How nice are the Beaches in Cyclades Greece?

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The Cyclades islands

At the southern Aegean and north of Crete is the big group of Cyclades islands.

Here you can find islands such as Andros, Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Antiparos, Delos, Ios, Kea, Kimolos, Kythnos, Milos, Amorgos, Anafi, Serifos, Sikinos, Sifnos, Syros, Tinos, Folegandros, and more.

In these islands there are some of the most famous beaches worldwide and extremely popular among tourists and Greeks.

Tip: The oldest European civilizations developed in Cyclades and Crete from 3300 to 1100 BCE, ie 5000 years ago!

1- Super Paradise beach Mykonos

Super Paradise beach in Mykonos
Photo by João Matos on Unsplash

Sandy cosmopolitan party beach in Myconos, Cyclades islands. A beach almost exclusively for young people.

Super Paradise is the most characteristic beach and the meeting point of Mykonos. Probably the most cosmopolitan beach in Greece.

It is the meeting place of the VIPs and a beach where the crazy parties take place. Elements that made the island the most important attraction for young people.

It’s always crowded here, with extreme clubbing and eccentricity in all its glory. If you suddenly see a popular artist next to you, do not be surprised.

If you want to live a unique experience with fun without limits, you will find it in its clubs.

Super Paradise lays about 7 km away from Chora and is accessible by private vehicle or by boat from the sea.

2- Elia beach Mykonos

Elia beach in mykonos
Photo by Panagiotis Lymperopoulos on Unsplash

The most beautiful sandy beach in Myconos, Cyclades islands

One of the largest and most beautiful beaches of Mykonos in the southwest of the island, with turquoise transparent crystal clear waters and distant views of the neighboring island of Naxos.

Elia is a picturesque beach and one of the most cosmopolitan, with endless golden sand, and a beautiful natural environment around it, beauties that if you are in Mykonos you shouldn’t miss.

It is fully organized with sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, beach bars for cocktails and snacks, lifeguards, toilets for the disabled, shower, mini market restaurants, free parking, and all facilities for water sports such as water skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, windsurfing, etc.

In addition, is a “Gay-friendly” beach. There are also specially designed areas for nudists on the right side.

Distance from the town of Mykonos is 12 km and you can visit it either with your own vehicle or with a bus that takes 30 minutes and costs 2 €. From Platys Gialos and Ornos, you can visit the beach by boat.

3- Plaka beach Naxos

Plaka beach in Naxos
Photo by Thomas Tsopanakis on Unsplash

The larger sandy beach in Naxos, Cyclades islands

Plaka beach is the largest beach in Naxos with a length of almost 4 km.

It is located in the center of the west coast of the island in an open bay and at a distance of about 10 kilometers from Chora, the capital of Naxos.

From here you can see Glaronissia and Paros. It was a hippie destination in the 1970s.

It is a vast golden sandy beach with shallow turquoise waters and is a favorite destination for all ages and ideal for families with children. In some parts, nudism is allowed.

There are cafes, beach bars, and taverns to enjoy Greek and international cuisine after your swim.

Tip: The enchanting scenery of the beach and the wonderful sunset overlooking Paros will surely be unforgettable !!!

4- Agios Prokopios in Naxos

Agios Prokopios beach in Naxos
Agios Prokopios beach in Naxos

5- Tsigrado beach in Milos

6- Mylopotas beach in Ios

Mylopotas beach in Ios
Mylopotas beach in Ios

7- Kolymbithres beach in Paros

Kolymbithres beach in Paros
Kolymbithres beach in Paros

8- Red beach Santorini

Red beach in Santorini
Photo by Ronak Mokashi on Unsplash

Red volcanic Sandy beach in Santorini, Cyclades islands

Santorini is not famous for its beaches rather for its scenery.

Despite this though, Red beach in Santorini is one of the top beaches in Greece and among the most famous beaches in the world.

It is located on the southwest coast of the island, at a distance of 12 km from Thira and 23 km from Oia.

Its name is due to the red color of the rocks in the area, and this rare scenery is complemented by the black volcanic pebbles that make up the beach.

The beach is not fully organized, although there are umbrellas and sunbeds in which you rarely can find a place. For this reason, we suggest you get to the beach early.

You should also keep in mind that the space even for a beach towel only, may be insufficient due to the crowds.

It is a good idea to have a water mask with you as the underwater rocks are also impressive! Also, be prepared for high temperatures on Red Beach because it is protected from north winds, so there is no cool breeze.

