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Corfu Breathtaking Views by Drone – Coast and Villages in 35 minutes

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Last updated on May 12th, 2022 at 12:07 pm

It is well known that Corfu is not only its beaches and coasts, where we usually hang and stay.

But it hides a lot in its interior, from picturesque spots, traditional large villages, Exceptional nature with high mountains and valleys where the vegetation revels, plains, sandy deserts such as Halikounas, even medieval villages that have been abandoned centuries ago such as the mountainous Old Perithia on the slopes of Pantokrator mountain.

Corfu, in spite of all the problems it faces, will always survive as a strong tourist destination because it has many more than other islands.

It has a turbulent and rich history, as a result of which its unique culture, as well as unprecedented unique natural beauties, despite its small size it is a continent in miniature, with so many variations in landscapes that make it look larger.


Watch this 35 minutes video of beautiful beaches, known and familiar destinations, but also many unknown small villages in the island’s interior that look like hidden treasures.

Corfu, without any special effort, will always be the flagship of Greek tourism!

The video was created by Petros Kapsokavadis on behalf of Oasis hotel in Perama, Corfu.

See Oasis Hotel website: https://www.corfuoasis.com/en


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