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The Top 7 Sandy Beaches in Corfu [Infographic]

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Last updated on July 19th, 2024 at 09:16 pm

Along Corfu’s coastline lie countless pristine beaches, each a sanctuary of soft sands and crystal-clear waters.

But with so many options, exploring them all can be daunting. That’s why we’ve curated an infographic of the seven best sandy beaches on the island.

Escape the crowds and discover Corfu’s hidden sandy treasures. Accessible via winding trails or boat rides, these secluded or busy havens promise serenity and stunning natural beauty.

Picture yourself lounging on golden shores, surrounded by cliffs and olive groves, with only the sound of gentle waves as your soundtrack.

Whether you seek solitude or adventure, these paradises offer an unforgettable beach experience. Are you ready to uncover Corfu’s best 7 beaches? Let’s go then.

The Absolute Best 7 Sandy Beaches in Corfu

The top 7 beaches in Corfu
The top 7 sandy beaches in Corfu

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Bataria and Pipitos are the most famous beaches at the Northeastern tip of Corfu island, with beautiful pebble beaches in small isolated coves scattered all around the area.

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Under Paleokastritsa, there are some high cliffs that end abruptly on the coast to create beautiful hidden beaches in Corfu.

Mirtiotissa: The Corfu Nudist Beach of the 80’s


Myrtiotissa is on the western coast of the island, and isolated, therefore since the 60`s it was the nudist beach of Corfu.

Gardenos Large Sandy Beach at Vitalades Corfu


Gardenos beach is situated in the southwest end part of Corfu, it is the beachside of the traditional village of Vitalades.

Golden Beach of Santa Barbara at South West of Corfu


The wide golden sandy beach of Santa Barbara in the southwest of the island of Corfu.

Agios Georgios (Saint George South) Beach at Argyrades


St George south in Argyrades, 33 km from Corfu town, It is a tourist resort with a vast sandy beach also known as Saint George south.

Marathias Beach – A Long Stunning Golden Sand in Corfu


The large golden sandy beach of Marathias in southwest Corfu, many miles of sand stretching down south up to the cape of Arkoudilas.

Issos – The Huge Sandy Beach in Southwest Corfu


Issos beach in Southwest Corfu lays just south of Chalikounas with Korission lake in the background and St George to the south.

Chalikounas: The Famous Golden Beach on West Corfu


Halikounas is several kilometers of sand in southwestern Corfu, between ​​the northern Ionian sea and the Lake of Korission.

Asprokavos & Arkoudilas Beach in Southern Corfu


Asprokavos and Arkoudilas capes – the hard-to-reach and wild beaches at the southern end of Corfu island

Agios Stefanos and Arillas Beach in Corfu


Saint Stefanos and Arillas, these two bays are great favorites with visitors who return year after year and really feel ‘local’.

Sidari Corfu and the Beach of Canal D’amour


Sidari is on the northwest end of Corfu. A large tourist resort with a golden sandy beach up to the famous Canal d`Amour.

Roda Corfu: Beach and Holiday Resort at North


Roda beach is one of the older villages on the north Corfu coast where tourism has been well established for many years.

Peroulades and Loggas Wild Sandy Corfu Beach


Peroulades is a small village with simple apartments and villas, perfect to enjoy the wonderful sandy beach.

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The Beaches in Corfu are innumerable, stunning, and expansive. Most are sandy and bustling, with numerous tranquil and secluded shores to discover.

Kavos Beach: A Corfu Hotspot for Young British Tourists


Kavos is on the southernmost edge of Corfu island, with rich and notorious nightlife.

Glyfada Beach Corfu: A Vibrant Sandy Resort


Glyfada is Corfu’s cosmopolitan beach, stretched at the bottom of an olive and cypress covered hill- looking out across the sea to Italy.

Ermones Corfu: The Resort in West Coast


Ermones is on a dramatic cove at the west coast of Corfu, claiming to be the place where Odysseus landed and found the lovely Princess Nausika.

Agios Gordios Corfu: A Lively Beach and Resort


Agios Gordios is a long wide sandy stretch, offering water sports and plenty of entertainment in the bars and tavernas along its length.

Acharavi: Corfu’s Vast Beach and Tranquil Retreat


Acharavi Beach is nestled on the northern coast of the stunning Greek island of Corfu. Situated on the Ionian Sea, Acharavi enjoys a prime location.