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Last updated on July 18th, 2024 at 11:33 am

Corfu maps are bilingual, in Greek and English. They were crafted in 2006, and we try to update them yearly with new additions, if necessary. The last touch was in 2022.

Corfu Maps of the Island

The prime Corfu map

This is the Prime Corfu Map, unveiling all large and smaller Streets, Resorts, and Villages, with names in Greek and English.

Corfu map with all roads
Corfu map with all roads

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Corfu’s road network is quite complex, established during British rule and expanded with asphalt later. Stick to the two main highways for smoother navigation.

Highway 24 takes you to Corfu’s north, while the road from the new port to Tzavros offers three lanes for convenience. Old Paleokastritsa Street remains functional, and various roads lead to Sidari and other destinations.

Our maps highlight main highways and key roads. Be cautious with electronic navigators. For a pleasant southern journey, take Highway 25 from Corfu town to Lefkimi’s port – the Corfu-Lefkimi National Road, your route to southern delights.

Corfu Tourist Road Map including the Larger Villages

Another Corfu map with the main roads, the larger places, and beaches. Of course in high resolution, renewed recently.

Corfu map
Corfu map

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Geophysical Corfu Map – The Landscape of Corfu

See on this small Corfu map the landscape of Corfu, the mountainous, and the flat areas. The light brown areas are the rights.

Corfu map with mountainous and flat areas
Corfu map with mountainous and flat areas

Maps for the Town of Corfu

Corfu Town Map

Explore Corfu’s medieval charm in its narrow, winding “Kantounia” streets.

Amidst this labyrinth, find an oasis in Esplanade Square and the area near the ancient fortress, depicted on our map.

The star of the old town is Nikiforos Theotokis Street, a pedestrian haven from Liston to Spilia by the harbor’s New Fortress.

Discover Corfu’s history on foot, where streets carry the city’s essence, blending old-world charm with modern convenience.

Corfu town map
Corfu town map

Click here for a large Corfu town map

Old Corfu Town Map

Another map of Corfu’s old town, the same map with different colors

Old Corfu town map
Old Corfu town map

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Map of Corfu Town and the Southern Suburbs

Another map of the wider area of the city of Corfu includes all the urban fabric with the southern suburbs and the Kanoni peninsula up to Mouse Island.

Map of the City of Corfu with the southern suburbs
Map of the City of Corfu with the southern suburbs

To open the maps at full size, right-click on the map and open in a new window or a new tab.

Info About the roads in Corfu Town

The maps of Corfu town were designed with an emphasis on the old city.

A medieval town that essentially formed during Venetian rule. So the streets are narrow with awkward shapes, actually were and still are for pedestrians.

Streets between houses that cannot fit cars.

In many places, if someone opens his hands can comfortably touch both walls that define the paths. Here in Corfu, these paths are called Kantounia.

This added another degree of difficulty to the map design. There are streets in a triangle shape or round shape, some smaller than 50 meters. How can someone write the name in two languages for such shapes and sizes?

The only open spot in the old city seems to be the endless Esplanade Square and the area in front of the old fortress, which on the map is rendered with an artistic mood.

The main street of the old town is the street of Nikiforos Theotokis. It starts from Liston and ends at the Spilia, the district of the harbor at the foot of the New Fortress.

Today, all roads inside the old city, are pedestrian roads. The traffic with cars is done on regional routes around the old city.

The Corfu road network on the map

Corfu has a very dense road network, perhaps the densest in Greece.
The road network was created primarily during the period of British rule (1815-1864) and was further extended later with the asphalting of many rural paths.

A dense road network does not necessarily mean a good network. There are problems in many predominantly rural roads which are narrow, steep, winding, and mostly incomplete labeling. So driving in Corfu needs special attention.

The traveler should use as many as possible on the two main highways of the island, and use smaller roads only where it is necessary. If we try to save time by using unknown rural roads, it is very likely to become confused and achieve the opposite.

Highway 24 is the one that directs to the northern part of the island. It starts in the city of Corfu and goes through Kontokali, Tzavrou area, Gkazatika to end in Paleokastritsa.

The highway from the new port up to the Tzavros area is the best on the island with three lanes in each direction. Equally good with also three lanes is the highway at the south road, especially the part that bypasses Lefkimi.

The old Paleokastritsa Street is still functional and passes through the Popa Valley next to the golf field.

The northwestern part of the island is covered by branches of the National Paleokastritsa Road with the starting point in Agios Vasileios. After Skripero village is separated into two roads both drive up to Sidari. Each one passes from different villages.

