Last updated on 10th June, 2018 at 01:30 pm

Corfu has daily ferry connections to Igoumenitsa every 2 hours, regular routes to Italy, and daily routes to Paxos island and Albania.

Seaplanes that fly to Patras, Ioannina and the rest of Ionian isles.

Daily bus services to Athens and Thessaloniki.

And of course, dense air traffic to Athens and Thessaloniki with the routes of both the Olympic and Aegean airliners, also direct flights to major European cities through the international airport Ioannis Capodistrias.

Emergency phone numbers on the island and the town of Corfu.
Addresses, telephone numbers and information about government services, police, fire department, airline operators and ferry tickets operators, phones of most banks, information on the services of the Ionian University, phone numbers of all the museums and all foreign embassies or consulates in Corfu.

Weather Forecast for Corfu and by selection forecast for anywhere in Greece through the online system of k24

Air tickets – Useful telephone numbers and weather forecast

How do I get to Corfu?

Most people seem to think that all the visitors to Corfu arrive on charter flights to the island.
And certainly these do come from all over Europe nowadays- looking at the arrivals board there are flights from Hungary, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, and others in additional to those traditionally associated with Corfu such as Gatwick and Manchester….Read more