Last updated on 21st August, 2017 at 04:20 pm

There are about 600 Benitses old photos in total, separated in pages of 50 photos each, These photographs were collected with great effort over several years with the help of many people, most were in poor condition, many could not even be seen and it took a special and difficult process to restore them to the situation they are now.

Our goal was and still is to rescue from disaster, which was a matter of time,as many as we could. And the only way to keep them alive for the future, is to store them in digital format.

Those who have such old photos must know that the only solution to keep them alive is to digitalize them and store them in digital format in order to keep intact as years pass. Do not hold those photos in moisture and doomed to extinction, if you can not do it your self,give us the originals for a few hours so we can keep them alive forever.

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