Distances from Corfu Center to 80+ Villages

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Last updated on November 7th, 2023 at 10:08 am

Here are the distances in kilometers from Corfu Town to the largest villages, beaches, and the most important points of interest on the island.

It will help to form an idea of the size and estimate the time you need to get around the island during your stay.

Apart from the list, the distances are captured in a special map for the more direct approach.

Map with distances in Corfu

Map with distances in Corfu
Map with distances in Corfu

Distances to and from Corfu Center

Names are in alphabetical order

From Corfu capital to:

Beach at Acharavi
Beach at Acharavi

Acharavi 39,5km

Benitses - Achilleion from Agioi Deka
Achilleion from Agioi Deka

Gastouri(Achilleion) 11km

Afionas 37,3km

Afra 8,2km

Agioi Deka 11km

Corfu - St George south
Corfu – St George south

Agios Georgios Argyrades 31km

Agios Georgios north Corfu
Agios Georgios north Corfu

Agios Georgios pagon 31,5km

Corfu photos,St Gordis beach
St Gordis beach

Agios Gordis 17kms

Corfu photos,Agios Ioannis peristeron
Agios Ioannis peristeron

Agios Ioannis peristeron 15,5km

Agios Mattheos 21,5km

Agios Spiridon north 44km

Corfu photos, Agios Stefanos Sinies
Agios Stefanos Sinies

Agios Stefanos northeast 32,5km

Corfu photos,St Stefano at northwest
St Stefano at northwest

Agios Stefanos northwest 39,5km


Agni 25km

Agros 25,5km

Antinioti lake 40,5km

Argyrades 30,5km

Arilas 39km

Arkoudilas cape Corfu
Arkoudilas cape Corfu

Arkoudilla cape 45km

Asprokavos cape 48km

Astrakeri 35km

Avliotes 40,5km

Barbati beach Corfu
Barbati beach Corfu

Barbati 19km

Benitses beach at Paipeti area - lithography
Benitses beach at Paipeti area – lithography

Benitses 12,5km

Boukari Corfu
Boukari Corfu

Boukari 33km

Corfu photos,in Chalikounas beach
Chalikounas beach

Chalikounas 26,5km

Chlomotiana 24,2km

Dassia beach Corfu
Dassia beach Corfu

Dassia 13,2km

Doukades 22km

Ermones beach Corfu
Ermones beach Corfu

Ermones 15,5km

Gardenos beach at southwest Corfu
Gardenos beach at southwest Corfu

Gardenos 39,5km

Garitsa 1km

Garounas 16,3km

Gialiskari beach in Corfu
Gialiskari beach in Corfu

Gialiskari 17,5km

Gianades 18km

Corfu photos,Cosmopolitan Glyfada beach
Cosmopolitan Glyfada beach

Glyfada 15,5km

At Gouvia bay Corfu
At Gouvia bay Corfu

Gouvia 8,2km

Corfu photos,beach at Ipsos
Beach at Ipsos

Ipsos 14,2km

Corfu - Issos beach
Issos beach

Issos 28km

Kalami beach Corfu
Kalami beach Corfu

Kalami 27,5km

Benitses - mouse island 1950
Mouse island 1950

Kanoni 3km

Megali Lakka beach
Megali Lakka beach

Kanoula(Lakka) 41,5km

Karousades 33,2km

Corfu photos - port of Kassiopi
Port of Kassiopi

Kassiopi 36,2km

Kastelani 11km

Corfu photos - beach at Kavos
Beach at Kavos

Kavos 46km

Corfu photos - Kerasia

Kerasia 30,5km

Komeno 12km

Corfu - Kontogialos beach
Kontogialos beach

Pelekas 12,7km

Kontokali 7,5km

Korakiana 18km

Corfu photos,lake of Korission
Lake of Korission

Korission lake 26km

Corfu photos,Kouloura at northeast
Kouloura at northeast

Kouloura 29,9km

Kynopiastes 9km

Lakones 25,3km

Lefkimi in Corfu
Lefkimi in Corfu

Lefkimi 40km

Alikes Lefkimi 42,2km

Lefkimi port 41,5km

Liapades 21,4km

Mandouki 1,5km

Corfu - Marathias beach
Marathias beach

Marathias 33,5km

Messonghi at Corfu
Messonghi at Corfu

Messoghi 18,5km

Myrtiotissa nudist beach Corfu
Myrtiotissa nudist beach

Mirtiotissa 16,5km

Corfu photos - Moraitika beach
Moraitika beach

Moraitika 18km

Nissaki beach Corfu
Nissaki beach

Nissaki 22,4km

Nymfes 33,2km

Paleokastritsa view from Lakones mountain village
Paleokastritsa view from Lakones mountain village

Paleokastritsa 25,5km

Corfu - west coast
Corfu – west coast

Paramonas 17km

Kontogialos beach Corfu
Kontogialos beach

Kontogialos 16,5km

Perama Corfu
Perama Corfu

Perama 8km

Perivoli 35,1km

Loggas at Peroulades
Loggas at Peroulades

Peroulades 37km

Petriti Corfu
Petriti Corfu

Petriti 35km

Pirgi 14,5km

Potamos 4km

Corfu photos - Roda beach
Roda beach

Roda 37,5km

Corfu photos - Sidari, canal d`amour
Sidari, canal d’amour

Sidari 35km

Sinarades 14km

Skripero 18km

Stavros 15km

Stroggyli 18,2km

Tzavros 9,5km

Vitalades 38km

Vrioni 5km

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