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Pelekas Corfu – The Beach of Kontogialos

Last updated on February 13th, 2023 at 04:25 pm

Pelekas – Favorite destination for the tourists of the 60s

Pelekas - Kontogialos beach
Pelekas – Kontogialos beach

The village of Pelekas can be seen from far away as it is situated on a hill overlooking all central Corfu.

Under the village we find the beautiful beach of Kontoyalos, one of the hippies favorite places during the ’60s, today a good development sandy beach with water sports and many amenities suitable for young and older people too as well as for families with children.

At the top of the hill is a viewpoint, said to have been a favorite spot of Kaiser Wilhelm 2nd who used to walk across from his palace in Gastouri.

From here you can look across to Corfu Town, the bay of Gouvia, and right up until the coast to Nissaki, while in the foreground are the lush meadows of the Ropa Valley.

The most popular time to enjoy the view is sunset when the hills turn different shades of purple, and the sun sinks into the sea below. The tavernas here welcome people coming to watch this nightly spectacle which always attracts a large crowd.

Below the viewpoint is the village, with a small square and many bars and tavernas.

Pelekas has always been popular with young visitors and is very lively indeed, There are many rooms and apartments to rent here, and a walk downhill will bring to one of the island’s best sandy beaches.

It is a very relaxed village, easily reached from Corfu Town by bus, and when you are there you do literally feel as if you are on top of the world!

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