Tip: Your visit to Red beach can be combined with a tour to the nearby archeological site of Akrotiri, where the famous prehistoric settlement was discovered buried under the volcanic ash.

Akrotiri settlement is Greece’s Pompeii, the only difference is that Akrotiri was 4000 years older than Pompeii!

9- Mouros beach in Amorgos

Mouros beach in Amorgos
Mouros beach in Amorgos

10- Kolona beach in Kythnos

Kolona beach in Kythnos
Kolona beach in Kythnos

Best Beaches in the Ionian Islands Greece

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The beaches in the Ionian islands are among the best in Greece. Laying on the west coast of Greece on some of the most beautiful Greek islands.

Seven large and hundreds of smaller islands form the Ionian islands or Eptanissa cluster, with Corfu, Paxos, Lefkada, Ithaka, Kefalonia, Zakynthos(Zante), and Kythera to be the larger.

These are the greenest islands of Greece. If you love green emerald and calm waters this is the place for you to visit. Here you can find some of the longest beaches in Greece as Halikounas in Corfu, and the very famous and most photographed beach in Greece, Navagio in Zante.

1- Navagio(Shipwreck) Beach in Zakynthos

Navagio beach in Zakynthos
Navagio beach in Zakynthos – Photo by Elien Knockaert on Unsplash

A remote beach with fine pebbles in Zante, Ionian islands

This is it.

You’ve surely seen that place before, in tourist brochures or cards. Because it is one of the most famous and most photographed beaches in Greece.

And of course one of the few candidates claiming the title of the most beautiful beach in Greece.

Just imagine though! This beach didn’t exist before 1983. That’s proof that this country is constantly shaping by nature!

But how this magic place shaped?

In northwestern Zakynthos, there was once a secluded and deserted cape without a beach called Agios Georgios.

After continuous landslides that began in 1922, a rudimentary beach created that still remained completely unknown.

In 1983, a ship carrying smuggled cigarettes, named PANAGIOTIS, due to engine failure and bad weather stranded on the shore. The crew of 3 Greeks and one Italian managed to escape with another boat and the ship left to rot on the beach, which continued to grow due to the ongoing landslides.

This was how today Zakynthos has the most photographed but also one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, Navagio beach which means wreck. The old name of the site has been forgotten.

The beach even today can be reached only by sea and is visited by hundreds of small and large yachts every summer.

2- Myrtos Beach Kefalonia

Beaches in Greece - Myrtos beach in Kefalonia
Photo by Victor Malyushev on Unsplash

Sandy remote beach in Kefalonia, Ionian islands

According to most this is the top beach in Kefallonia. And not unfairly! It gathers many elements that make it unique.

Myrtos located in a green landscape in Northwest Kefalonia at a distance of 30 km from Argostoli, the capital of the island.

The beach consists of fine pebbles and is surrounded by majestic cliffs while at the northern end there is a small cave.

The waters vary from blue to turquoise and the view from the road above is breathtaking. So it is aimed at nature lovers.

Also, the beach is famous for the amazing sunset.

This astonishing beach has fairly won many times the title of the best beach in Greece.

3- Porto Katsiki Lefkada

Porto Katsiki in Lefkada
Photo by George Prentzas on Unsplash

Beautiful remote beach in Lefkada, Ionian islands

Another strong candidate for the best beach in Greece.

Katsiki in Greek means Goat. Hence the name of the beach comes from the goats that could reach the inaccessible beach long ago.

It is located in the southern part of the island among a hollow rock, southwest of the city of Lefkada.

The beach is famous for its natural beauty, impressive landscape, and emerald sea.

Today you can easily access it from the street and therefore during the summer season, it is packed with thousands of visitors from all over the world.

It is an organized beach with sunbeds, bars just above the cliff, and parking spaces.

4- Gerakas beach Zakynthos

Gerakas beach in Zakynthos
Image by Walkerssk on Pixabay

Organized and protected beach in Zante, Ionian islands

Gerakas is one of the most beautiful beaches in Zante and is located at the southeastern tip of the island, not far from the town of Zakynthos.

It is a very large sandy beach and ends at a small cape made entirely of clay rocks.

Today the cape is closed to the public because the clay rocks are dangerous for landslides.

Gerakas is the breeding ground for the Caretta Caretta turtle, here the turtle eggs hatch, and the newborns make their way to the sea.

