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Last updated on October 2nd, 2020 at 05:30 am

Get All Information about Corfu before visiting the island

Corfu Travel Guide provides unlimited information and details for your visit to Corfu and your holidays in Greece.

All about the tourist infrastructure, accommodation, the Best Beaches, the Sights, and Attractions. As well as about the manners, customs, and cultural events of the island that a future visitor needs to know.

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Corfu Travel and Tourist information Blog

Corfu town
Corfu town

Corfu Travel Guide is your holiday advisor for Corfu.

An island located in the northwestern corner of Greece at the north Ionian sea. One of the most interesting and beautiful places in the country.

Corfu is the greenest Greek island with lush vegetation, an emerald sea, and long sandy coasts. A landscape covered in cypress trees, olive groves, and wildflowers.

Gates to Corfu

The International airport Ioannis Kapodistrias, three miles from the center of Corfu town along with the Port is the main gates connecting the island with the world.

The island offers for exploring a traditional medieval town unchanged in time. Countless traditional bustling villages and lively tourist destinations with the best nightlife in Greece.

Holidays in Corfu suits all tastes and ages.

A Destination of Beauty

Corfu today is a very popular holiday destination for couples and older people too with resorts of unsurpassed beauty. Very rich historical and cultural heritage and beautiful buildings and monuments that do not exist anywhere else in Greece.

We present the things that a visitor can do and see in Corfu. The Sights and monuments, the sports activities around the island. The most important tourist resorts.

And the best beaches, especially those on the west coast of the island.

Culture and Tourist Info

We also have reports and information about the rich Corfiot culture. Presentation of cultural events and celebrations with a special page dedicated to the famous celebration of Easter.

A complete list of all museums, monuments, and archaeological sites that you can visit and admire.

There is a great variety with thousands of new and old Corfu photos. Including hundreds of historical old black and white pictures from Corfu. As well as historic old photos from Greece at the beginning of the 20th century.

We have recipes for the principal dishes of the local cuisine on the page about Corfiot cuisine.

Important information on the Corfu dialect with a list of characteristic Corfiot words.

Detailed and accurate weather forecasts. For the island and all Greece for a period of 5 days on the page about the weather.

Large Corfu maps, maps for the town, old Corfu town, and maps for some busy tourist resorts.

Finally, don’t forget the long history.

This island is notable in Greek culture and tradition for over 3000 years. Here is the exciting history of Corfu with details from antiquity to today.

Benitses Travel Guide

Benitses village, on the East Coast, holds a special place in our Blog, after all, it is our hometown.

There are extensive references to the sights and places worth visiting. In Benitses and the surrounding area. The sea museum, the ruins of the Roman villa with remnants of thermal baths.

The new marina of tourist boats. The Achilleion Palace in Gastouri. Are all listed so you can plan your stay and not miss anything of interest to you.

Also, information on nightlife and on many renovated hotels, rooms, and apartments.

And info for many restaurants, cafes, and all sorts of shops in Benitses and the surrounding area.

A complete cultural guide with the celebrations, events, and festivals of the village.

A great number of photographs, and aerial photos.

Above all a unique collection of historical very old black and white photos. Showing what the village used to be like, and how our ancestors lived in the past.