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Paleokastritsa: A Beautiful Beach Resort in Corfu

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Last updated on March 22nd, 2023 at 11:33 pm

Paleokastritsa Beach Resort on the West Coast

Paleokastritsa is located slightly north of the island’s west coast center, about 25 km from Corfu town. It is one of the most beautiful places and the most valuable jewel of Corfu. Set on a number of bays separated by small promontories.

This is a resort with a unique feature. It looks extraordinarily beautiful from Lakones village up in the hills, like heaven on Earth. This view is what makes this place so memorable.

There are hotels and apartments in the Paleokastritsa area to suit all pockets. Also, many tavernas and bars are strung out along the road, some on the hillside, and others on the water’s edge.

Paleokastritsa view from Lakones mountain village
Paleokastritsa view from Lakones mountain village

Beaches in Paleokastritsa

Paleokastritsa Agios Petros Beach
Paleokastritsa Agios Petros Beach

The beautiful shape of the seaside with the capes contains many bays-beaches between, 7 in total.

These beaches are fully organized, especially the central beach called Agios Spiridon. All beaches offer sunbeds and umbrellas, water sports, taxi boats, motorboats, and canoes for rent.

In the settlement’s area, we find the following:

  1. Ampelaki beach is the first on the line as we start from the West.
  2. Agios Petros beach, very close to the first, inside the first cove.
  3. Palaiokastritsa or Agios Spiridon, is the central and larger beach, in between the two capes
  4. Alipa or Alypa beach, where there is a small harbor is well known as the Alipa port, suitable for small yachts, speed, and fishing boats. From this port, you can hire a boat to visit the neighboring isolated beaches and remote caves south of Paleokastritsa.
  5. Platakia beach.
  6. Agia Triada beach.
  7. The Easternmost beach of La Grotta is close to the beach of Liapades a couple of miles to the East.
Ag Spiridon Beach Paleokastritsa
Ag Spiridon Beach Paleokastritsa

Lodging options

There are several options for lodging in Paleokastritsa, ranging from budget-friendly hotels to luxury resorts.

  1. Hotel Akrotiri Beach: This is a budget-friendly hotel located right on the beachfront. It offers simple, clean rooms with balconies overlooking the sea.
  2. Paleopalace: This is a luxury hotel that features spacious rooms and suites with private balconies or terraces, many of which offer stunning sea views. The hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool and a restaurant serving Greek and international cuisine.
  3. Paleo Inn: This hotel is located just a few steps away from the beach and features comfortable rooms with air conditioning, a private bathroom, and a balcony. It also has a restaurant serving traditional Greek dishes.
  4. MarBella Nido Suite Hotel & Villas: This is a luxury hotel that offers elegant suites and villas with private pools or hot tubs. The hotel also has a spa, fitness center, and several restaurants serving Mediterranean and international cuisine.
  5. Bella Vista Studios: This is a family-run hotel that offers comfortable rooms and apartments with stunning views of the sea and the surrounding hills. It also has a restaurant serving traditional Greek dishes and a swimming pool.

There are many other options for lodging in Paleokastritsa, so you should consider your budget and preferences when choosing the best one for your stay.

Paleokastritsa Theotokos Monastery

The beautiful 12th-century monastery of Theotokos is still operating and occupied by cat-loving monks.

The monastery is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and it is one of the most important religious sites on the island.

The monastery was founded in the 13th century, but the current buildings date back to the 18th century. It is located on the headland farthest out to the sea, and it offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The monastery has a large courtyard, a church, and several small chapels.

The church of the Paleokastritsa Theotokos Monastery is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, and it features beautiful frescoes and icons. The interior of the church is richly decorated with gold leaf and marble, and it is a popular destination for religious pilgrims and tourists alike.

Visitors to the Paleokastritsa Theotokos Monastery can also explore the monastery museum, which features a collection of Byzantine icons, rare manuscripts, and religious artifacts. The museum provides a fascinating glimpse into the history and culture of the Greek Orthodox Church.

In the museum also are the remains(bones) of a whale that was extinct long ago on the rocks under the monastery, they are kept inside a large glass box. You can see them if you visit the monastery.

This monastery was originally a small fortress, hence the name of the village which means literally ‘Old little fortress’ (Paleokastritsa).

Overall, the Paleokastritsa Theotokos Monastery is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Corfu. It is a place of great beauty, history, and spirituality, and it offers a peaceful and tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Photos from the Monastery

Paleokastritsa means Natural beauty

The view from the village on the hill above Paleokastritsa, Lakones, is stunning. Many visitors walk up the old donkey trail which goes between the two villages and some go on up into the hills above, exploring the inland villages of Krini and Makrades.

A gentler walk would take you south to the village of Liapades. One of Corfu’s oldest and prettiest, where life seems to go on in the same way as it has for centuries.

Around Paleokastritsa and particularly a couple of miles to the south there are many stunning secluded beaches. Hardly accessible or even isolated.

These are the secluded beaches of Corfu, all beaches with fine pebbles and little sand with crystal emerald clear waters without tourist development. Here you can discover the exotic beauty of Corfu.

You can hire a small boat by yourself on one of Paleokastritsa’s main beaches to explore these surrounding gems as the only way to reach them is by sea.

Also, You can enjoy a boat trip, and water sports- and get abroad on a glass-bottomed boat to explore the underwater world.

To the north of Paleokastritsa, you can visit the old fortress of Angelokastro- a steep climb but the view makes it well worth the effort.

And on the way back you can stop at one of the bars on Lakones road. From here you can look not only down at Paleokastritsa but across the island’s Ropa Valley towards Corfu Town.

Photos from Paleokastritsa beaches

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