Diapontia Islands: Othonoi, Mathraki, Ereikoussa


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Diapontia islands on the way to Italy

Northwest of Corfu, several miles to Italy there are the small islands of Othonoi, Ereikoussa, Mathraki, and several smaller islets as Diaplo, Gravia, and others.
12 islands in total which form the westernmost island cluster of Greece named Diapontian islands.

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The Ereikoussa or Merlera is the northernmost island in a distance of about 6 miles from Cape Drastis of Corfu. The name is due to the many heathers on the island.

It is an island full of olive trees, cypresses, sedges, and shrubs, with quiet beaches away from the bustle of the neighboring Corfu, therefore it is an ideal place for a quiet holiday.
On the south coast is the beach of Porto, the main port of the island, and also two more settlements, Fyki at west and Bragkini at the east which is a small harbor and a beach with shallow water.


Mathraki is the southernmost and smallest of the islands, just 4.5 miles from Kavokefali of St. Stephanos. It is very green with scenic trails, small locations, and sandy beaches.

The main settlements are Plakes in the east, the port and the beaches Portelo and Arvanitiko, both with shallow water. To the west are the Fiki Bay, the Kontrakas, the old port, and the port of Apidies.


Othonoi is the largest and westernmost island, so is the western part of Greek territory, the distance from the northwestern tip of Corfu is 12 miles.

Othonoi has beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, impressive geological formations, lush vegetation, picturesque paths, and small villages with houses made of stone.

Major settlements in Othonoi is Ammos, Avlaki, and the port, all on the southern coast of the island.

Other beaches are the White Sand and Fiki beach on the north coast.

Locations in Othonoi

Kontouli, Fiki, Mastoratika, Delitatika, Kasimatika, Benardatika, Papadatika, Arvanitika, Katsouratika, Argyratika, Pagkalatika, Vitzentzatika.
So we easily guess the surnames of residents or for people originated from the island: Mastoras, Kasimis, Papadatos Katsouris, Argyros, Pangalis, Vitzentzos, etc.

Who knows that Othonoi is also considered to be one of the possible mythical island of Calypso? yes the Nymph Calypso, daughter of Atlas and Pleione, who welcomed Odysseus on her island as a castaway and according to Homer’s Odyssey kept him as her lover for 7 years…then supplied him with woods and cloth to construct a raft, she gave him supplies (even “red wine”) for the trip and sent him home to his wife Penelope…cannot tell you all, Read the Odyssey!!!
Among the impressive geological formations here is also the homonymous cave of Calypso as you see it between the photos below.

Photos of Othonoi, Ereikoussa and Mathraki

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