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Last updated on June 30th, 2024 at 11:29 am

Best Hotels in Corfu Island and Town

Welcome to your ultimate guide to the crème de la crème of Corfu’s hotels! With a whopping 4,000 resorts sprinkled across the island – and a jaw-dropping 1,200 just within the City of Corfu – you’re in for a vacation that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

Hold onto your sunhats, because Corfu’s tourist infrastructure is like no other. We’ve handpicked the finest accommodations for your pleasure, ensuring a getaway that’s drenched in luxury and tailored to your desires.

But that’s not all – Corfu isn’t just a hotspot in Greece, it’s a global sensation. The island’s allure is so irresistible that tourists from all corners of the world flock to its shores, drawn in by the promise of unforgettable experiences.

And when it comes to accommodations, Corfu’s got you covered, no matter your style. From cozy budget-friendly rooms to lavish 5-star havens, the spectrum of options is as wide as the shimmering Ionian Sea. Prices? Well, they’re just as diverse, ranging from a wallet-friendly 14€ to the lap of luxury at ‎5,000€ per night. Talk about choices!

So, what’s your flavor? Whether you’re dreaming of a tranquil escape with toes in the sand or craving vibrant nights that never end, Corfu’s got a resort with your name on it.

Ready to make your holiday magic happen? We’ve got your back with hassle-free online booking. Just a few clicks and you’ll be on your way to the holiday of a lifetime. So go ahead, dive into our handpicked list, choose your haven, and get ready to experience Corfu like never before!

Boutique, Luxury, and All-inclusive Hotels

Suggested Hotels in the Town

7 historic hotels inside Corfu town

Corfu palace hotel in Corfu town

Corfu Palace hotel in Corfu
Corfu Palace Hotel in Corfu

Welcome to the enchanting haven of Corfu Palace Hotel, nestled at the prestigious address of Republic Avenue 2. Situated at the very threshold of the mesmerizing Garitsa promenade, this is where timeless elegance meets modern luxury.

Step into a world where history and sophistication blend seamlessly – Corfu Palace Hotel stands as a living legend, an embodiment of classic charm that’s been captivating Corfu enthusiasts for decades. Just a leisurely 5-minute stroll away, you’ll find yourself amidst the renowned Liston and the picturesque Esplanade square, a testament to its prime location.

As the sun rises and sets throughout the year, the doors of Corfu Palace Hotel remain open to welcome you into its embrace. Beyond its walls lies a history that dates back to 1954, when the visionary architect Sakellarios brought this masterpiece to life. Today, it stands as a beacon of timeless elegance, etched into the island’s legacy. Its doors have been graced by dear friends from every corner of the globe, who return time and again to experience its enchantment.

Elegance meets comfort, sophistication embraces warmth – at Corfu Palace Hotel, you’re not just a guest; you’re family. Here, hospitality dances in the air, charming you from the moment you step through the door. In every corner, in every detail, you’ll find the essence of Corfu’s allure distilled into an experience that’s simply unforgettable.

So come, step into a world where luxury, history, and hospitality intertwine. Corfu Palace Hotel isn’t just a place to stay; it’s the embodiment of Corfu’s essence, an experience that will capture your heart and soul. Welcome to the ultimate Corfu hotel, where your journey becomes an extraordinary memory!

Boutique Hotel Bella Venezia

Boutique hotel Bella Venezia Corfu
Boutique hotel Bella Venezia Corfu

Indulge in the enchanting world of Boutique Hotel Bella Venezia, where the seamless fusion of tradition and modernity beckons you to experience a journey like no other. Nestled on Napoleon Zambelis Street no. 4, this exquisite haven pays homage to its iconic predecessor, the celebrated ‘Hotel of Beautiful Venice’. Here, the vibrant pulse of the old city of Corfu dances harmoniously with the contemporary, creating a captivating border that invites you to savor the best of both realms.

As you step into the embrace of Boutique Hotel Bella Venezia, each room becomes a canvas for a unique narrative, inviting you to immerse yourself in the distinctive character that defines it. Your private sanctuary welcomes you with an ambiance that oozes luxury and comfort, laying the foundation for an unforgettable stay. Our unwavering commitment to offering the pinnacle of modern amenities ensures that every moment of your sojourn is an exquisite symphony of perfection.

What sets Boutique Hotel Bella Venezia in a league of its own is its resolute dedication to preserving the heritage and grace of its historic architecture. Here, the threads of the past delicately intertwine with the present, giving rise to an atmosphere that epitomizes both elegance and timeless tradition. Our meticulous attention to detail serves as a hallmark of our professionalism, assuring you a stay that’s meticulously tailored to fulfill your every whim and aspiration.

