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Petriti: A Corfu Fishing Village

Last updated on July 25th, 2022 at 12:40 am


Petriti fishing village
Petriti fishing village

A casual visitor here might be surprised by the sight seen recently on the quayside- four Moslem crew members doing their midday prayers- but Petriti, although a very traditional Greek fishing village, also embraces the 21st century, and crews now come from further afield if needed!

The boats go out for days at a time and return with their catches, so if you are lucky enough to be there when the boat comes in you will probably eat the freshest fish you have ever eaten in your lives!

A number of fish tavernas can be found along the shore here but will be happy to provide something for the non-fish eaters amongst you.

Across the bay is located the salt flats of Alikes(Saltpans), and nearer is a small islet which a local resident has declared to be his own republic!

Petriti can be reached by two roads, both incredibly beautiful.
You can either go along the coast road from Messonghi, past all the small coves where you will be tempted to stop for a swim, keeping on past Boukari;
Or down the road south to Argirades, then left through sleepy villages until you reach the sea.

Of course, you may be able to sail into the small harbor by boat, and moor up at one of the jetties- but be aware that these are usually maintained by a nearby tavern, and choose your taverna accordingly.

It is a sleepy village, which will remind older holidaymakers of Greece of the old days, before fast food establishments, loud western music.
Cats and dogs sleep in the sun, the sea laps up the edges of the tavernas’ terraces, and the sea stays shallow for so long that it is safe even for small children.

Map of Petriti

You may see here a large map of Petriti and Boukari

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