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Lefkimmi Town: The Vibrant Heart of South Corfu

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Last updated on March 1st, 2024 at 04:21 pm

The small town of Lefkimmi

Lefkimi town in south Corfu
Lefkimi town in south Corfu

As the largest town and a vibrant hub in the southern part of the island, Lefkimmi is a captivating blend of diverse landscapes, flourishing olive groves, sun-kissed beaches, and intriguing buildings steeped in historical significance.

Welcome to Lefkimmi, the lively heart of southern Corfu!

Step into the enchanting world of Lefkimmi, Corfu’s vibrant second-largest town that promises a delightful adventure! Imagine strolling through picturesque olive orchards that stretch out under the warm Greek sun, offering a soothing retreat for both the eyes and the soul.

Venture further, and you’ll discover an array of stunning beaches that beckon you to bask in the golden sands and embrace the turquoise waves.

But that’s not all – Lefkimmi’s charm extends beyond its natural beauty. The town’s architecture tells a tale of its rich history, with buildings that hold the whispers of times gone by.

From quaint cottages to structures of profound historical importance, every corner offers a glimpse into the past and a step towards understanding the island’s fascinating heritage.

So whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or someone simply seeking to soak in the beauty of Corfu’s southern landscapes, Lefkimmi welcomes you with open arms and an abundance of captivating experiences waiting to be explored.

About Lefkimmi

Nestled in the southernmost corner of the island, just 40 km away from Corfu Airport, Lefkimmi beckons with its charming streets adorned with historic merchants’ mansions and captivating cottages undergoing rejuvenation.

Take a leisurely seat by the riverside, savor a delicious meal or refreshing drink, and relish the mesmerizing ebb and flow of life passing by. Follow the tranquil river to its meeting with the sea, where you can indulge in a revitalizing swim in the warm embrace of the Mediterranean waters.

Discover the town’s captivating churches, including an Italian-style gem that graces the upper town with its elegance. Venture down a well-marked road that leads to the harbor of Alikes, formerly bustling with horses transporting salt from the flats to be processed. Today, this picturesque sanctuary is a haven for diverse birdlife, including graceful flamingos and migratory wonders.

Lefkimmi’s harbor remains a hub for local fishermen, who bring in their catches with a touch of timelessness. Nearby, a charming beach is adorned with cozy tavernas that extend a warm Greek welcome, offering a taste of authentic local flavors.

Observe as locals venture into the sea with rakes in hand – an age-old tradition to uncover hidden shellfish amidst the sandy shores. The waters here are shallow, inviting, and perfect for families, creating a haven for little adventurers.

Oh, and the bustling port, near the meandering river’s mouth, has emerged as Corfu’s second operational harbor. Experience the convenience of daily ferry services to the mainland’s Igoumenitsa port – a cost-effective journey for savvy travelers seeking an alternative route.

The allure of Lefkimmi lies not only in its captivating present but also in its rich past, weaving tales that resonate with each charming corner you explore.

Lefkimmi has its own Identity

Step into the enchanting world of Lefkimmi, where tradition and timelessness intertwine to create a village that feels like stepping back in time. With approximately 5,000 vibrant souls, it proudly claims its spot as the second-largest town and the thriving heart of the island’s southern embrace. But Lefkimmi is more than just numbers – it’s a living story, a fusion of tales from its villages, and Potami, all converging to shape its unique identity.

Although not very far from the bustling Corfu Town, Lefkimmi is a world apart. It’s as if a tranquil spell has been cast upon this village, a refuge from the fast-paced world. While its neighbor Kavos has danced with the spotlight of tourism, Lefkimmi remains gracefully untouched, a testament to its authenticity.

As you wander through its narrow streets, you’ll be greeted by an almost dreamlike atmosphere. Traditional elements flourish here, with old-world merchants’ mansions and Venetian-style houses standing tall, wearing the patina of time. These structures, often untouched or weathered by the years, are like living history lessons that whisper tales of the past. This, my friend, is where Lefkimmi’s charm truly shines.

Imagine strolling along these winding paths, where the air is fragrant with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the hum of chatter from charming cafes, and the clink of glasses in tavernas.

