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Corfu Blue Bus Routes and Timetable 2023

Last updated on May 14th, 2023 at 08:21 am

Blue bus Timetables for all lines

Blue bus starting point in Saroko Corfu
The blue bus starting point in Saroko Corfu

Corfu Blue bus starting points are located at two points on Saroko Square and at one point low on Methodiou Avenue.

Click on the pdf for All line’s detailed timetables.

Blue Bus Timetable for 2023

Open the pdf files for timetables(Clickable)

The Corfu Blue Bus company has very frequent routes with some villages around Corfu, on the island’s urban fabric.

It connects the city with 12 destinations.

  • Line 7 with Dassia and Ipsos
  • Line No. 2a with Kanoni and Pontikonisi
  • Line 6 with Benitses
  • Line No. 10 with Achilleion
  • Line No. 11 the city with Pelekas
  • Line 8 with Saint John (Aqualand)
  • Line 5 with the villages Kouramades and Kinopiastes
  • Line 14 with Kanalia and Kompitsi
  • Line 4 with Potamos and Evropouli
  • Line 2b with Kefalomandouko
  • And finally, line 15 makes two routes, one to and from the Airport and the other one going to and from the Port.

How do you travel inside Corfu?

The best way to go around Corfu is by bus or your own car. From the green bus station, there are lines to almost every good place on the island even the most remote.

But if you hire car things are quick and easy, the roads are ok and there are signs everywhere. Also using a navigator app on your phone or at least a good map of Corfu can help further.

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