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Corfu old photos – Corfu of 1900 through unique photos

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Rulers and especially important people may write history, but ordinary people are the ones who actually make it, and to begin to write about the habits, lifestyle, and obvious difficulties of society in the early 20th century we would need many pages and it would be very difficult to write clearly and accurately.
These old pictures of Corfu reveal to us the life in that distant era.

Observing facial expressions, their dress, watching them working hard in the fields, we understand many things about their way of life, we discover that their world and their character was very different.
We show ordinary people trying to survive in a difficult environment, where the work was hard and lasted many hours, material possessions were very limited and only enjoyed by a narrow circle of people.
The faces show innocence if we compare them with modern people, lacking greed and consumerism, mostly poor but happier, it seems looking at the prematurely aged but cheerful faces, than their wealthier descendants

The women were especially worthy of admiration, it is more than obvious that their life was very hard, they worked hard and were socially oppressed both by the social environment, and mainly from their family, to such an extent that makes us wonder how they managed to live , something that today’s women certainly could not put up with.
Fortunately the world is changing, and development solves many of the problems of the past but it also creates new issues and divisions.
We simply present these old Corfu photos, so everyone can draw their own conclusions.


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