As your gaze sweeps across the panorama from your room’s window, you’re met with breathtaking vistas that either embrace the serenity of our verdant garden or embrace the dynamic pulse of the city beyond. Whether you yearn for moments of serenity or a taste of the vibrant urban tapestry, our hotel offers a view that harmonizes with your mood and desires.

Beyond being a mere place to lay your head, Boutique Hotel Bella Venezia weaves an experience that transcends the confines of time. It beckons you to craft your own story within its embrace, a story that’s interwoven with the rich tapestry of history and the contemporary. Step into this realm where luxury and tradition converge in perfect harmony, and immerse yourself in an escape that’s akin to a masterpiece of art. Welcome to a realm of enchantment that awaits your discovery.

Cavalieri hotel

View from Cavalieri hotel roof
View from Cavalieri Hotel roof

Immerse yourself in the opulent world of The Cavalieri Hotel, where history, luxury, and breathtaking vistas come together to create an unparalleled experience. Housed within a splendid neoclassical gem dating back to the 17th century, this sumptuous hotel bears witness to the grandeur of a bygone era, once belonging to the esteemed ancestors of Count Flambouriaris.

Nestled along the iconic Kapodistriou Street, The Cavalieri Hotel rests at the heart of Corfu’s ancient Venetian center. From its vantage point, it unveils captivating vistas of the Ionian Sea, the regal Old Fortress, and the verdant expanse of Spianada (Esplanade) square.

Rising above it all is the Roof Garden restaurant, a treasure trove of epicurean delights and a feast for the eyes. Panoramic views stretch from Corfu’s historic core to the glistening sea and the majestic mountains of mainland Greece. A sip of a refreshing drink or a sublime dinner in this enchanting setting is more than a culinary experience – it’s a moment etched into memory.

Since the late 1960s, The Cavalieri Hotel has stood as a beacon of elegance, attracting a captivating array of luminaries – writers, actors, poets, politicians, businessmen, and intrepid travelers alike. Step into its storied halls and you’re greeted not only by history but by all the modern comforts that define the 21st century.

As a historic masterpiece offering contemporary luxuries, The Cavalieri Hotel stands as a testament to the seamless blending of old-world charm and modern convenience. For those seeking the epitome of Corfu’s allure, it stands as an unparalleled accommodation choice, inviting you to bask in its timeless splendor.

Arcadion Hotel

Arkadion hotel Corfu
Arkadion hotel Corfu

Elevate your experience in Corfu with a stay at the Arcadion Hotel, a hidden gem nestled at the pinnacle of Liston and gazing out over the vibrant heart of Spianada square. Here, a world of enchantment and memories awaits, promising an exceptional stay in the very epicenter of the city’s pulse.

At Arcadion Hotel, every detail is designed to immerse you in elegant luxury. From the moment you step foot into our well-appointed rooms and suites, you’ll be enveloped in a sense of refinement and comfort that’s second to none. With a prime location that’s unparalleled in centrality, you’ll find yourself immersed in all the captivating wonders the town has to offer, right at your doorstep.

The allure of Arcadion Hotel isn’t just in its luxurious accommodations – it’s in the promise of an authentic Corfu experience. Here, you’re not just a guest; you’re part of a rich tapestry of history and culture that resonates throughout the town. Your every desire to explore, discover, and savor the essence of Corfu can be fulfilled from this exquisite vantage point.

Whether you’re drawn to the charming alleys, the bustling squares, or the captivating historical sites, you’re just moments away from it all. It’s not just a stay; it’s an immersion into the very soul of Corfu. Welcome to a place that doesn’t just offer accommodation; it offers an experience that will linger in your heart long after you’ve departed.

Hotel Konstantinoupolis

Konstantinoupolis hotel in Corfu port
Konstantinoupolis hotel in Corfu port

Discover a timeless treasure at Hotel Konstantinoupolis, a masterpiece lovingly rejuvenated from a 17th-century building in the enchanting old port of Corfu. Nestled just steps away from the majestic new fortress, our haven offers an unrivaled panorama of the sea, where the islands of Vidos and Lazaretto dance on the horizon, accompanied by the rugged northern highlands of Corfu.

Immerse yourself in a rich legacy, as Hotel Konstantinoupolis was the preferred haven for esteemed businessmen and the crème de la crème of high society. It’s a place where history and modernity coalesce, where the echoes of the past resonate seamlessly with the contemporary world.

The hotel’s façade reflects its storied past, while the interior is a symphony of comfort and elegance, a tribute to both Corfu’s heritage and its future. But it’s not just the architecture that sets us apart. Our true distinction lies in the exceptional service we provide, a hallmark of our commitment to making your stay remarkable in every way.

At Konstantinoupolis Hotel, we extend renowned Greek hospitality to every guest. From the moment you step through our doors, you’re enveloped in an atmosphere of warmth and care, where every detail is meticulously crafted to cater to your needs and desires.

