars, and tavernas. A large sandy beach, good for relaxing and families.
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Conclusion: Anywhere you go in Corfu you will find a beach for swimming

The number of Corfu beaches is endless.

All the Corfu coast is suitable for swimming and everywhere the sea meets the land there is a beach.

We tried to describe them within the limits of a page. This wasn’t so easy though. Therefore we described only the largest and most well-known to the general public.

But there are many more, every small cove at the east, north, and west of the island is a beach.

Finally, The best sandy beaches in Corfu are the beaches on the west and north side of the island. With exceptions, the secluded beaches under Paleokastritsa consist mainly of pebbles.

The beaches on the east side are mainly pebbles due to the calm waters. Another exception here is the area of Messonghi and Alykes of Lefkimi, where beaches are sandy.

See also 7 paradise beaches under Paleokastritsa, not included here.

And all the resorts with natural beaches

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