For this reason, it is a protected beach without large tourist facilities. You are prohibited to enter half an hour before sunset until half an hour after sunrise.

5- Agios Gordios(Gordis) beach Corfu

St Gordis beach in Corfu
St Gordis beach in Corfu

Sandy large organized beach in Corfu, Ionian islands

Agios Gordios or Gordis lays at the exact center of the west coast of Corfu, opposite Benitses, you only need to travel 14 miles from Corfu town in order to reach it.

Used to be where the villagers grew their crops, but now it is a bustling resort with a good choice of hotels, villas, and apartments. Souvenir shops are found in the single street that leads to the beach.

The Agios Gordios beach is a long wide sandy stretch, one of the best beaches in Corfu, well-organized offering water sports and plenty of entertainment in the bars and tavernas along its length.

At its southern end, the beach finishes where a sharp high rock stands upright on the sea, it is called Ortholithi which means standing rock (Greek=orthos vrachos) …See more

6- Halikounas beach Corfu

Corfu - Chalikounas beach
Corfu – Chalikounas beach

Sandy remote huge beach in Corfu, Ionian islands

Chalikounas beach may not be the most beautiful, but it is definitely the largest beach in Corfu.

The beach is enormous, endless, with variations in the landscape, close to a forest, a lagoon behind the sand dunes, and above all, it is pristine – no hotels or uncontrolled tourist development.

This part of the island looks like the Sahara desert in Corfu.

It is located in southwest Corfu near the village of Agios Mattheos of which is a part and at a distance of about 17 miles from Corfu town and 16 miles from the airport.

Chalikounas has brown fine golden sand and permanent waves, perfect for sailing and water sports.

This beach caters to adventure enthusiasts, if you love sailing, surfing and the winds and waves aren’t bother you then this place is for you … See more

7- Rovinia beach Corfu

Rovinia beach
Rovinia beach

Pebble remote beach in Corfu, Ionian islands

Rovinia beach is located in the area of Liapades in western Corfu just south of the rocky shores of Paleokastritsa.

Small, remote, beautiful, and unspoiled. Therefore during the low season months, you can have it all for yourself.

It is perhaps the most beautiful of the hidden beaches in western Corfu, after all, it is considered by many tourists as the top beach in Corfu.

Rovinia is accessible from the sea as well as from the land through a small path with steps, about 600 meters long. Unlike the other isolated beaches of the area which are accessible only by the sea.

It is deserted, therefore not very crowded, with fine pebbles, little sand, and a turquoise crystal clear sea in a landscape of exceptional natural beauty. It could be a nudist beach too…See more

8- Voutoumi beach Antipaxos

Voutoumi beach from google earth
Voutoumi beach from google earth

Mixed remote beach in Antipaxos, Ionian islands

Another top-rated beach in Greece.

The beach of Voutoumi is made of silk white gold sand and has the cleanest and brightest blue-green waters in the whole Ionian sea.

Voutoumi is located in Antipaxos, a tiny island south of Corfu.

The waters are so clear that the bottom can be seen as it was looked through a glass. It is visited during the summer by yachts from everywhere.

You can visit it by boat from Corfu and Paxos, and from the nearby mainland villages of Parga and Sivota…See more

Greek Mythology: Cosmogony and the Greek Gods

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Greek Mythology is familiar to most people on Earth, it wasn’t the oldest but undoubtedly is the most famous and the richest of all.

It may borrow some tales from preexisting mythologies but it evolved them and made them beautiful stories that will remain forever.

Hellas was and is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The Hellenes have a long history and an endless culture that created and shaped almost everything that we know today. That is why Hellas considered the cradle of the so-called western civilization.

Coast in Greece
Coast in Greece

Α diverse land shaped by the wild fury of nature and the intense geological activity that is constantly still changing it. That’s why you can find some unbelievable landscapes making you feel they are out of this world, and thousands of islands with distinct characteristics that don’t exist elsewhere.

Only a land of this variety and beauty can inspire its people to imagine and create such fantastic stories!

Ancient Myths and The Hellenic(Greek) Mythology

Greek Mythology
Greek Mythology

We, the Hellenes, have our Cosmogony, which is part of Hellenic(Greek) mythology.

Greek mythology, without a doubt, is the richest of all with the most tales and myths by far. There is no natural thing in this world without a deity behind it. The ancient Greeks left absolutely nothing without a mythological explanation.

