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Dassia Corfu: A Beach Resort for Families

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Last updated on January 25th, 2023 at 03:24 pm

The tourist resort of Dassia

Dassia Beach resort is located between Gouvia and Issos, 8km north of Corfu town, inside the northern gulf of Corfu island, and offers a 2-kilometer long, flat sand and shingle beach, popular with families, with sunbeds and umbrellas for people who like to sunbathe with comfort, also it is fringed with hotels, tavernas, and bars catering for every taste.

It was the site of Europe’s first Club Mediterranee, its promontory now empty and awaiting development by its new owners.

Swimming is very safe as the beach shelves gently into the sea, and there are also plenty of water sports to be enjoyed, indeed, dives into the clear turquoise waters can be done from a platform right in the middle of the resort.

Dassia is one of the few Corfu beaches that offer shadow under the trees that are very close to the sea, behind the beach.

Along the road which is back from the seafront, there are many more shops and bars, and a short walk inland brings you to the Corfu branch of the National Art Gallery, on the grounds of one of Corfu’s grandest mansions.

There are also some very attractive villages and walks which can be enjoyed without too much exertion, as it is relatively flat.

There is a campsite, and also 4-star luxury hotels, plus plenty in between, so there really is something for everyone here.

Ikos Dassia hotel

It is a new and one of the biggest hotels in Corfu. They say that is the ideal romantic holiday resort in Dassia, Ikos Dassia is a hotel made for travelers like you.

Among others they say: It offers comfortable rooms, each with a flat-screen TV, mini bar, and refrigerator, while there is free wifi in all hotel facilities, so you can relax and find what you need.

At Ikos Dassia room service is daily and complete, of course, there is also a reception(big deal, every hotel has a reception). In addition, the large swimming pool is available to all guests, breakfast is free and there is plenty of free parking space.

Around Ikos Dassia there are many restaurants and bars within a very short walking distance.

Ikos Dassia enables you to discover the best that Dassia has to offer, with a carefree and comfortable stay.

The beach after the “development” of IKOS

Does Ikos Dassia have a sandy beach?

Dassia has a pebbled beach at the shore which almost immediately changes to sand at the water.

But most of it has been occupied by the all-inclusive hotel of Ikos Dassia and the sunbeds found there cost more than 35€ for a chair and an umbrella. Very expensive for such a casual beach.

Cheaper sunbeds, which are the last remaining, are at some distance from Ikos Dassia, they can cost only 3,50€ for an umbrella but you have to walk to the end of the beach, where you can find a space to put your own towel and go for a swim. A bit of garbage is also found on the beach, but not too dirty though.


After the Ikos investment, the Dassia beach is occupied almost in total by the hotel, the remaining part of it is basic and not the most beautiful we have seen, it’s just ok for swimming and sunbathing but… not what you would expect, forget the famous Greek beaches with the emerald waters, Dassia beach is average.

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