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Mirtiotissa, the Corfu Nudist Beach of the 80’s

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Last updated on November 7th, 2023 at 11:32 am

Myrtiotissa is located between the villages of Pelekas and Vatos, just next to cosmopolitan Glyfada beach on the western coast of the island, it looks isolated and safe place, one of the reasons that since the decade of the 60s it became the only beach in the island of Corfu where nudism was officially tolerated.

It was one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, reached by a steep path or by the sea, a rather small sandy beach difficult to spot it from the sea, separated from Glyfada beach by a thin but high rock.

One of the cleanest beaches in Corfu. No hotels, apartments, or restaurants on the beach so it still remains natural and unspoiled by progress.

What happened to the sand? is it the end of Mirtiotissa as the famous nudist beach of Corfu?

Now you may wonder about this red (it was), well it is obvious from the pictures that this lovely beach is doomed by nature to disappear.
We have here an example of how nature slowly but continuously changes the face of the earth, the beach had shrunk to a degree that it cannot hold but a dozen of people, comparing it with the decade of the 80s most of the sand had been washed away.

Is it a temporary phenomenon? or is something permanent and frustrating? As the images reveal, year by year, the sand is washed steadily, is this the death of Mirtiotissa or maybe not?.

There is a picture showing the beach 40 years ago, another picture with the beach in the 90s, and images of today which generally show the continuing shrinkage of the beach.

But perhaps it is not just so, there are some black and white photos of 1950 which show that the same thing happened 65 years ago, the sand had subsided enough, but then rebounded.
Here are the black and white photographs of 1950 which show that mother nature makes cycles and play strange games.

So, the sand may recover someday, but in the meantime, it is a good idea if someone does something to help a faster recovery, Glyfada has tons of sand and is just steps away … Some should consider this possibility.

Also, a couple of large rocks along and in continuity with the existing ones will help ensure that the lost sand is less than that coming.

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