The tales are so many that if someone wants to gather them all in books it needs a lifetime to do it.

Stories are deeply human, with gods, humans, heroes, semi-gods, good and bad monsters, all of them full of passions, defects, and human weaknesses. Greek Mythology has nothing to do with any religion since it interprets everything with humans and not God at its center.

See some of the nicest Greek myths here, it’s really worth reading some of these beautiful stories. As Love, Passion, Terror, Sins, Life and Death, the unexpected, betrayal, self-sacrifice, remorse, happiness, misery are all included!

Greek Mythology and its legacy

Greek mythology is the source of most myths borrowed later by monotheistic religions and adapted to every monotheistic religion’s purposes.

The myth of the flood of Deucalion borrowed by the Jews to construct the tale of the flood of Noah. The God Sun also borrowed to form their God.

In the traditions of the peoples of the Eastern Mediterranean, India, Mesopotamia, Scandinavia, and Central America, there are at least two dozen Gods who experienced the drama of death and redemption of the resurrection. Long before the birth of Jesus Christ.

Osiris, Dionysus, Adonis, Odin of the Vikings, Ganesha and Krishna in India, Leminkaiken, Tamuz, Quetzalcoatl of the Aztecs, Mithras, and dozens of others killed and resurrected. So say the mythologies and the same says the Bible about Jesus Christ.

But one of the biggest legacies of Greek Mythology is the huge pool of tales that inspire until today. Science still draw names from mythology’s endless name list to name newly discovered planets and other space objects.

Greek Cosmogony

Every ancient religion has a kind of Cosmogony. The Greek cosmogony is quite rich in stories, with wars between Gods and Titans, most of them really funny and naive.

These tales were passed from generation to generation and skewed from mouth to mouth.

Cosmogony was an epic poem written by Hesiodos (Hesiod).

Hesiod was an epic poet like Homer. He collected all the tales and around 700 BCE wrote an epic poem, the Cosmogony. Long after the two epic poems of Homer who wrote Iliad and Odyssey around 762 BCE, and long after the Trojan war.

Hesiod tried to collect all the myths that circulated in Greece regarding the creation of the world. Ηe also tried to decipher the genealogical tree of the gods out of these myths.

Order out of Chaos – The Primordial Gods

In the beginning, there were only three autogenous elements, Chaos, Gaia (Earth), and Eros.

Eros does not give birth to any offspring himself but unites the other two elements and helps them to give birth to their offspring.

So, from Chaos that is a deity without sex, Erebus and Night are born, which in turn gave birth to Etheras and Hemera(Day).

Gaia(Mother Earth) gives birth without fertilization to Uranus, Pontus, and the Mountains. In essence, Gaia creates the world and the Universe by creating its characteristics.

From the unification of Gaia(Earth) with Uranus, the Titans were born, Cronus(Saturn), Koios, Kreios, Hyperion, Theia, Rhea, Themis, Mnemosyne, Phoebe, and Tethys.

Also, the Cyclops and the Hundred-hands creatures were born.

The Titans

Cronus, the strongest and the leader of Titans defeats his father Uranus and takes over his power, he cuts his genitals and throws them into the sea near the coast of Cyprus. From the sperm inside them, Aphrodite is born who comes out of the sea naked.

From the blood of Uranus the Erinyes, the Giants, and the Melies are born.

Cronus takes his sister Rhea as his wife.

But the defeated Uranus had prophesied that his son Cronus would also be defeated by one of his children.

Cronus trying to eliminate the danger decides to eat his children, in fact, to swallow them alive.

So Rhea continuously gives birth and Cronus swallows his children one after another. Dimitra(Demeter), Hestia, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon were all eaten by their father Cronus.

When the 6th child Dias(Jupiter) born, Rhea hid the baby in a cave on Mount Dikti in Crete and gave Cronus a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes to swallow.

The Gods

Dias or Zeus grows up with the help of the Nymphs who raised the newborn feeding him with the milk of a goat.

Soon he became strong enough to challenge his father and force him to take his brothers out of his womb.

Thus is formed the group of gods led by Dias(Zeus) that comes into war with the group of the Titans of Cronus. We have the first War of the Titans. The Great Titanomachy lasted for 10 years.

The Gods of Zeus prevailed, and the defeated Titans exiled in Tartara(Tartarus), a dark and miserable place very far away from the Earth.

Gods had to face another challenge though, the Giants.

There was another war, the Gigantomachy that lasted equally long.

