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Kassiopi Corfu: The Tourist Resort

Last updated on November 2nd, 2022 at 07:31 pm

Kassiopi in Corfu

Kassiopi Corfu is a picturesque tourist resort on the northeastern tip of the island looking across the narrow channel to the Albanian coasts and the port of Saranda.

It’s at a distance just a little over 36km from Corfu town and the airport.

Kassiopi at northeast Corfu
Kassiopi at northeast Corfu

The Ancient Village of Kassiopi

Kassiopi was an ancient village and has played a major role in Corfu’s history, as can be proven by the impressive ruins of the castle overlooking the harbor.

The city was built in the 3rd century BC by the king of Epirus Pyrrhοs and was used as a supply point during his war against Rome.

Later, during the Roman conquest of the island in 230 BC, many Emperors visited it, most notably Emperor Nero.

It is said that Nero watched a play in the local theatre and visited the temple of Dias here.

Antony and Cleopatra stayed here a couple of days before the battle of Actium, where they suffered a huge defeat.

The castle of Kassiopi overlooks the picturesque port of Kassiopi. It was a major stronghold in Byzantine and Venetian times, one of the four castles scattered around the island, with watchtowers in between so signals could be rapidly exchanged.

Unfortunately today it’s in ruins but it is still an important archaeological spot for all visitors to see.

Divers say that in the middle of the harbor a freshwater spring rises, and not far offshore is an islet with a well to enable sailors to refill their water supplies.

How to come from Corfu town and wander around the area

Kassiopi is relatively far from Corfu town, so the daily green bus service takes a couple of hours to reach the village.

Despite this though the trip through the eastern side of the island is quite interesting and in some places magic. It is worth a try.

Of course is always possible to reach the place with a car, the one you will rent and use for your wandering around the island.

If you are already staying in Kassiopi except for the rest of the tourist activities you can rent a jeep or motorbike here and use it to discover the fascinating northeast side of Corfu. Visit the lovely beaches of Erimitis etc…

Of course, there are also other boats for rent with which you can experience lovely trips to the caves and beaches around.

Beaches in and around Kassiopi

The area of Kassiopi is surrounded by many cute small bays which are small and beautiful beaches with very clean waters.

Some of them are among the best in Corfu, examples are the famous Bataria and Pipitos beach, but also the beaches of Kanoni, Kalamionas, and Imerolia are equally nice and easily accessible.

See them all in Kassiopi's beaches

Shops, Restaurants, Bars, and Accommodation

Kassiopi is a quite large resort that dominates the northeastern part of Corfu island.

A wide choice of restaurants and tavernas can be found here- offering something for every taste and pocket.

Also, many supermarkets and local shops that sell traditional lace and more modern souvenirs are scattered all around the area.

There are many bars and some clubs for low-key nightlife as the place is very lively when the night comes. Especially in the area around the port.

Lodging in Kassiopi

In Kassiopi, you will find plenty of Apartments, rooms, and hotels, both luxury and cheap, that are scattered around this large area.

The port of Kassiopi

The center of the village is around the port, which itself is a small natural bay with two small quaysides to protect it from the north winds, from the port starts paths and roads take you to the amazing small beaches around the area.

This port is the settler of the area’s fishermen, as fishing was for centuries the main income for the locals of Kassiopi, but also the mooring spot for vessels during the tourist summer season.

All roads here lead to the sea and particularly to this port that seems the center of daily activities in the village. Here are mooring small boats with tourists from all over the island and therefore is quite busy.

But the port is mainly aimed at the fishermen of the village as Kassiopi has been a fishing village for generations and still is.

The quayside and surrounding esplanade are the hubs of local life. In the cool evenings, people enjoy strolling and chatting with friends and neighbors, and the harbor is surrounded by attractive bars and tavernas offering welcome shade.

Attractive small bays can be reached in a short walk around the headland, and small boats can be chartered to enable visitors to explore the delightful villages, tavernas, and beaches of the beautiful northeast coast.

But Kassiopi remains a very Greek village, a charming and picturesque place surrounded by green vegetation, that welcomes visitors, many of whom return every year, as the village retains its traditions and local color.

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