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Angsana Corfu Hotel: A Luxury Resort in Benitses


Last updated on January 9th, 2022 at 11:49 am

Angsana Corfu hotel in Benitses is the new 5-star hotel that supposed to be open since last May but it still not ready yet…

It will be in the place of the closed at 2008 San Stefano hotel which belonged to the Manesis family and since 2008 is owned by the Kerschikov group.

It takes the name of the Angsana Hotels and Resorts chain belonging to the Banyan Tree Group, which apparently cooperates with the Kerschikov group and it is constructed by KLC III Hellas … etc, etc …

In January 2018 a message or a reputation came out, no one knows the reason, that it will open on Easter of 2018, this rumor was reproduced by many websites, turning it into reality.

Some photos were also released, which shouted from far away that they were … mock-ups!

However Easter and the summer too have gone, and we still not see any Angsana hotel opening.

We did not mention anything then about the grand opening in January of 2018 because we knew the pour progress of the works, Instead of villas and luxury apartments on the slopes of the mountain there are only roads that are still opened and still no sign of the buildings, and this situation is going on up to now, October 2018.

We also knew that the building in the main hotel unit was not ready yet.

So, when Angsana hotel will finally open?

Sort answer: When it is ready.

According to the Banyan tree group’s official website and our reliable information sources, it will open in the first quarter of 2019, around the busy Easter season in Corfu.

Of course, when it opens it will be a luxurious hotel of huge dimensions since apart from the main building, which is in fact located in the place of the old one that was maintained and simply expanded, there will be luxurious villas or apartments independently and isolated from one another, scattered all over the eastern side of the mountain on the west side of which lies the village of Gastouri and in the north the Achilleion palace

We do not know what impact this will have on the natural environment, nor can we know whether the existence of such a hotel will be in the interest of the local tourist economy because we should not forget that it is an all-inclusive hotel.

All this will be seen when it opens because the only thing that has been done so far is the eradication of trees and roads opened.

Of course, the name is not attractive, is impersonal and totally strange with the landscape and, above all the area`s history, unlike the old San Stefano hotel name which would certainly give better prestige and wake up memories of good old times for the region, but so it seems to call this group all its hotels and we can say no more.

Check out these … mock-ups photos, in a few days we’ll add some real photos as well.

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