Experience the allure of our 31 fully equipped rooms spread across four floors of this five-story masterpiece. Each room is a sanctuary of comfort, a fusion of contemporary amenities, and nods to tradition, designed to ensure your stay is as rejuvenating as it is enriching.

Come, embark on a journey that transcends time at Hotel Konstantinoupolis. A place where the legacy of the past meets the possibilities of the future, where panoramic views and impeccable service create an experience that will linger in your heart and memory for years to come.

Divani Corfu Palace

Divani Corfu palace hotel
Divani Corfu palace hotel

Indulge in the epitome of luxury at Divani Corfu Palace, an exquisite 4-star haven nestled within a modern architectural marvel. Perched gracefully on a verdant slope in the charming enclave of Kanoni, our hotel boasts unrivaled vistas of the pristine Halikopoulos Lagoon, where the azure waters mirror the skies, and the nearby airport adds a touch of wanderlust to the scene.

With Corfu’s heart just 3 km away, Divani Corfu Palace offers the best of both worlds. Immerse yourself in the lively pulse of the town center and its historical treasures, or bask in the tranquility and splendor of our lush green hills, all within a heartbeat’s reach.

Dive into the rich tapestry of Corfu’s culture and activities, knowing that the haven of Divani Corfu Palace awaits your return. Whether you’re captivated by the allure of Corfu Town’s historical center or drawn to the pristine shores of Mon Repos Beach just 1.5 km away, our strategic location ensures that every facet of your adventure is effortlessly within grasp.

Step into a world where luxury meets convenience, where modernity complements the embrace of nature. At Divani Corfu Palace, we invite you to experience the seamless fusion of elegance and tranquility, a symphony of comfort and sophistication that’s set against the backdrop of Corfu’s natural beauty. Come, let us be your gateway to an unforgettable journey on this enchanting island.

Atlantis Hotel in Corfu Town

Atlantis hotel in Corfu
Atlantis Hotel in Corfu

Embark on an extraordinary journey of relaxation and indulgence at Atlantis Hotel in Corfu Town – a haven designed to transform your vacation into an unforgettable experience.

Nestled near the vibrant pulse of the Corfu Town stadium, Atlantis Hotel beckons with a promise of exceptional luxury. Our abode offers an array of 61 meticulously designed rooms, embodying the pinnacle of high-quality accommodation. Positioned in close proximity to both the island’s commercial and historic heart, Atlantis Hotel stands as a paragon of convenience, ensuring your stay is nothing short of perfection.

Immerse yourself in the captivating blend of our prime location. Close to the New Port of Corfu and a stone’s throw from the city center’s allure, our hotel caters to both the astute business traveler and the leisure explorer. Stroll through the bustling market and unveil the treasures of the city’s great attractions – all conveniently accessible from our doorstep.

As you step into Atlantis Hotel, a warm and inviting embrace awaits, enveloping you in the charm of Corfu’s year-round allure. Among the finest hotels in Corfu town, Atlantis Hotel promises an experience that transcends expectations, a sanctuary where each moment is a masterpiece.

Indulge in the essence of hospitality, where comfort, luxury, and location converge to create an experience that lingers in your memory. Atlantis Hotel invites you to savor the best of Corfu, offering a retreat that’s destined to exceed your every desire.

48, Xenofontos Stratigou St
Corfu Town, 49100, Corfu
Ionian Islands, Greece

Hotels on Corfu Island

Venture beyond the shoreline to discover an island brimming with a captivating allure. Corfu’s enchantment extends far beyond its coastlines, revealing a diverse landscape that promises unforgettable experiences.

As you traverse the island, you’ll encounter sprawling resorts that beckon an array of hotels and apartments, each promising a slice of paradise. These coastal havens offer a gateway to Corfu’s stunning beauty, inviting you to immerse yourself in luxury and leisure.

But don’t overlook the island’s hidden treasures nestled within its interior. Here, untouched by the march of development, lie traditional villages that seem to have frozen in time. Cobblestone streets wind through these charming enclaves, offering glimpses of a bygone era.

Every corner of Corfu boasts a touch of magic. The landscape is adorned with a tapestry of hotels, rooms, and inviting tavernas, each weaving a tale of authentic Greek hospitality. Whether in the heart of a bustling town or nestled in a tranquil village, you’ll find warmth and comfort that transcends mere accommodation.

Corfu’s allure is not confined to its beaches; it’s a symphony of experiences that harmonize to create a mosaic of wonder. From the sun-soaked resorts to the intimate village corners, the island promises a journey that speaks to the heart of every traveler’s desires.

Angsana hotel resort

Angsana Hotel Corfu
Angsana Hotel Corfu

Indulge in a new level of luxury at Angsana Hotel, the jewel of Angsana Resorts in Greece. Perched atop the captivating Agios Stefanos Hill, this exquisite haven offers an elevated experience above the charming village of Benitses, a mere 12 km away from the heart of Corfu Town.

