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Benitses Old Photos (6th Group)

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Last updated on January 9th, 2022 at 01:09 pm

This is the sixth group on old photographs especially with people, all photos after digital processing to remove the signs of aging.

The photographs are mostly of the decade of the ’70s, for those depicted in the photographs have not only consent but also the desire of relatives to include them on our site.
In the future, there will be more pictures added.

For persons shown in the pictures we have their consent, and for those who are not alive the consent of their relatives.

Here we add some more photos showing how Benitses was before 1930, were taken from the farm of San Stefano on the northern hill of Benitses, and are kindly offered to us by the Manessis family.

Truly unique images, showing mainly panoramic views of Benitses from that hill.

Many others are to follow that will probably go into the history section in new pages which will include historical data for both the farm of San Stefano and the laborers of that era.

Also, images mainly with hard-working women from all over Corfu in another page, showing the ragged and difficult conditions of that distance era, also pictures with events and landscapes from all over Corfu of the early 20th century.

All photos are from 1900 until 1930 and show a completely different world, a world from another planet …

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