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Messonghi beach and Corfu resort

Last updated on 10th June, 2018 at 03:18 pm

Messonghi beach hotel
Messonghi beach hotel

Messonghi is a small village with very large beach and also high tourist development due to its rich tourist infrastructure.

It is located on the east coast of Corfu, some 18 kilometers south of the city and the airport, next to the large tourist resort of Moraitika, by which is separated with the river of Messonghi.

It has large hotel units as the messonghi beach hotel which offers high standard services.
There are also plenty of apartments and other accommodation and rooms.

It also has, along with Moraitika, the largest and unique sandy beach of Corfu`s east coast.
A beach that is fully organized with sun loungers, umbrellas and a large variety of water sports.

It has the special feature that the sea is deepening slowly and gradually, even at a long distance from the shore, the depth of the water does not exceed one yard.
Therefore along with the fact that it is protected from strong winds and has calm waters, makes it the ideal Corfu beach for children.

Let’s note that restaurants, bars and other shops that make up any well-organized tourist area could not be missed.

There are clubs for night life, although for those who want something more lively they will find it in the neighboring Moraitika, the distance between the two resorts does not exceed 100-200 yards and is easy covered on foot.

It is also worth mentioning the famous camping of Messonghi, which is located along the banks of the river at the south part of the settlement, the campsite has been there since the 1950s and still provides its services to campers even today.

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