Positioned at the crossroads of beauty and convenience, Angsana Hotel presents a gateway to Corfu’s most cherished treasures. Immerse yourself in history with easy access to the UNESCO-listed Corfu Old Town, the regal old and new fortresses, and the opulent Achilleion Palace.

Nature seamlessly envelopes you at Angsana Corfu, where you’ll find yourself cocooned in the embrace of the island’s lush surroundings. With 199 meticulously designed rooms, suites, and villas, each graced with panoramic views of the majestic mountains or the enchanting sea, you’ll be immersed in a sensory journey that speaks to your soul.

Set out to explore the Ionian Islands, knowing that your sanctuary awaits your return. Here, beyond the stunning vistas of the Corfu East Coast, you’ll discover an unwavering commitment to exceptional service and an array of modern facilities and amenities. Angsana Corfu transforms your vacation into an unparalleled family experience, where every moment becomes a cherished memory.

Elevate your Mediterranean escape to new heights at Angsana Hotel, where luxury meets nature and every detail is tailored to provide you with a holiday experience that’s truly exceptional.

Bella Vista Beach Hotel in Benitses

Bella Vista Hotel at Benitses
Bella Vista Hotel at Benitses

Experience the epitome of charm and comfort at Bella Vista Hotel, a newly renovated gem nestled in the heart of Benitses. Just a mere 30 meters from the inviting organized beach, complete with sun loungers and parasols, and a stone’s throw away from the vibrant center of Benitses village, where a treasure trove of restaurants, cafes, and boutiques await your exploration.

Embrace a world where affordability meets luxury, as Bella Vista Hotel presents itself as a radiant two-star haven with a five-star mindset. With 23 air-conditioned bedrooms exuding a fresh ambiance and free Wi-Fi in communal spaces, every facet of your stay promises unparalleled value.

The charm doesn’t end at your doorstep – Bella Vista extends its allure with private pools accessible to our cherished guests. These tranquil oases, mere steps from the hotel, beckon you to unwind and rejuvenate.

Venture beyond our doors and find the azure blue bus stop just 30 meters away, ready to whisk you to the historic grandeur of Old Corfu Town. For those who travel by car, rest assured that a complimentary parking area awaits just 150 meters from the hotel, providing you with peace of mind and convenience.

Bella Vista Hotel is the perfect sanctuary for wanderers seeking intimate and amiable lodging at the heart of the island. With an unwavering commitment to quality accommodation at unbeatable prices, your journey to Corfu becomes an unforgettable experience where comfort and affordability unite in perfect harmony.

Akrotiri Beach Hotel in Paleokastritsa

Akrotiri beach hotel Paleokastritsa
Akrotiri beach hotel Paleokastritsa

Welcome to the lap of luxury at Akrotiri Beach Hotel, a lavish 4-star haven nestled along the enchanting northwest coast of Corfu. Our exclusive retreat graces the picturesque tourist paradise of Paleokastritsa, renowned for its captivating landscapes and the pristine allure of its crystalline waters.

Perched majestically on a peninsula, Akrotiri Beach Hotel unveils a world where every room and public space is a canvas for breathtaking vistas. Imagine waking up to panoramic views that stir your soul and ignite your senses, inviting you to embrace the natural beauty that surrounds you.

From the moment you step foot into our oasis, you’ll be enveloped in an ambiance of opulence and tranquility. Our commitment to excellence means that every aspect of your stay, from the moment you arrive until the moment you depart, is infused with the hallmark of luxury.

Indulge in the ultimate pleasure of experiencing Paleokastritsa’s radiant beauty, all while basking in the comfort and sophistication that only Akrotiri Beach Hotel can offer. Your escape to Corfu becomes an enchanting tale of indulgence, where the allure of the island’s landscapes is seamlessly woven into the fabric of your stay.

Delfinia Hotels in Moraitika

Delfinia Hotel at Moraitika
Delfinia Hotel at Moraitika

Welcome to the exquisite world of Delfinia Hotel, where architectural elegance meets the soothing embrace of Moraitika Beach’s calm and crystalline waters. Our distinctive three main buildings stand as a testament to the art of design and luxury, ensuring that your stay is nothing short of remarkable.

Nestled by the shoreline, Delfinia Hotel is a true haven of exceptional service and world-class amenities, a sanctuary that has earned its rightful place in the hearts of global travelers. Here, every moment is crafted to perfection, from the gracious greetings that welcome you to the meticulously designed spaces that envelop you in comfort and style.

As you stroll through our harmoniously designed buildings, your gaze will be drawn to the majesty of the mainland’s mountains and the enchantment of the East Coast sunrises. Our grounds, adorned with privately owned gardens, are a reflection of the care and dedication that go into ensuring your experience is nothing short of sublime. These lush gardens extend gracefully from the heart of the hotel to the very edge of the sea, a testament to our commitment to providing an oasis of beauty and tranquility.

