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Glyfada Corfu: The Beach in the West Coast

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Last updated on October 22nd, 2022 at 06:41 pm

Glyfada beach and the cosmopolitan resort in Corfu

Glyfada cosmopolitan beach
Glyfada cosmopolitan beach

Glyfada beach is one of Corfu’s most beautiful and popular beaches with fine golden sand. It is located on the west side, opposite the town at a distance of about 15 km, and is easily accessible as the road is good.

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Corfu, a long sandy stretch at the bottom of an olive and cypress-covered hill- looking out across the sea to Italy. Definitely, a place for beach lovers, as there is no village as such, although if you wish you can walk to Pelekas and Vatos nearby villages.

The name Glyfada

The name comes from the Greek word ‘glypho’ which refers to water that is hard with many salts because in the past the area had many wells with brackish water.

Glyfada is probably the most cosmopolitan beach on the island, many avoid it because of this, and especially in August where it is full mainly of Italians. August is also the time when you will hardly find a free place due to the crowds.

In the era of the so-called high season, there is the alternative of the beach of Agios Gordis which has almost the same characteristics.

Almost every year it is awarded a blue flag due to its clear waters, which deepen slowly as you move away from the shore, so it is a beach safe for young children.

On the beach, there is a large hotel, as well as many villas and apartments on the hillside.

Who is attracted to Glyfada beach?

In Glyfada during the day families gather, enjoying the sand, the sun, and maybe a meal in one of its taverns, but as the sun sets behind the horizon the younger generations fill the beach bars and prepare for overnight parties.

It makes sense since the beach combines tranquility but also many beach bars that cater to young people and are open day and night.

But there is no lack of possibilities for the sports fans since in addition to canoe and bicycle rentals, you can do various water sports and there is also a beach volleyball court.

Also, in the southern part of the beach, the waves and winds are more intense and you can go sailing and diving.

It is definitely a place for lovers of the plain beach, as there is no village here, although very close there are the villages of Pelekas and Vatos where there are several restaurants and shops.

Tourist infrastructure

Glyfada does not have many hotels or intense nightlife, but it is a beautiful resort, and the hotels and restaurants, bars, and other shops that exist are enough to give it a cosmopolitan air and especially to create a romantic atmosphere after sunset. which is late here and reaches 11 o’clock at night.

The largest hotel here is the Glyfada Beach Hotel but there are other hotels too and also many accommodations in apartments and rooms.

On the hotel’s private beaches you will find leisure facilities such as sun loungers, laundry facilities, and even children’s playgrounds, surrounded by gardens.

There are also cabins for changing rooms and chairs. In addition, you can rent bicycles and go water skiing. There is no lack of motorboat sports, nor paragliding with a trainer.

Buses from here go to Corfu Town, passing Aqualand, the largest water park on the island, and also going near the golf course in the Ropa Valley.

During the day families throng in Glyfada, enjoying sand, sun, and lunch in one of the tavernas, but as the sun sinks down the younger generation takes over, filling the bars and preparing to party well into the night.


Glyfada beach is popular during the hot summer months, as the best you can do here is to relax. In late spring, the coast is cleaned to be ready for the new season.

There are no nightclubs to make noise and no interesting attractions. It is a beach where one enjoys only nature, with picturesque sunsets that arrive close to midnight.

The next beach going north is one of Corfu’s prettiest, and smallest, Myrtiotissa, with a monastery on the hill above – strange then that this beach is the unofficial nudist beach of the island!

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