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Activities of Benitses Cultural Association


Last updated on May 26th, 2020 at 09:13 am

Cultural association – history and activities

The cultural association was founded in 1982 by some young people, aimed to promote and preserve the traditional customs, but also the cultural enhancement especially of young people.

It had been interested in events like book fairs, screenings of quality films, exhibitions, photography exhibitions, and also training of people particularly for sensitive health issues like sex education, protection of young people from sexually transmitted diseases, etc. doctors were invited and were given lectures for those issues, things very daring for the most conservative part of society of that time.
Today this cultural association is more focused on events, celebrations, traditions, customs, and festivals.
The Association currently has committed and organizes almost all the events that have occurred in Benitses.

Now consists of two traditional art forms, a dance and a musical set from young children to adults.
These groups participate each year in many local and cultural events outside the Prefecture of Corfu, but also instances of the municipality of Achilleion, and the annual festival of folkloric dances in the Municipal Theatre of Corfu.

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