At Delfinia Hotel, we don’t just offer accommodations; we offer an experience that will leave an indelible mark on your memory. From the moment you arrive to the moment you depart, you’ll be surrounded by beauty, comfort, and an atmosphere of unparalleled grace. Your journey with us will be a symphony of luxury and nature, an interplay of design and relaxation that leaves you with a deep appreciation for the art of hospitality.

Louis Corcyra Beach hotel at Gouvia

Louis Corcyra beach Hotel at Gouvia
Louis Corcyra beach Hotel at Gouvia

Welcome to the idyllic world of Louis Corcyra Beach Hotel, a hidden gem nestled in the captivating Gouvia area. Enveloped by the embrace of two pristine natural coves, our hotel sprawls across 78 acres of untouched beauty, where lush vegetation harmoniously mingles with sandy beaches adorned by warm and shallow waters.

Immerse yourself in a world of luxury that has been recently refurbished and upgraded to offer you the utmost in comfort and splendor. Our hotel stands as a sanctuary of excellence, a place where every detail is designed to provide you with a truly unique and unforgettable family vacation experience.

Step outside our haven, and you’re just a mere 100 meters away from a shopping district that’s ready to cater to your every need. And if you’re in the mood to explore further, a short 10-minute drive will take you to the vibrant heart of Corfu town and its welcoming airport.

Venture north, and you’ll encounter the captivating sight of the old Venetian shipyards, a historic gem that’s part of the Venetian Arsenal in the Gulf of Gouvia. And for those seeking a taste of local life, the charming shops, bars, and restaurants of Gouvia are a mere 5-minute walk away, promising a delightful adventure around every corner.

Louis Corcyra Beach Hotel invites you to discover a world where nature’s beauty and modern luxury blend seamlessly, creating an enchanting escape that lingers in your heart long after you depart. Experience the magic of Gouvia in the lap of indulgence and relaxation, where each moment is a treasure waiting to be savored.

Sunshine Corfu Hotel & Spa at Nissaki

Sunshine Corfu Hotel
Sunshine Corfu Hotel

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Sunshine Corfu Hotel & Spa, a haven of tranquility nestled on a private beach and artfully nestled amidst the lush embrace of olive and pine trees near the picturesque village of Nissaki.

Prepare to embark on a journey of all-inclusive luxury, where your every desire is met in a paradise that caters to every facet of your summer vacation dreams.

As you step into our world, you’ll be greeted by two inviting outdoor swimming pools, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and a spa that promises to immerse you in unparalleled wellness and relaxation. Our elegantly adorned rooms, suites, and village rooms in our lush gardens are thoughtfully designed with your comfort in mind, equipped with modern amenities like satellite TV, a mini-fridge, and a safety box.

The soothing embrace of air-conditioning and your own balcony or terrace invite you to unwind and immerse yourself in the panoramic views of the Ionian Sea that many of our accommodations offer.

Indulge in a gastronomic journey at our buffet restaurant and two à la carte restaurants, where the flavors of Greek and Italian cuisine dance on your palate. Sip on refreshing concoctions at our bar, pool bar, and snack bar, as you bask in the warm Mediterranean sun.

Sunshine Corfu Hotel & Spa takes your relaxation to heart, offering you access to the spa’s facial and body treatments, steam bath, hot tub, and sauna—all without charge. Massages are also available to further enhance your experience.

Families are cherished here, with a small children’s pool, a playground, and a vibrant children’s club that cater to our younger guests’ every whim.

As the day comes to a close, you’ll find comfort in knowing that Corfu Town and the airport are just a short 30-minute drive away. And with private parking available on-site, your convenience is our priority.

Sunshine Corfu Hotel & Spa welcomes you to immerse yourself in an all-inclusive world where sun-kissed beaches, lush landscapes, and indulgent experiences converge to create the summer vacation of your dreams.

Philoxenia Hotel in Ermones

Philoxenia Hotel Ermones
Philoxenia Hotel Ermones

Welcome to the haven of comfort and warmth that is Philoxenia Hotel, a true embodiment of its name, which translates to “hospitality” in Greek. Nestled in the heart of the captivating Ermones, this haven of tranquility is your ultimate Corfu getaway, situated a mere 14 km from the vibrant heart of Corfu Town.

Here, amidst the embrace of Corfu’s unspoiled nature, your dreams of a perfect vacation come to life in every way imaginable.

Imagine waking up in a lush paradise on the northwest coast of Corfu, greeted by 49 thoughtfully designed rooms that cater to the unique preferences of every traveler. Whether you’re a couple seeking romance, friends in pursuit of adventure, families creating memories, or a solo explorer seeking solitude, we’ve crafted a space that perfectly aligns with your desires.

