Benitses Landscapes Old Photographs

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Last updated on November 7th, 2023 at 01:13 pm

The second group of our large collection of Benitses old photos, mainly with photos of Benitses landscapes and religious events.

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Benitses of 1950, the Harbor, the Fishing Boats and the Celebrities


In these photos we can see what Benitses looked like in 1950, We can see the two characteristic creeks, the Port and Koutsomaroula bay, as they appear from the hill of Agios Stefanos… Read More

Benitses Old Photos (9th Group)


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Benitses Old Photos (6th Group)


This is the sixth group on old photographs especially with people, all photos after digital processing to remove the signs of aging… Read More

Benitses Old Photos from the 70s (7th Group)


This is the seventh group with photographs mostly of the decade of the ’70s In the future, there will be more pictures added.… Read More

Benitses Old Photos (5th Group)


In this 5th group of our Benitses old photos collection, there are mainly people of the families of Martzokas, Kontos, Kapsokavadis, Spinoulas, and others… Read More