Finally, the gods beat them all and settled on the top of Olympus mountain from where they ruled the world.

Gods and other Deities

Greek Gods and Goddesses are countless. There were deities for every natural phenomenon, rain, night, moon, trees, lakes, rivers, mountains, sea, storms, thunder, love, hate, fear, passion, betrayal, jealousy, literally anything you can think of. Also, the tales behind them are thousands.

Ancient Greeks saw their Gods as humans with all kinds of human defects, human weaknesses, and passions.

The 12 Olympian Gods – The Greek Pantheon

Olympus mountain is in Thessaly, a region north of Thermopylae, and it is the highest mountain in Greece. It was the home of the 12 ruling Gods.

The 12 Olympian gods were the following 14!
(Hephaestus wasn’t a permanent Olympus resident and Hestia gave up her Olympian throne in favor of Dionysus. God’s tricks!)

1- Dias or Zeus (Jupiter in Roman)

He was the son of the Titan Cronus (Saturn in Roman) and Rhea, daughter of the Gaia(Earth). He overthrew his father, Cronus, king of the Titans, and became the leader of the Gods comprising mostly of his siblings and children. His wife was Hera known for her jealousy, as Dias was always unfaithful to her.

He controlled the lightning and used it as the tool of his strength.

2- Poseidon (Neptune in Roman)

The God of the sea, horses, and earthquakes. He had the trident as a tool and many strange children. Among them were the flying horse Pegasus and the one-eye Cyclop Polyphemus.

3- Hermes (Mercury in Roman)

The winged messenger of the Gods, but he was also involved in many spheres. He was the protector of animals and associated with fertility, music, luck, and deception.

4- Hera (Juno in Roman)

The queen goddess, sister, and wife to Dias. She was almost always jealous and not without a reason.

5- Hades (Pluto in Roman)

The lord of the underworld or the world of the dead. Husband of Persephone. Ηe had to give Persephone magic pomegranate seeds so she could manage to stay with him for a part of the year.

6- Dionysus (Bacchus in Roman)

Son of Zeus born to a mortal woman. Zeus accidentally killed his mother before Dionysus was born. In order to save his son Zeus sewed the young infant into his thigh and, when the young Dionysus emerged, passed him to the care of the Maenads. Dionysus is symbolized by a bull and he is the God of sex, celebrations, and wine.

7- Demeter (Ceres in Roman)

Demeter, the Goddess of agriculture, was the mother of Persephone who was the wife of Hades. Demeter is related to the Eleusinian Mysteries, the most important religious rites in ancient Greece.

8- Apollo

Brother of Artemis, Son of Zeus. He is the God of music, light, protector of the arts, and divination.

9- Ares (Mars in Roman)

Ares is the Greek god of war and son of Zeus and Hera.

10- Artemis (Diana in Roman)

Artemis is one of the oldest, most complex, and the most interesting forms of the Greek pantheon. Daughter of Zeus and Leto. Twin sister of Apollo, queen of mountains and forests, goddess of hunting, protector of children and animals.

11- Athena (Minerva in Roman)

Athena was the goddess of wisdom, the olive trees, strategy, and war.

She was the beloved daughter of Zeus. Her mother was Metis, the first wife of Zeus.

Zeus after prophecy learned that Metis would give birth to a child who would overthrow his father, so he swallowed Metis while she was pregnant in Athena.

Later, Zeus began to suffer from headaches and called on Hephaestus for help. So Hephaestus with a big hammer hit the head of Zeus and Athena came out from Zeus’ head in armor, wearing helmets and holding a shield.

12- Aphrodite (Venus in Roman)

Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, sexuality, pleasure, and childbearing.

According to Hesiod, in his Theogony, Aphrodite born from the foam of the sea (hence her name as the foam is Aphros in Greek) when Saturn cut off the genitals of Uranus (his father) and threw them into the sea. The foam pushed by Zephyrus to the coast of Cyprus, Aphrodite came out of the sea naked on the shores of Paphos.

There are more tales about the birth and later life of Aphrodite, many of them contradictory.

13- Hephaestus (Vulcan in Roman)

God of fire and the great metalworker. He was the son of Zeus and Hera. Despite his ugliness and deformation, he married Aphrodite who frequently cheated on him with her lover Ares, the god of war. He could visit Olympus, but he didn’t live there, most of the time he stayed at home, the island of Lemnos where he had his workshop.

