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Coasts and Villages of Corfu: A Unique Video

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So watch this video by Petros Kapsokavadis that shows a different perspective of our island, it was made for the Oasis Hotel in Perama, Corfu.

Here is the channel of Petros Kapsokavadis on Youtube

This video shows that Corfu is beautiful always, during winter is well, and perhaps in winter, it’s even better.

It does not follow the beaten path, that is, it does not only show the well-known tourist beaches but also the interior of the island with its traditional unique villages and unique green landscapes.

It also reveals in a unique way the heart of the island, where the hidden Corfu exists and where the traditions of this place still live.

Of course, it does not include everything that would be worth seeing, because there are so many that could not fit.

Corfu really is a continent in miniature in itself, it cannot be described in words but only in pictures. See them.


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