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Ipsos Corfu resort and long pebble beach

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Ipsos resort
Ipsos resort

Ipsos lies in a large bay at the foot of Mount Pantocrator, Corfu’s highest peak. It is lively, with water sports and a diving school, and dolphins are often spotted frolicking out at sea.

At the southern end is a small harbour with fishing boats and boats for hire, and if you walk inland from here there is the small village of Analypsis. The bars, tavernas and shops are all on one side of the main road to the north, with the beach on the other side.

At the northern end Ipsos joins the small village of Pyrghi, it is hard for the visitor to know where one begins and the other ends!

There are many well established bars and tavernas here, people return year after year to their favourites, and it stays lively even in winter.

On the lower slopes of the hill, near Ipsos, are the beautiful villages of Ano Korakiana and Ag. Markos. The latter was abandoned years ago but is being brought back to life gradually, its old houses re-emerging from the ivy and undergrowth which has hidden them.

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