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Kavos Corfu: Still a Resort With Notorious Nightlife?

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Last updated on May 12th, 2022 at 12:51 pm

Kavos at the end of the road – The favorite resort for young British

Kavos beach
Kavos beach

Kavos is on the southernmost edge of the island of Corfu, inside the region of Lefkimi and 45 kilometers distance from Corfu town, currently is the most popular tourist destination on the island.

Preferred mainly by young British tourists because of its rich and notorious nightlife offered by the many night clubs which offer cheap drinks and due to the very cheap accommodation offered compared to other destinations.

In the area, there are approximately 15,000 beds divided between cheap hotels, apartments, or studios but also in some more expensive hotels outside the noisy settlement.

In Kavos, nobody sleeps before 06-07 in the morning, so this is the equivalent of Malia in Crete and Laganas of Zakynthos and certainly not a good choice for families as in the area very often various misdeeds happen.

Beach in Kavos

Kavos features a large sandy beach about 2 km long with shallow and a little cold water due to the open sea, and some streams.
It is fully equipped with bars, restaurants, lounges, and umbrellas, but also many opportunities for water sports and any activity that may be of interest to young people who go there, including football pitches, tennis, volleyball, karts, the opportunity for bungee jumping and amusement park.

There are also numerous clubs with swimming pools, pool bars which are packed with people day and night.

Nightlife in Kavos

The nightlife is the hallmark of Kavos, you can not ignore it. The party in Kavos lasts all day, better to say it lasts all hours that tourists do not sleep, loud music, dancing and drinking plenty of beer starting from the beaches during the day and at evening are carried along the streets and bars which are playing music blaring and the nightclubs and streets become one.

In the evening the beaches become slightly quieter, seaside clubs playing Lounge and chill-out music and a little overwhelmed by the most romantic that remain on the beach until the morning …

The tourist development of Kavos

During the decades of 70 and 80 since culminated destinations such as Benitses, Dassia, and others, Kavos was just an almost deserted beach with only 2 traditional restaurants waiting desperately for a few visitors from the tourist cruising boats that made ​​a stop there for 1-2 hours mainly for lunch at noon.

Also, the road leading there was miserable, narrow with many holes, and was a feat to get there.

But today roads became highways and now is among the best roads on the island!!!

Slowly some accommodation started to build in the area between Kavos and the Port of Lefkimi and some small bars next to two seaside restaurants.

Mid 80’s things began to change, not in Kavos but on other destinations.

Especially in Benitses things changed radically in the 90s, residents reacted and literally kicked the club 18-30 and others such as the so-called 20s, tourist agents responsible for this kind of youthful mass tourism.

Kavos had the advantage that the local residents did not stay permanently in the area but mainly in Lefkimi town, so the defusing desperate seeking by young British tourists could be done without disturbing the residents of the area, therefore these agencies directed all this mass tourism stream massively to Kavos.

The development of Kavos so got its way, the rest is easy to imagine.

Map of Kavos

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