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Last updated on June 10th, 2024 at 07:49 am

Which are the Best Resorts for families in Corfu?

Corfu Island has holiday resorts for everybody, but the Best resorts in Corfu for families with kids or couples seeking relaxing vacations are the following.

Messonghi beach
Messonghi beach

Agios Georgios Pagon at the northwest

Agios Georgios north Corfu
Agios Georgios north Corfu

Agios Georgios Pagon is a large horseshoe-shaped naturally protected bay, with plenty of good accommodation and many shops and restaurant choices.

It is not a very crowded resort and offers a large sandy beach with lots to discover.

The sea is excellent and children will love it.


Another good family beach is close to Agios Georgios.

Acharavi and Roda

Corfu photos - Roda beach
Corfu photos – Roda beach

Acharavi and Roda are long stretched sandy beaches, one next to each other on the North coast, both have modern and good accommodation, clean beaches, and many amenities, a very good choice for family holidays

Kassiopi at Northeast

Corfu photos - in the port of Kassiopi
Corfu photos – port of Kassiopi

Kassiopi is located opposite the coast of Southern Albania, A very good choice for families and young couples, with very clean beaches and pleasant nightlife around the picturesque port.


Best resorts in Corfu - Sidari beach
Best resorts in Corfu – Sidari Beach

Sidari in the northwest of Corfu has a lively nightlife and many bars but not something crazy and the resort with the beach is very family-friendly with lots of water sports.

Canal D’amour is a beach and an amazing rocky formation that will be loved by couples, while to the East continues a long stretched sandy beach perfect for children.

Benitses in the middle of the East Coast

Benitses aerial view
Benitses aerial view

Benitses may lack the beautiful beaches that you can find elsewhere but it is a very safe resort and gathers many advantages.

It has beautiful scenery combining mountains and sea and it is very close to the town of Corfu.

Benitses has the richest variety of restaurants, a low-key but pleasant nightlife without the hassle of drunk youngsters, a large playground for children at the center of the village, and a sea museum that will be loved by children.

Benitses is close to the best beaches on the west coast, in reality, it is a center for excursions to the rest of Corfu island as well as to the Greek mainland.

It has the second-largest yachting marina in Corfu, and the mooring, by the time, is free!

It is also very close to Achilleion Palace.

Here nobody has to worry about a parking lot because there is plenty of parking area, more than any other resort on the island.


Messonghi river
Messonghi river

Messonghi is 10 miles to the south of Benitses and next to a river and Moraitika village with which they share the same beach.

With large hotels and plenty of small bars and taverns along the beach.

Messonghi has the largest and safer beach with the shallowest waters on the island, they remain shallow even hundreds of yards after the coast.

Therefore maybe is the Best choice for families with children.

Also is the only resort on the East Coast with a sandy beach.


Corfu photos - Paleokastritsa
Corfu photos – Paleokastritsa

A very safe resort for children and families, although with little freezing water due to an underwater stream.

For some people, it is the nicest resort in Corfu, with 5 main beaches inside the village and many remote hidden beaches around, 2 round-shaped capes separating the beaches, and some stunning views from the above mountain village of Lakones.

Also, a large port in which many yachts are mooring.

We must mention Aqualand, a large water park, a few miles from Paleokastritsa in the interior of the island, loved by small and older children.

Also, many more places are suitable for family holidays in Corfu, like Saint George in the south on the southwest coast, GlyfadaAgios Gordios and Pelekas in the middle west, Ipsos and Dasia on the East, Nissaki, and the whole northeast side of the island are also good choices for relaxing family holidays in Corfu.

These are the largest, but of course, there are many more destinations suitable for families, scattered around the island.

What is the nicest part of Corfu?

With the clearest waters, the best remote beaches, the best views from above the mountains, the most diverse coastline, the best caves, and underwater scenes, there is no doubt that the nicest part of Corfu is in and around Paleokastritsa.

Island hop

Corfu, despite what others believe, gives you the opportunity to island-hop, maybe not at the large degree of the Aegean islands but there are many small island clusters around Corfu which you can visit easily.

The Diapontian islands in the Northwest and Paxos and Antipaxos in the South are very close to Corfu, with daily transportation, they can offer exotic experiences and are very good choices for families.

Here are some top Hotel resorts with beaches in Corfu that are always popular among families:

For Couples:

  1. Grecotel Eva Palace: A luxurious resort with a private beach and elegant accommodations. It offers spa facilities, romantic dining options, and stunning sea views.
  2. MarBella Corfu: This upscale resort provides a mix of relaxation and activities for couples. It has a private beach, pools, and offers various water sports and wellness amenities.
  3. Mayor Mon Repos Palace “Art Hotel”: Situated near Corfu Town, this boutique hotel offers a blend of historic charm and modern comfort. It’s a great option for couples interested in exploring the town’s cultural attractions.

For Families:

  1. Ikos Dassia: A family-friendly all-inclusive resort with multiple swimming pools, kids’ clubs, and a range of dining options. The resort offers activities for all ages, making it suitable for families.
  2. Aquis Sandy Beach Resort: Known for its family-friendly atmosphere, this resort offers spacious rooms, a variety of pools, and entertainment options for children and adults alike.
  3. Mitsis Roda Beach Resort & Spa: Located on a Blue Flag-awarded beach, this resort offers family-oriented amenities such as pools, water slides, and various dining choices.
  4. Grecotel Corfu Imperial: A luxury resort with family-friendly facilities, including kids’ clubs, pools, and a private beach. It provides a mix of relaxation and activities for all ages.

Remember that some resorts may offer special deals or packages, so it’s a good idea to check their websites or contact them directly for the latest information on availability, amenities, and pricing.


In fact, most of the seaside Corfu resorts are ideal for families.

But the best resorts for families with children should be those that provide safety, beaches where the sea deepens slowly and waters remain almost always calm.

Places able to offer some activities for children, resorts near children’s playgrounds, and facilities providing relaxing holidays for the rest of the family.

So, according to our opinion, Agios Georgios Pagon, Arillas, Acharavi, Roda, Kassiopi, Sidari, Benitses, Messonghi, and Paleokastritsa are the 9 Best resorts with beaches in Corfu for families and couples.

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