Let your senses delight in the countryside atmosphere that envelops you, and allow your gaze to be captured by breathtaking views from your room or balcony. Savor the culinary masterpieces freshly crafted in our restaurant, where every bite is an exploration of flavor. Feel the worries of the world melt away as you lounge by the pool, your eyes feasting on the boundless expanse of the Ionian Sea before you. Take leisurely strolls by the tranquil sea during sunset, an experience that rejuvenates the soul.

Our pool bar beckons you to indulge in our famous mojitos, your gateway to pure relaxation. Our dedicated staff is here to anticipate your every need, ensuring that your time here is nothing short of perfection. Leave behind the stresses of everyday life, as the embrace of Philoxenia Hotel transports you to a world where tranquility and joy reign supreme.

Your holidays at Hotel Philoxenia Corfu are not just moments in time; they are experiences that create lasting memories. Each stay is an affirmation that true hospitality knows no bounds. Welcome to a lifetime of cherished moments and unparalleled experiences.

Marbella Hotel Corfu

Marbella Hotel Corfu
Marbella Hotel Corfu

This is the epitome of luxury and comfort, Marbella Corfu, a grand haven of opulence nestled in the enchanting Agios Ioannis Peristeron, a mere 10 miles from the heart of Corfu Town.

Step into a realm where every detail is meticulously designed to offer you an experience beyond compare. Each room is a sanctuary of indulgence, adorned with air-conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom that features complimentary toiletries and a hairdryer. Some rooms offer a serene seating area, while others provide captivating vistas of the sparkling sea or the lush garden.

Your experience at Marbella Corfu is elevated by an array of remarkable offerings. An exhilarating water park beckons you to make a splash, while our onsite restaurant and bar promise culinary delights that tantalize the taste buds. A 24-hour front desk ensures your every need is met, and should you wish to indulge in some pampering, our skilled hairdresser is at your service.

Stay connected with complimentary Wi-Fi as you unwind in the soothing embrace of our hot tub. With a beach exclusively for our guests, your options for leisure and adventure are endless. Embark on a bike ride or explore the surroundings in a rented car, ensuring that you immerse yourself in the beauty that surrounds us.

Sports enthusiasts will delight in our tennis court, table tennis, and darts facilities, while the picturesque surroundings offer the perfect setting for cycling enthusiasts. At Marbella Corfu, every moment is an opportunity to bask in the finest that life has to offer.

Allow us to transport you to a world where luxury knows no bounds, where every need is met with grace and excellence. Marbella Corfu is more than a hotel; it’s a haven of unparalleled experiences and memories waiting to be made.

Grecotel Corfu Imperial at Kommeno

Grecotel Corfu Imperial Hotel
Grecotel Corfu Imperial Hotel

Indulge in the height of luxury and sophistication at the Hotel Grecotel Corfu Imperial, a sanctuary nestled amidst the enchanting embrace of cypress and olive groves. Set on a private peninsula in Komeno, just a mere 12 kilometers away from the vibrant Corfu Town, this seaside haven is more than a resort—it’s a testament to opulence.

Prepare to be captivated as you step into a realm of unparalleled beauty and elegance. The resort comprises three magnificent buildings that exude a sense of luxury, each adorned with elegant lounge areas meticulously designed to elevate your holiday experience on this picturesque island.

Steeped in history, this is a place where even Queen Victoria and Empress Sissy have graced with their presence—a testament to the extraordinary privacy and prestige that awaits you.

As you explore the resort’s meticulously landscaped Italian-style gardens and bungalows enveloped by the embrace of pine forests, you’ll be transported to a world of natural beauty. The pastel-hued villas are a harmonious tribute to the radiant Ionian sunsets, painting a vivid picture of paradise.

Here, your desires and preferences take center stage with special sports and entertainment programs crafted to suit your every whim. The enchanting evenings come alive with captivating performances and musical nights, each celebrating the rich traditions of the island.

The Hotel Grecotel Corfu Imperial takes luxury to the next level with the largest conference and banqueting facilities. A name revered in the business world, it’s no wonder it was chosen as the venue for the 1994 European Union Summit—an affirmation of its unparalleled excellence.

Experience the epitome of refined indulgence, where every moment is crafted to offer you the ultimate in relaxation and grandeur. Welcome to the Hotel Grecotel Corfu Imperial, where luxury knows no bounds and memories are created in the lap of opulence.

Corfu Holiday Palace at Kanoni

Corfu Holiday Palace Kanoni
Corfu Holiday Palace Kanoni

Embark on a journey of rejuvenation and discovery at the newly renovated Holiday Palace Corfu, nestled in the charming suburb of Kanoni, a tranquil oasis just moments away from the cosmopolitan Corfu town.

