Mon Repos, Corfu Palace in Paleopolis


Last updated on February 14th, 2021 at 12:57 am

Mon Repos Palace is a neoclassical building at the east of Paleopolis, the Corfu ancient city.

Built in 1830 by the British Commissioner Sir Frederick Adam at the beginning of the peninsula of Kanoni opposite the ruins of Paleopolis, it is a nice building but not as big and magnificent as the Achilleion palace.

It has well laid out gardens surrounded by the old Greek monuments of ancient Corfu and spectacular sea views of all the eastern coast of Corfu island.

After the union with Greece in 1864, Mon Repos was granted to the former royal family and was used as their summer residence.

Today it belongs to the Greek state and is used by the Municipality of Corfu, mainly for authoritative or festive meetings.

Mon Repos has been transformed into a museum and a historic place with a large park full of archaeological treasures that can be visited by all.

It is an ideal place for pleasant walks under the shade of very large and old trees.

Mon Repos Corfu as a Museum

One of its most interesting exhibitions in the collection of old Corfu photographs most interesting and informative.

The museum is open to the public on weekdays from 8 am to 7 pm for a small fee of 4€ while there is usually no charge on weekends.

Also, you can buy a combined ticket which includes visits to Mon Repos, to the Asian museum of art in Corfu town, to Achilleion palace, and some other places simultaneously.

There are buses connecting Paleopolis with Corfu town every 40 minutes but the distance is small and can be made on foot in just 15 minutes.

The telephone number for further details is +30 26610 41369.

Except for a front plaque at the entrance, there is nothing else in the building to relate it with the birth of Duke of Edinburgh Phillip, who was born in here 1921.

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