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Sinies Area: Small Picturesque Places in Corfu

Last updated on May 17th, 2022 at 08:40 pm

Sinies area

Is a name covering several small resorts beloved by visitors who generally visit by boat? This part of the coastline is studded with small bays which can be enjoyed in peace and quiet even in August. However the beaches here are stony, and swimming shoes are a good idea.


Picturesque Kouloura
Picturesque Kouloura

Kouloura is probably the prettiest cove on Corfu, its ancient fortress house protecting the horseshoe-shaped harbor, and one simple taverna. There is a viewpoint on the main road looking down on the bay and over to the Albanian coast where another fort, identical to Kouloura’s, has been allowed to fall into decay.


Kalami, the village where Lawrence Durrell lived in the 1930s, has grown into a small resort, with several tavernas, one of which is in the house where he lived- the White House. It is an attractive bay with water deep enough in the middle for yachts to moor.


Kerasia is a long beach fringed by trees with several simple bars and tavernas- somewhere to visit during the day though rather than a resort offering accommodation.

Agios Stefanos

Agios Stefanos (Sinies) is much more sophisticated, catering to the occupants of the luxury villas which can be seen all along this coastline, some on the coast itself, but many hidden in the olive-covered slops above. It is a lively yacht harbor, with tavernas along the waterfront, and it is difficult to remember that in relatively recent times this was an area where permits were needed- as it is situated on the narrowest part of the Corfu Channel, where only 1.5 km divides Greece from Albania.

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