14- Hestia (Roman Vesta)

She was the goddess of the house, fireside, and family, she gave up her Olympian throne to Dionysus.

Other deities

Those were the 12 most important gods of the Greek pantheon, but as we said before, ancient Greeks had thousands of deities, anything natural or unexplained represented by a deity.

It is not worth mentioning every deity, every monster, every human-form monster, or a human-animal hybrid of Greek mythology because they are countless.

8 Best and Safest Places Around the World to Travel in 2021

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Last updated on February 11th, 2021 at 02:57 pm

Safety is one of the top priorities no matter where you are visiting.

A Pacific island beach
A Pacific island beach

As a traveler, you must search on the internet about the place where you are going to travel. It will help you to understand the locals in your area and also you can take some precautionary measurements.

With the COVID pandemic, the world seems awfully scary to travel but still, you can travel to certain countries without any issue. You have to go through the COVID test and bring the test reports that are valid for almost 72 hours.

If we talk about the crime rate or other issues, no country is completely free. But, there are a few places where you can travel without any fear. According to the 2020 survey, the average level of peace in the world will improve in 2019. Many countries are still spared of the COVID-19 pandemic and this is the right time to visit those countries.

Here is the list of the top 8 best and safest places to travel around the world. Make sure to book your flights and hotel room according to your stay duration.

1- Greece

A Scenery from Santorini
A Scenery from Santorini

If you are on for the Europe trip, there is no better place than Greece to visit in 2021. It is ranked as the 9th safest country based on a BHTP research report.

Along with that, it is also boosted by the friendliest locals in the Mediterranean and one of the first places to reopen for tourists.

You are unlikely to experience any type of crime and violence. Just be aware of the petty crime on the streets and follow basic precautions.

Moreover, be aware of the online scams while booking your Greece trip and choose the right travel agency.

The top attractions of Greece are Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, Santorini, Mykonos, Delphi, Corfu, Metéora Monasteries, etc.

2- UAE


With an almost zero crime rate, UAE is the best place to travel if you are in the Middle East.

You don’t have to worry about your belongings as there are no pocket pickers.

While traveling to any Emirate of UAE, you have to take a COVID test with you.

We recommend you to visit this beautiful and modern country in winters and summers which are quite harsh.

You can enjoy the new year and Christmas or visit the top tourist attractions.

Make sure to book your flight and contact any professional Rent A Car Dubai to book your personal car so that you can move at your own pace.

The top tourist attractions are Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Safari, Sharjah Museum, Al Ain, Sheikh Zayed mosque, and much more.

3- Iceland

Landscape in Iceland
Landscape in Iceland

Iceland is also ranked as the world’s safest country to travel to in 2021.

It is a small but beautiful and tranquil country if you are seeking places that are close to nature.

If you are visiting it in winter, make sure to catch the northern lights dancing across the sky.

While in the summer season you can enjoy the unique beauty of the midnight sun.

While traveling in Iceland cities, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can travel here as it is your own country.

The top tourist attractions are Hallgrimskirkja, Thingvellir National Park, Seljalandsfoss, Strokkur, Vatnajökull National Park, Gullfoss, Geysir.

4- Portugal

A Square in Portugal
A Square in Portugal

Portugal is one of the safest countries to travel to and now it is ranked as the 3rd safest country for tourists.

It is the country you want to visit every time as it has a little something for every visitor.

You will be happy to stroll the cobbled streets of Porto and Lisbon.

This country is most recommended if you are more into history and culture.

The top tourist attractions are the park and national palace of Pena, Belem tower, Castelo de S.Jorge, etc.

5- Germany

Bridge in Germany
Bridge in Germany

Germany is one of the best countries that handle COVID19 pandemic.

According to the BHTP survey, the respondents give it the highest marks to control the pandemic.

No matter what you like the most, Germany has everything for its visitors.

The top tourist attractions are Neuschwanstein Castle, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building, Berlin Wall Memorial, Marienplatz, Romantic Road, etc.

6- Canada

River in Canada
River in Canada

Canada is another country with a low crime rate and the least COVID positive cases.

The locals of Canada are so friendly and they are known to apologize for nothing. You are going to love this beautiful country.

You can visit Toronto as it is a complete celebration of multiculturalism and amazing food.

The top tourist attractions are Banff National Park, CN Tower, Stanley Park, Moraine Lake, Jasper National Park Of Canada, The Butchart Gardens, etc.

7- Vietnam


Vietnam is one of the greatest countries for first-time visitors to Asia.

