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How to Learn 100 Greek Words You Can Use Instantly

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Last updated on November 4th, 2021 at 12:57 pm

Greek, also known as Hellenic, is the spoken logos characterized as the symbol of Western Civilization.

Some theorize it as the common point between Eastern logic and Western science.

It belongs to the Indo-European genealogy of languages, forming its own furcate within it.

Greek is spoken today by 15 to 25 million people around Cosmos. It’s bureaucratic in Greece, Cyprus, the EU, and at a topical level in Communities in Albania, Italy, and Turkey.

Greek was first documented in the Mycenaean epoch on Linear B tablets from the 14th Century BC.

It’s the oldest known language that still survives. Its liberal arts have existed and progressed for more than 3,000 years!

As you noticed, we used some unusual words in parts.

Yes, you guessed well, bold underlined words are of Greek origin. Text is exaggerated of course, but consider that we did it on a non-scientific text but on a simple one.

Learn some basic Greek words

Certainly, our aim here is only to teach you some very common Greek words that can be useful during your trip to Greece.

It’s good to know the history behind the language if you intend to travel to Greece, but in the end, being able to communicate with some basic words with the Greeks is the only useful.

And believe us, Although almost every Greek can speak or understand some basic English, You’ll be most welcomed if you try to communicate with the locals using some basic Greek words.

Probably the first people you will meet and talk to are the hotel or other accommodation employees.

Also, people in tourist shops in all tourist areas, restaurant owners, and waiters, bar employees.

But also employees of local tourist offices where you can book boat or bus trips to local attractions or distant beautiful beaches.

It’s not difficult! Let’s start.

And here are the simple words you may be interested in learning.

Who knows; Maybe they intrigue your interest in a more extensive study of the Greek language.

General words

  • καλώς ήρθατε(kalos eerthate, th as in throne) = Welcome
  • καλή διαμονή(kali thiamonee, th as in this) = Enjoy your stay
  • παρακαλώ(parakalo) = Please or you welcome
  • ευχαριστώ(efharisto) = Thank you
  • καλημέρα(kalimera) = Good morning
  • καλησπέρα(kalispera) = Good afternoon
  • καληνύχτα(kalinihta) = goodnight
  • γειά(yeia, y as in yellow) = hi, hello
  • χαίρετε(herete) = Hello (more polite)
  • πως είσαι;(pos eese?) = how are you?
  • τι κάνεις;(ti kaneis?) = how do you do?
  • θα σας δω αργότερα(tha sas do argotera, th as in throne) = I’ll see you later
  • σήμερα(símera) = today
  • αύριο(avrio) = tomorrow
  • χθές(hthes, th as in throne) = yesterday
  • ημερολόγιο(imeroloyio, y as in yellow) = diary
  • ημέρα(imera) = day
  • ώρα(ora) = hour
  • λεπτά(lepta) = minutes
  • χρήματα(hrimata) = money
  • κάνω(kano) = I do
  • έρχομαι(erhome) = I am coming
  • πηγαίνω(piyeno, y as in yellow) = I go
  • γελάω(yelao, y as in yellow) = I am laughing
  • διασκεδάζω(thiaskedazo, th as in this) = I enjoy my self
  • βλέπω(vlepo) = I see
  • μικρό(mikro) = small
  • μεγάλο(meyalo, y as in yellow) = large
  • όμορφο(omorfo) = beautiful
  • ασχημο(ashimo) = ugly
  • καλό(kalo) = good
  • κακό(kako) = bad
  • χαίρω πολύ(hero poli) = I am glad to meet you
  • όχι(ohi) = no
  • ναι(nee) = yes
  • ονομάζομαι(onomazome) = my name is
  • με λένε(me lene) = my name is
  • καλό ταξίδι(kalo taksidi) = have a good trip

For the hotel

  • Δωμάτιο(thomatio, th as in this) = room
  • κρεβάτι(krevati) = bed
  • μπαλκόνι(mpalkoni) = balcony
  • μπάνιο(mpanio) = bath

In the restaurant

  • κατάλογος(kataloyos, y as in yellow) = menu
  • τον λογαριασμό παρακαλώ(parakalo) = the bill, please
  • ηταν πολύ ωραία(itan poli orea) = it was very nice
  • Πόσο κοστίζει αυτό;(poso kostizi afto?) = how much this cost?
  • Πόσο κάνει;(poso kani?) = how much?
  • φρέσκο ψάρι(fresko psari) = fresh fish
  • Ελληνική κουζινα(elliniki kouzina) = Greek cuisine
  • πιτσαρία(pitsaria) = Pizza house
  • καφές(kafes) = coffee
  • μπύρα(bira) = beer
  • τσάϊ(tsai) = tea
  • κρασί(krasi) = wine
  • νερό(nero) = water
  • πορτοκαλάδα(portokalatha, th as in this) = orangeade
  • λεμονάδα(lemonatha, th as in this) = lemonade
  • κρέας(kreas) = meat
  • κοτόπουλο(kotopoulo) = chicken
  • αρνί(arni) = lamb
  • ψάρι(psari) = fish
  • μάγειρας(mayeiras, y as in yellow) = chef, cook
  • φρούτα(frouta) = fruits
  • επιδόρπιο(epithorpio, th as in this) = dessert
  • παγωτό(payoto, y as in yellow) = ice cream
  • τραπέζι(trapezi) = table

On the beach

  • αυτοκίνητο(aftokinito) = car
  • δρόμος(thromos, th as in this) = road
  • Βουνό(vouno) = mountain
  • περίπατος(peripatos) = walk
  • θάλασσα(thalassa, th as in throne) = sea
  • παραλία(paralia) = beach
  • που είναι;(pou ine?) = where is it?
  • που βρίσκεται;(pou vriskete?) = where is it?
  • αμμουδιά(amouthia, th as in this) = sandy beach
  • ήλιος(ilios) = sun
  • φεγγάρι(feggari) = moon
  • ηλιοθεραπεία(iliotherapia, th as in throne) = sunbathing
  • ξαπλώστρα(ksaplostra) = sunbed
  • ομπρέλλα(omprella) = umbrella

Months and days

  • Μάϊος(Maios) = May
  • Ιούνιος(Iounios) = June
  • Ιούλιος(Ioulios) = July
  • Αύγουστος(Avyoustos) = August
  • Σεπτέμβριος(Septemvrios) = September
  • Οκτώβριος(Oktovrios) = October
  • Κυριακή(Kiriaki) = Sunday
  • Δευτέρα(Theftera, th as in this) = Monday
  • Τρίτη(Triti) = Tuesday
  • Τετάρτη(Tetarti) = Wednesday
  • Πέμπτη(Pempti) = Thursday
  • Παρασκευή(Paraskevi) = Friday
  • Σάββατο(Savvato) = Saturday
  • εβδομάδα(evdomáda) = week
  • μήνας(minas) = month
  • έτος(etos) = year
  • ρολόϊ(roloi) = clock

First aid

  • γιατρός(yatros, y as in yellow) = doctor
  • ιατρείο(iatrio) = doctor’s office
  • φαρμακείο(farmakio) = pharmacy
See? wasn’t that difficult, wasn’t it?

You’ve learned your first 100 Greek words, if you decide to become an expert Greek speaker there are just 70 million left, if you don’t waste your time, you can catch up in 20 years from now!

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