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Erimitis Beaches: Hidden Jewels at North Corfu

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Last updated on July 5th, 2024 at 07:54 pm

The Beaches at Erimitis

Erimitis area is the Northeastern tip of Corfu island, very close to Albanian shores.

It starts from the Agios Stefanos area in the East and stretches up to Kassiopi borders on the North Coast.

Erimitis view with some of the beaches spoted
Erimitis view with some of the beaches spotted

An unspoiled paradise is full of small cute coves separated by small promontories that give beautiful scenery to the landscape.

Every cove here is a small pebble beach of unique beauty, all of which are isolated and can be visited only by the sea.

Starting from Kassiopi and going to the east we find the following cute tiny beaches: Avlaki, Vouvalomantria Beach, Vrachli Beach, Tzoufakia, the Arias Beach, Akoli, Vromolimni, Kaminakia Beach, Korfovounia, Aspalathras, and Xylokeratia beach.

Let’s note that all these beaches are pebble and no sand, the waters are extremely clear and clean.

Avlaki beach

Avlaki beach at Erimitis - view from behind
Avlaki beach at Erimitis – view from behind

Avlaki is the biggest beach in the area, close to Kassiopi, and in visual contact with it.

It is separated into two parts, the west and the east Avlaki which is much smaller.

On the east side of the west Avlaki, there is another small lake behind it which sometimes dries out.

There are some houses and apartments on the west part of the beach, the busier of all, as it is easily accessible by road.

Vouvalomantria beach

At the north tip of Erimitis, a very small and secluded beach is available only by sea.

Vrachli beach

A Lovely beach facing east, the only one without a small lake behind it.

Tzoufakia beach

A Tiny beach next to and south of Vrachli, completely isolated.

Arias beach

Arias beach at Erimitis Corfu
Arias Beach at Erimitis Corfu

Another beauty is the isolated pebble beach a little south of Tzoufakia.

Akoli beach

Akoli beach at Erimitis Corfu
Akoli beach at Erimitis Corfu

One of the few beaches in the area is reachable by foot through a small path.

The name is due to the lake behind the beach which is believed to be very deep.

Although the lake, in reality, is not deep, the name means literally “bottomless”, α-κωλη, in Greek this is from the deprivation α = χωρίς(without), and the word κώλος, in ancient Greek κώλος means bottom,
(while in modern Greek means ass). In this case, the word has an ancient meaning and means bottomless, used for deep seas or lakes.

Vromolimni beach

Vromolimni beach Erimitis Corfu
Vromolimni beach Erimitis Corfu

Another beach with a lake behind it, the name “Vromolimni” means Dirty lake, it is dirty indeed compared to the clean waters of the sea.

Kaminakia, Korfovounia, Aspalathras, and Xylokeratia beaches

Between Vromolimni and the small harbor of Agios Stefanos, we find these small diamonds respectively.

All are very tiny and isolated from each other but can be reached too by small pathways.

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