There are plenty of things Vietnam offers to its tourists like secluded islands to vast mountain ranges within one relatively compact country.

This beautiful country is not only famous for its impressive infrastructure but also for the mouth-watering food.

You can find the best places to stay here. The top tourist attractions are Cu Chi Tunnel, Hoàn Kiếm Lake, Cát Bà Island, The world cultural heritage, Tam Cốc-Bích Động, The Marble Mountains, etc.

8- Kenya


Kenya is also one of the smallest but most beautiful countries. If you are looking for an extraordinary Safari trip experience, there is nothing better than Kenya.

This country is also well-reputed for its outdoorsy types with nature interest.

The tropical coastline of Kenya is also filled with heavenly beaches and that makes it the ideal destination for your vacations.

The top attractions of Kenya are Maasai Mara National Reserve, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli National Park, Mount Kenya, Tsavo East National Park, Diani Beach, Giraffe Centre, and much more.


Here we will wrap up our list of the best countries to travel to in 2021.

You can choose any of them and dig deeper on the internet to find more information about your selected place.

Make sure to follow the rules and take safety precautions. Moreover, you should also book your flight, hotel, and rental car in advance for a convenient trip.

Opt-in for Cheap Car Rental Dubai Services if you are going to stay for a month or more. Happy traveling!

70+ Best Beaches on Greek Islands: Stunning Gems of Greece

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The Beaches in Greek islands rated among the top beaches in Europe and the world. You find them everywhere in this beautiful country.

You can find more than 1000 equally beautiful beaches scattered on a total length of almost 16.000km coastline.

So despite its small size Greece has the larger coast of all European countries and the 11th larger in the world.

Almost 500 of the more than a thousand beaches in Greece awarded the International blue flag.

The variety and scenery of Greece’s beaches are unmatched, and therefore is very difficult to choose the best of them. After all the term Best is subjective. So we choose to describe the most famous because we don’t want to be unfair with many equally lovely beaches not mentioned here.

The Diversified Greek scenery and the exotic beaches in Greece

The Greek landscape is constantly changing by the wild fury of nature and the intense geological activity. That’s why the beauty of the beaches is almost unbelievable.

The country has the most diverse European land with magnificent sceneries.

The scene changes considerably from West to East and from North to South, and this is what makes Greece a very diversified country.

At the west of the country, you will find Islands with green mountains and beaches with emerald green calm waters. We are talking about the Ionian Islands and the Ionian coast.

A Spectacular beach in Greece
A Spectacular beach in Greece

The landscape in the Aegean sea is completely different, with deep blue waters surrounding the volcanically formed islands. Here the vegetation is almost absent with bald mountains and volcanic soil-landscapes with almost no trees.

The Greek mainland dominated by high mountains and big valleys, it is a harsh land in general with not much available for agriculture. But some beaches on the mainland are even better than those on the islands and can leave you speechless.

But let’s start to discover details and tips for you about the Best beaches in Greece, or better saying for the most famous of them.

Beaches in the Ionian Islands

Porto Katsiki in Lefkada
Porto Katsiki in Lefkada

The Ionian Sea on the west coast of Greece houses some of the most beautiful Greek islands.

Seven large and hundreds of smaller islands form the Ionian islands or Eptanissa cluster, with Corfu, Paxos, Lefkada, Ithaka, Kefalonia, Zakynthos(Zante), and Kythera to be the larger.

These are the greenest islands of Greece. If you love green emerald and calm waters this is the place for you to visit. Here you can find some of the longest beaches in Greece as Halikounas in Corfu, the very famous and most photographed beach of Navagio in Zante, and some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

  1. Navagio(Shipwreck) Beach in Zakynthos
  2. Myrtos Beach Kefalonia
  3. Porto Katsiki Lefkada
  4. Gerakas beach Zakynthos
  5. Agios Gordios(Gordis) beach Corfu
  6. Halikounas beach Corfu
  7. Rovinia beach Corfu
  8. Voutoumi beach Antipaxos
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The Aegean Islands beaches

The Aegean Sea lays between Asia Minor and the Greek mainland, with thousands of islands. These islands formed by dense volcanic activity for millions of years.

There are more than 6000 large and small islands for you to choose from, but only 227 of them are inhabited.

The vast majority of the Aegean Islands belong to Greece. The only large islands under Turkish authority are Imbros and Tenedos in the northeastern part of the Aegean sea. Hence Aegean is called the Greek archipelago.