Prepare to be mesmerized as you gaze upon the breathtaking panorama that unfolds before you. Overlooking the enchanting bay, the hotel offers direct vistas of the renowned Mouse Island—an iconic sight that graces postcards and dreams. On the flip side, your gaze will be met with the mesmerizing Halikiopoulos Lake and the distant hills, creating a symphony of natural beauty that will leave you spellbound.

Unfolding like a treasure trove, this haven is strategically located at the heart of the island, allowing you to uncover the hidden gems that Corfu holds within its embrace. With the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean lapping at the white sand beach, you’ll be transported to a realm of serenity and bliss. The sun-kissed landscape beckons you to explore, while Corfu stands as a must-see destination that captures the essence of beauty.

Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, the Holiday Palace Corfu is your ideal base—a haven that seamlessly marries comfort and convenience. From here, you can set out to uncover the timeless allure of the island, its rich history, and its vibrant culture.

Embrace a haven of tranquility, where the call of the Mediterranean whispers in the air, and every moment is an invitation to savor the beauty of life. Welcome to the Holiday Palace Corfu, where an unforgettable experience awaits you.

Corfu Hotel Bella Mare

Corfu Hotel Bella Mare
Corfu Hotel Bella Mare

Discover the enchanting world of Hotel Bella Mare, a hidden gem nestled along the pristine shores of the acclaimed Avlaki Beach, near the picturesque Kassiopi.

Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury as you step onto a 30,000-square-foot haven, where the tranquil embrace of the seaside is harmoniously entwined with the majesty of lush landscapes. Feel the cares of the world melt away as you bask in the serenity of this idyllic setting, carefully designed to offer an experience like no other.

Hotel Bella Mare is a haven dedicated to crafting unforgettable memories for families and couples alike. Whether you’re seeking a romantic escape or a memorable family getaway, this four-star sanctuary has been meticulously curated to cater to every desire.

As the sun-kissed beach beckons, a mere stone’s throw from the luxurious abode, you’ll embark on a journey through exotic palm trees and a kaleidoscope of vibrant blooms that grace the beautiful gardens of Bella Mare. Each step is an invitation to indulge in the harmony of nature, as the gentle whispers of the ocean and the fragrance of flowers create an atmosphere of pure enchantment.

Here, time slows down, and the world beyond fades into insignificance. Whether you’re strolling hand in hand with a loved one or seeking moments of solitude by the water’s edge, Hotel Bella Mare promises a symphony of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Prepare to be transported to a realm where luxury and nature coexist in perfect harmony. Welcome to Hotel Bella Mare, where the art of pampering is elevated to an unforgettable experience.

Corfu Hotel Kontokali Bay

Corfu Hotel Kontokali Bay
Corfu Hotel Kontokali Bay

Welcome to the exquisite world of Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa, a haven of opulence and serenity nestled along the pristine shores of Kontokali’s sandy beach. Prepare to embark on a journey of pure relaxation and indulge in the ultimate luxury experience.

Allow your senses to come alive as you stroll barefoot on the warm, inviting sand, surrounded by lush greenery that paints a picturesque backdrop against the distant horizon. Here, time stands still, and every moment is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the tranquility that only a truly special location can offer.

Our dedicated team of professionals stands ready to welcome you to our exquisite haven, where the essence of genuine hospitality takes center stage. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be enveloped in an atmosphere of warmth and attentiveness, ensuring that every aspect of your stay is nothing short of extraordinary.

Whether you’re seeking moments of leisure, wellness, or culinary delight, Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa offers a myriad of choices that cater to your every desire. Indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments, luxuriate by the pool, or savor special dining experiences that tantalize your taste buds and elevate your stay to new heights.

Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa isn’t just a hotel; it’s a cozy sanctuary that’s perfectly aligned with your wishes. Prepare to embark on an authentic hospitality experience that transcends expectations, making every moment spent at “Kontokali Bay Resort” an unforgettable memory in the making.

Mareblue Beach Corfu Resort

Mare Blue Beach Hotel
Mare Blue Beach Hotel

Welcome to the enchanting world of Mareblue Beach Corfu Resort, a family-run haven nestled on the captivating Agios Spyridon Beach along Corfu’s northeast coast. Prepare to be captivated by one of the island’s most stunning beaches, boasting crystal turquoise waters that beckon you to indulge in the ultimate seaside escape.

Our resort presents an array of accommodation options, including double rooms, family rooms, and suites, each thoughtfully equipped to ensure a unique and delightful stay. From the moment you step into your room, you’ll find everything you need to create unforgettable memories.

Delight your senses with a culinary journey that offers a feast for both the eyes and the palate. Our three restaurants, all graced with views of the mesmerizing Ionian and Adriatic Seas, promise an unforgettable dining experience. From the international buffet at Almyra to the flavors of the Mediterranean at our à la carte restaurant and Greek barbecue corner, each meal is a celebration of taste and culture.