There is also the northeast artery that starts from the Tzavrou region. It follows the coastline, reaches and passes Kassiopi, and continues next to the north coast via Acharavi and Roda. To meet the road to Sidari and the surrounding villages.

The first Corfu map shows the main highways with the thicker black-red-white line and the best roads on red. These are the best roads on the island.

We have noticed that some electronic navigators don’t always propose the best possible paths. Sometimes it may drive you to such narrow roads in which two cars cannot fit. Also, it may drive you through narrow village streets between houses where you can stick, despite that there are better alternatives.

An example is confusion with the national road from Corfu to Achilleion. It is referred to in Google Maps as Highway 25 and leads through the Vryoni area, to Ponti settlement, Achilleion, and Benitses to the south. This is wrong!

This road referred to as Highway 25 on maps, is good from Corfu to Ponti Point, but after this point, dangerous turns start on the way to Achilleion in Gastouri. When entering the Gastouri village, at the location of the Philharmonic Society, only one car at a time fIt, and the road continues very narrowly up to Achilleion palace. You should pray not to meet another car because you may have to drive back to disengage.

After Achilleion palace down to Benitses, the road becomes dangerous downhill. Still very narrow, with incredibly dangerous and continuous sharp turns and frequent landslides. If you meet a coach it may take you ten or more minutes to extricate.

See here maps of Benitses

It is therefore wrong for this dangerous road to be indicated as Highway 25. Someone gave the wrong information and this unfortunately now seems very difficult to correct.

This road must be used exclusively only for those who want to visit Achilleion, either from the city or from Benitses, and for no other reason.

If you want to drive to the south, the recommended path is the real Highway 25 in Corfu. It starts from the town of Corfu and goes through the Vryoni settlement, Chryseida, Perama, Benitses, Messonghi, Linia, Argyrades, and Perivoli. Ending in Lefkimi’s port, it is also called the National Road of Corfu-Lefkimi.

Corfu Island interactive map from Google

NOTE: You can download and use the maps only for personal use. Reproduction, printing for commercial exploitation, or alteration of the maps is explicitly prohibited. On your websites, you may use them only if you provide a visible, proper credit with a link to the source.

More maps

Maps of Corfu Areas and Nearby Islands


Maps of Corfu areas and close to Corfu islands. Paxos – Antipaxos, Diapontia, Sidari, Messonghi and Moraitika, Petriti-Boukari and Kavos.

Petriti and Boukari map


Map for Petriti and Boukari. These are two small fishing villages on the East coast of Corfu, about 20 miles from the town.

Sidari map: All the Area Up to Peroulades With Details


This is a large detailed map of the Sidari wide tourist area, from an area near Roda up to Peroulades.

Kavos map


A map of the Kavos area. The most popular tourist destination on the island among the young British tourists because of its rich and notorious nightlife

Moraitika and Messonghi map


A map for the tourist area of Messonghi and Moraitika on the southeast side of Corfu. Some of the most touristic development villages of Corfu, with the only sandy beach of Corfu’s East seaside.

Diapontia Islands Map: Othonoi, Ereikoussa, and Mathraki


A map of Diapontia islands, Othonoi, Ereikoussa and Mathraki, along with some smaller as Diakopo, Diaplo, Karavi, Lipso, etc.

Benitses Map: Maps of Benitses Wide Area


Benitses maps in large size showing in such detail all small roads, paths, and landscape, this map of Benitses is the only one that exists in such a size.

Bilingual Corfu Map With English Names


This is a new Map of Corfu island in Greece, all names in Greek and English language.

Indexing All Beaches of Corfu on a Map


A new useful map that shows the type of beaches in Corfu, large sandy, organized sandy, pebbles, sand and pebble, small and isolated sandy or pebble e.t.c.

Map with Distances and Directions from Corfu center


On this map there are Directions to all known villages and tourist places in the island of Corfu and their distance from the center of Corfu

Map of Beaches in Corfu Island


Map with the beaches of Corfu island, the most known small and large beaches around the coastal line of Corfu island.

Old Corfu Town Map


This is another map of Corfu old town

Map of Benitses Wide Area


Here is the wide area of Benitses on a map from the north entrance of the village at Pounta akra down to Tsaki settlement.

Corfu Island Large Road Map


A large road map of Corfu with all main, large, and rural roads and paths, as they are today.

Benitses Map


A large map of Benitses tourist resort in the middle of the eastern coast of Corfu, with all small roads and paths.

A Large Map of the Town of Corfu


A large map of the town of Corfu with emphasis in the old part of the medieval town at the east of the peninsula.

Detailed Corfu Map


A large map of Corfu island, with all details, and roads, updated every year.

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