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Peroulades with Loggas Wild Sandy Corfu Beach

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Cape Drastis at Peroulades
Cape Drastis at Peroulades

Is a small village with simple apartments and villas, where people can enjoy the wonderful sandy beach of Loggas below the cliffs, and see the famous sunset from the top of the cliff.

There are some stunningly beautiful village houses here, decorated archways and lintels show that this was once a flourishing community.

The advantage of staying here is being able to enjoy the simple life, the beauty of the countryside and beach, whilst being near enough to join in with the lively delights of Sidari should you wish.

Loggas beach is located under towering cliffs and is accessible by stairs, its width is relatively small, so when there are waves it can be covered up the rock by water.

It is a rare geological phenomenon, it looks magnificent both from the top where the view down causes vertigo as well as from the sea.
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