Immerse yourself in a world of leisure and excitement with our range of facilities and activities. Dive into three inviting swimming pools, including an exclusive adult pool and a playful children’s pool. Stay active with a myriad of sports options, from tennis and basketball to diving and more, all expertly coordinated by our sports professional.

As the sun sets, the magic continues with vibrant evening entertainment. Teatro Loco’s live performances and our romantic terrace provide the perfect setting for unforgettable nights.

Indulge in the convenience of our All-Inclusive program, treating you to an array of snacks, meals, and drinks throughout the day.

For our young guests, a dedicated children’s painting program and a massage area ensure that every member of the family experiences their dream vacation.

Mareblue Beach Corfu Resort is your gateway to a world of beauty, relaxation, and excitement. Come and discover everything you need to turn your vacation dreams into reality!

Corfu Hotel Albatros Moraitika

Albatros Hotel Moraitika
Albatros Hotel Moraitika

Welcome to the captivating world of COOEE Albatros Hotel, nestled in the heart of Moraitika, one of Corfu’s most charming and historic villages. Here, you’ll find yourself right on the beach, where the inviting waters beckon with their clean, blue, and shallow embrace—a paradise perfect for families seeking an idyllic coastal retreat.

As the sun sets, Moraitika comes alive with a vibrant nightlife that’s ready to delight your senses. Explore a tapestry of restaurants, taverns, bars, and dance clubs that promise unforgettable evenings under the starry skies.

Adjacent to Moraitika lies the picturesque fishing village of Messonghi, with the meandering river acting as a natural border. Immerse yourself in the ambiance of this charming village, where delightful fish taverns and serene strolls along the seafront create a truly enchanting experience. For those with a penchant for history, the Serbian Cemetery stands as a poignant monument to the First World War Serbian troops, while the medieval fortress of Gardiki offers a glimpse into the past.

Step into the embrace of COOEE Albatros Hotel, a delightful 3-star gem that combines a warm family atmosphere with top-notch amenities, ensuring your holiday in Corfu is nothing short of unforgettable. Renowned for its friendly ambiance and exceptional service, our hotel has become the epitome of a perfect getaway for both adults and families of all ages.

Nestled along the stunning Moraitikon beach, you’ll have the chance to relax and have fun—from sunup to sundown—always accompanied by a personal touch and the warmth of Greek hospitality. Discover a unique experience that promises lasting memories, where the beauty of the surroundings meets a high level of service in perfect harmony. This is COOEE Albatros Hotel, where every moment is an opportunity to create treasured memories.

Govino Bay Resort – Corfu Hotel for Families

Govino Bay Resort Hotel
Govino Bay Resort Hotel

Welcome to the enchanting world of Govino Bay Hotel in Corfu, a hidden gem nestled in a sprawling 40-acre paradise that fronts the mesmerizing Gouvia Bay. Step into a haven of tranquility and beauty that has earned its place among the finest hotels in Corfu.

As you enter, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a lush expanse of gardens, olive trees, palm trees, and a variety of indigenous flora. This magical backdrop creates an ambiance that promises to transform your stay into an unforgettable experience, where every moment is a picturesque memory waiting to be captured.

At Govino Bay Hotel, we’ve masterfully blended modern comforts with the time-honored aesthetics of traditional Kifis architecture. The result? A captivating retreat that stands as one of Corfu’s most beautiful family hotels, offering a guarantee of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Your stay with us is more than just accommodation; it’s an invitation to embrace the serenity of nature’s beauty while indulging in the utmost comfort. Let the rhythmic sounds of the sea and the gentle rustle of leaves guide you to a place where worries fade and pure relaxation takes center stage.

Whether you’re seeking a family getaway or a romantic escape, Govino Bay Hotel offers an experience that’s bound to leave a lasting impression. Join us in this oasis of tranquility, where modern elegance meets timeless charm, and where every detail is crafted to ensure your holiday is nothing short of extraordinary.

Aeolos Beach Hotel Resort in Perama Corfu Greece


Located 10 kilometers from Corfu Town in Perama, Aeolos Beach Hotel Resort is nestled in the quiet resort of Perama.

Angsana Corfu Hotel: A Luxury Resort in Benitses


Angsana Corfu Hotel in Benitses is the new luxury 5-star hotel of Angsana Hotels and Resorts chain belonging to the Banyan Tree Group.

Lido Corfu Sun Hotel


The Lido Corfu Sun is a 3-star hotel situated in the popular resort of Benitses. The hotel is only 30-meters from the beach but also offers a nice pool area with sun terrace. The hotel has 33 simply decorated but comfortable guest rooms.

El Greco Hotel in Benitses Corfu


The hotel is located 9 miles south of Corfu town and just 1 mile north of the picturesque village of Benitses, on the Lefkimi national road. It is built above the eastern slopes of Achillion palace hills.