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Angelokastro: The Castle Next to Paleokastritsa

Last updated on February 16th, 2022 at 11:12 pm

Angelokastro (Angel’s Castle) in Paleokastritsa

Corfu, Aggelokastro in Paleokastritsa
Corfu, Angelokastro in Paleokastritsa

Angelokastro was the westernmost outpost of the Byzantine Empire and the Despotate of Epirus to which Corfu belonged until 1267 AD, it is near the village of Krini north of Paleokastritsa next to a monastery.

Built in the early 12th century AD by the Despot of Epirus Duke Michael-Angelos Komnenos the second, therefore the name Angel’s Castle, and in its prime, in an emergency, it could protect the entire population of the region, about 4000 people.

Inside the castle, two large water tanks and the churches of the Holy Archangels and Agia Kiriaki are preserved.

The church of the Archangels was built in 1784 on the site of an older church.

Agia Kiriaki was built inside a small cave and has 18th-century paintings.

Angelokastro(Angel’s castle) saw many sieges but never fell except once to the Venetians after a six-month siege in 1386.

In 1537 only 8 soldiers of his guard with the help of the residents were needed in order to repel the attack of Barbarossa.

The Turks tried again and failed to conquer the Castle in 1571.

The villages around got their names from the soldiers who took pieces of land to settle on when they retired.

Examples are Makris-Makrades, Vistonas-Vistonas, Doukas-Doukades, Aspiotis-Aspiotades, Kabbadias-Kabbadades, etc.

Today the castle is still standing at the top of the rock and it is a strong tourist attraction, a well-preserved piece of history for this magnificent island.


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