Petriti: A Tranquil Fishing Village in Corfu

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Last updated on November 7th, 2023 at 10:16 am

This delightful fishing village, perched on the Ionian coast, offers a captivating blend of coastal charm and serene beauty.

Petriti: Where Tranquility Meets the Sea

Petriti fishing village
Petriti fishing village

Nestled on the picturesque island of Corfu, Petriti beckons travelers with its timeless allure.

This delightful fishing village, perched on the Ionian coast, offers a captivating blend of coastal charm and serene beauty.

As you wander through its sun-soaked streets, you’ll discover a world where time seems to slow down, and the rhythmic ebb and flow of the sea become the soundtrack to your escape.

Join us on a journey to Petriti, where tranquility meets the sea, and the essence of Greek coastal living unfolds.

In Petriti, a place where tradition and modernity harmoniously coexist, casual visitors are often greeted with fascinating sights that showcase the village’s unique character.

A recent scene along the quayside might surprise even the most seasoned travelers: four Muslim crew members, devoutly engaged in their midday prayers.

It’s a testament to the village’s open-mindedness and adaptability. While Petriti remains deeply rooted in its traditional Greek fishing heritage, it also extends its embrace to the 21st century, welcoming fishing crews from distant shores when needed.

The heartbeat of Petriti is its fishing industry, where boats set sail for days, returning with bountiful catches of the freshest seafood imaginable.

If you find yourself fortunate enough to be in Petriti when one of these boats returns, you’ll likely be treated to a culinary experience like no other, savoring seafood so fresh that it redefines your understanding of the term.

Petriti’s shoreline is adorned with a delightful array of fish tavernas, where the catch of the day is transformed into exquisite dishes.

But fear not, for even non-fish eaters will find satisfying options among the menu offerings, ensuring that every palate is catered to.

Across the bay, you’ll discover the intriguing salt flats of Alikes, where the age-old tradition of salt production continues to this day. This landscape adds to the village’s cultural tapestry, offering insights into the region’s historical practices and livelihoods.

Nestled nearer is a small islet, which has gained fame as the self-proclaimed “republic” of a local resident. This quirky declaration adds a touch of whimsy to Petriti’s character, highlighting the warmth and individuality of its inhabitants.

In Petriti, every visit is an opportunity to explore the intriguing intersection of tradition and modernity, where history mingles with contemporary life, and where the flavors of the sea are savored alongside a spirit of openness and acceptance.

Tavernas and Seafood restaurants in Petriti

We provide some information about some good tavernas in Petriti:

  1. Taverna Léonidas: Taverna Léonidas is a welcoming and family-friendly restaurant that offers a taste of traditional Greek cuisine with a focus on fresh seafood. Guests can expect to enjoy a variety of grilled fish, octopus, and other Mediterranean delights. The friendly atmosphere and seaside setting make it a delightful spot for a leisurely meal.
  2. Limnopoula Fish Taverna: Limnopoula Fish Taverna is renowned for its fresh seafood dishes and picturesque location along the Petriti waterfront. Visitors can savor a range of seafood specialties, from grilled fish to prawns and calamari. The restaurant’s commitment to quality and flavor has made it a popular choice among locals and tourists alike.
  3. Limanaki Fish Tavern: Limanaki Fish Tavern offers a laid-back dining experience by the water’s edge. Here, you can relish the catch of the day and other Greek culinary classics. The rustic charm of the tavern and the soothing sound of the sea create a memorable ambiance for a seafood feast.
  4. Taverna Mythos: Taverna Mythos is known for its hearty Greek dishes and welcoming atmosphere. While enjoying your meal, you can choose from a diverse menu that includes seafood, grilled meats, and vegetarian options. The taverna provides a taste of both local flavors and international cuisine.
  5. Apaggio: Apaggio is a charming taverna where you can immerse yourself in the flavors of Greek cuisine. From seafood to traditional Greek dishes, Apaggio offers a range of options for diners. The pleasant setting and friendly service make it a favorite among those seeking a taste of Greece.
  6. Stamatis: Stamatis is a local gem known for its delicious seafood dishes. The restaurant prides itself on serving the freshest catches prepared in traditional Greek recipes. With its warm hospitality and waterfront location, Stamatis offers a memorable dining experience.
  7. Paraga Easy Living: Paraga Easy Living is a relaxed taverna that provides a casual dining experience. While the menu features seafood, it also caters to various tastes with a selection of Mediterranean and Greek dishes. It’s a great place to unwind and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of Petriti.

How to go to Petriti

Petriti can be reached by two roads, both incredibly beautiful.

You can either go along the coast road from Messonghi, past all the small coves where you will be tempted to stop for a swim, or keep on past Boukari, or down the road south to Argirades, then left through sleepy villages until you reach the sea.

Of course, you may be able to sail into the small harbor by boat, and moor up at one of the jetties- but be aware that these are usually maintained by a nearby tavern, and choose your taverna accordingly.

It is a sleepy village, which will remind older holidaymakers of Greece of the old days, before fast food establishments, loud western music.
Cats and dogs sleep in the sun, the sea laps up the edges of the tavernas’ terraces, and the sea stays shallow for so long that it is safe even for small children.

Map of Petriti

You may see here a large map of Petriti and Boukari

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