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Gouvia Beach in Corfu: Yachting Marina & Venetian Arsenal

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Last updated on June 28th, 2022 at 02:31 pm

Gouvia Beach resort with the large yachting marina

Gouvia resort
Gouvia resort

Gouvia is a village set on a large bay and has long been a popular holiday resort, but it now has an added attraction- the island’s largest marina, always bustling with yachts of all sizes from many nations. This means that a large selection of bars and tavernas have sprung up, offering plenty of choice for visitors.

Venetian arsenal Shipyards

The remains of the Venetian arsenal can be seen on the water’s edge, it was an excellent harbor for the Venetian fleet. An aircraft hangar across the bay is a reminder that in more recent times flying boats stopped here.

Watch a video from the area of the Shipyards and Marina

Peninsula of Kommeno

Opposite Gouvia is the peninsula of Kommeno, with a little whitewashed church on an islet, reached by a causeway. Some of Corfu’s loveliest villas are here, glimpsed through the trees whilst enjoying one of the many boat trips on offer- a feature of this part of the island.

Its position makes Gouvia an excellent center for exploring the northern part of Corfu, whilst only being a short bus ride from the lovely old town of Corfu itself.

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