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Nissaki Beach at Sinies in Corfu

Last updated on June 28th, 2022 at 02:20 pm

The resort of Nissaki Beach at Sinies

Nissaki hotel at Sinies
Nissaki hotel at Sinies

The name means small island- and it is still there, now linked to the mainland, and containing one of the island’s oldest taverns.

On the surrounding slopes of Mount Pantocrator, there are many apartments, villas, and also two large hotels. It is a spread out area, however, from Agni in the north down to the bridge over the ravine dividing it from Barbati.

Agni has acquired a reputation for gourmet meals in any one of its three tavernas, and to sit there eating on the water’s edge is one of the pleasantest things to do in Corfu.

The next bay further south is a popular stopping place for boat trips- adventurous youngsters scramble up the rocks to dive into the clear sea below or go into the cave where you have to duck under the water! Above the bay a small deserted chapel looks down, built by returning sailors in times past.


Boats can be hired at the small harbor, and water taxis ply their trade. The main road runs along the hillside about 80 meters above sea level with some shops along its length. The view from the many bars and tavernas is spectacular, looking south over the bay to Corfu Town in the far distance, or across to the mountains of Epirus opposite.

Old villages cling to the higher reaches of the slopes, and the attractive little village of Kaminaki sems to almost fall down the hill to the sea, but to explore here you need to be reasonably active as it is probably the hilliest of all Corfu resorts.

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