The village seems to have a rhythm all its own, an embrace of both past and present. Here, you’ll catch glimpses of old Corfiots leisurely guiding their donkeys, women gracefully balancing pots on their heads as they carry them home, and locals sharing moments over a glass of ouzo, right on the sidewalk outside their cozy cottages.

So let yourself be whisked away to the timeless world of Lefkimmi, where history dances in every corner and the spirit of the village warmly embraces you. It’s a place that whispers stories of yesterday while inviting you to create new memories today.

Origin of the locals

The tapestry of Lefkimmi’s villages is woven with threads of diversity and shared stories. Nestled within its historic streets are tales of people who journeyed from distant shores, bringing with them the essence of their origins.

These villages have opened their arms to individuals hailing from various corners of Greece, but it’s the island of Crete that holds a special place in this mosaic of cultures. Like whispers carried by the winds across the Aegean Sea, In the medieval era, Cretans found their way to Lefkimmi, leaving an indelible mark on the village’s identity.

Imagine the vibrant rhythm of Crete intermingling with the timeless melody of Lefkimmi. The people who journeyed from the Cretan shores brought with them their customs, their flavors, and their unique perspectives. It’s as if a bridge was formed between Crete and Corfu, connecting these two distinct worlds through a shared love for Lefkimmi.

The echoes of Crete can be heard in the lively conversations held in cafes, the sizzle of traditional dishes being prepared in local kitchens, and the laughter that resonates in the air. Lefkimmi, with its embrace of these newcomers, has become a canvas where the colors of Crete blend harmoniously with the rich hues of Corfu.

In this enchanting fusion, the essence of Crete has seeped into the fabric of Lefkimmi’s daily life. It’s a reminder that no matter how far one travels, the heart always yearns for a sense of belonging. As you traverse Lefkimmi’s winding streets and explore its hidden corners, you’ll find that every nook and cranny tells a story – a story of people from Crete who found a second home in this charming village by the sea.

So, let your imagination soar as you envision the fusion of Crete’s spirit with Lefkimmi’s essence, creating a tapestry that is as intricate as it is beautiful. It’s a testament to the power of shared journeys, where different worlds unite to create something truly extraordinary.

Historic fact

Lefkimmi’s storied history also encompasses heroism from World War 2, where locals orchestrated a daring rescue of a crashed Lancaster bomber’s crew. Their bravery guided them through occupied terrain, ultimately leading to a rendezvous with a British submarine in Kontokali.

What to Do and See in the wider area of Lefkimmi?

Explore the villages

Calling all photography enthusiasts, Lefkimmi’s hidden gems are waiting to be captured through your lens! Explore the charming villages of Melikia, Anaplades, Riglades, Potamos, and Agioi Theodoroi, where picturesque neighborhoods and time-honored Venetian mansions await.

Each corner is a canvas for your creativity, a symphony of history and architecture that’s a photographer’s dream come true.


Speaking of warm waters, the local beaches draw both locals and tourists like a magnet. Bouka Beach, Molos Beach, and Alykes Beach offer a perfect haven for relaxation, while still, waters ensure that even the youngest beachgoers are safe to splash around. As you venture south, the vibrant area of Kavos awaits. Unlike the serene Lefkimmi, Kavos boasts not only shallow waters but also an intense nightlife that adds a thrilling contrast to this paradise.

The Saltplans

Nature lovers, listen up – Lefkimmi has something truly enchanting for you. Picture this: the mesmerizing Lefkimmi Saltworks, a breathtaking wetland known as the Alykes Saltmarshes. Imagine centuries of salt extraction taking place against a backdrop of serene beauty. The Venetian buildings, now restored, once held the precious salt and echoed with whispers of history until 1988.

Spread across approximately 2000 acres, the Saltmarshes are part of the revered Natura 2000 conservation network, especially cherished for their avifauna. Over 180 bird species call this place home, making it a paradise for birdwatchers.

And the star of the show? The flamboyant flamingos refused to leave and graced the skies with their vibrant presence year-round. Imagine witnessing a spectacle of over 3,000 flamingos in 2011 – an awe-inspiring sight indeed. The warm, shallow waters create a natural incubator for their eggs, and you’ll be left in awe of nature’s wonders.


So whether you’re chasing the perfect shot or craving an escape to nature’s embrace, Lefkimmi beckons you with its irresistible allure. Don’t miss your chance to uncover the treasures that lie within this captivating corner of Corfu.

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