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The Entire Corfu Coastline from Helicopter

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Last updated on November 7th, 2023 at 10:53 am

Video showing the entire coastline of Corfu, the journey starts from Corfu town and goes to the north around the island.

Corfu is an island that has it all, a continent in miniature, with great and sudden changes in the landscape, high mountains, vast valleys(Ropa valley for instance), steep rocky shorelines, huge sandy beaches with wild beauty, crowded and small secluded beaches, small quiet coves and sites, large cosmopolitan tourist resorts.

And above all, this endless green everywhere, floating on the turquoise sea.

In this video, we see from above the specificity of Corfu town, a city that maintains unchanged its Venetian character.

We see small manifold beaches with calm tourist resorts on the northeast coast.

The change of scenery with the beaches of northern Corfu with amazing rock formations at Sidari and Peroulades, then the steep coast of northwestern Corfu interrupted by amazing bays of white sand.

And slowly as we go south again the landscape changes.

Here it is dominated by vast endless sandy beaches, with wild steep high rocks not to be absent though, especially in Asprokavos cape.

And finally, we can observe the south and east green side with the big tourist resorts and the calm blue sea.

But Corfu is not only the coast. There are also hidden treasures in all 138 villages in the interior of the island, We hope in another video to be able to show parts of this very interesting secret Corfu.

Update 9-2-2019

The video was really large, 90 minutes!

Unfortunately, we had to remove it due to copyright issues.

It actually stayed ‘on the air’ no more than a few days, it had tremendous success as it was watched by thousands every day.

It’s been almost three years and we haven’t been able yet to make our own video as we dreamed of.

The reasons are many, mainly is because, during the summer, which is the best time for this, all of our partners needed for such a difficult and time-consuming process are busy.

But we will try to make it in the future.

For the time being, you may watch another recent Dronakia’s video taken in the winter of 2019 over the Ionian Sea, showing among others several cruise ships that visit Corfu during the winter.

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