Tip: The Aegean Islands are separated into 7 big island clusters, named Cyclades, Dodecanese, Islands of the Argosaronic gulf, North Sporades, Islands of the North and East Aegean, Euboea, and Crete.

The Cyclades islands and their beautiful beaches

A Scenery from Santorini
A Scenery from Santorini

At the southern Aegean and north of Crete, here we have Andros, Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Antiparos, Delos, Ios, Kea, Kimolos, Kythnos, Milos, Amorgos, Anafi, Serifos, Sikinos, Sifnos, Syros, Tinos, Folegandros, and more. In these islands there are some of the most famous beaches worldwide and extremely popular among tourists and Greeks.

Tip: The oldest European civilizations developed in Cyclades and Crete from 3300 to 1100 BCE, ie 5000 years ago!

  1. Super Paradise beach Mykonos
  2. Elia beach Mykonos
  3. Plaka beach Naxos
  4. Agios Prokopios in Naxos
  5. Tsigrado beach in Milos
  6. Mylopotas beach in Ios
  7. Kolymbithres beach in Paros
  8. Red beach Santorini
  9. Mouros beach in Amorgos
  10. Kolona beach in Kythnos
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Beaches in the Dodecanese

Tsambika beach in Rhodes
Tsambika beach in Rhodes

This island cluster has 12 big and hundreds of smaller islets at the east of the Cyclades and very close to the Asia Minor coast. Among them is Rhodes, Karpathos, Kos, Patmos, Astypalea, Leros, Kasos

  1. Saint Paul’s Bay Rhodes
  2. Tsambika beach Rhodes
  3. Kyra Panagia beach in Karpathos
  4. Apella beach Karpathos
  5. Achata beach in Karpathos
  6. Thermes beach in Kos
  7. Kefalos Beach in Kos
  8. Myrties beach in Kalymnos
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Beaches in the Islands of Argosaronic

Angistri, Aegina, Methana, Poros, Salamina, Spetses, Hydra are some of the islands here, very close to Athens and easy to visit.

  1. Love Bay in Poros
  2. Askeli beach in Poros
  3. Skala beach in Agkistri
  4. Halikiada beach in Agkistri
  5. Marathon beach in Aegina

Beaches in the Islands of North and Eastern Aegean

Stafylos beach in Skopelos
Stafylos beach in Skopelos

Beaches in Sporades Islands

Medium to small size islands close to the coast of Thessaly at the North Aegean, Alonissos, Skiathos, Skopelos, and Skyros is the most known islands offering beautiful beaches and holiday destinations.

  1. Koukounaries beach in Skiathos
  2. Lalaria beach in Skiathos
  3. Panormos beach in Skopelos
  4. Stafylos beach in Skopelos
  5. Agios Dimitrios beach in Alonissos

East Aegean islands beaches

The most known islands here are Samothrace, Thasos, Lesbos, Limnos, Agios Efstratios, SamosChios, Inouses, Psara, Ikaria.

  1. Lemonakia beach in Samos
  2. Tsamadou Beach in Samos
  3. Livadi beach in Ikaria
  4. Nas beach in Ikaria
  5. Messakti beach in Ikaria
  6. Emporios Mavros Gialos beach in Chios
  7. Golden Beach in Thassos
  8. Alyki Beach in Thassos
  9. Petra beach in Lesvos
  10. Keros beach in Lemnos
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The second bigger island of Greece, at the western Aegean and very close to the Greek mainland.

Beaches in Crete

Elafonissi beach in Chania
Elafonissi beach in Chania

Being the largest of the Greek islands, Crete has plenty to offer. Many small islands around and especially some of the best beaches in Greece.

  1. Balos beach Chania
  2. Elafonissi beach in Chania
  3. Falasarna beach Chania
  4. Sougia beach in Chania
  5. Glika Nera beach in Chania
  6. Krios beach in Chania
  7. Marathi beach in Chania
  8. Loutraki beach in Chania
  9. Preveli beach Rethymno
  10. Rodakino beach in Rethymno
  11. Plakias beach in Rethymno
  12. Agios Pavlos beach in Rethymno
  13. Matala beach Heraclion
  14. Agiofaraggo beach in Heraclion
  15. Tymbaki beach in Heraclion
  16. Sissi beach in Lassithi
  17. Agia Fotia beach in Lassithi
  18. Makris Gialos beach in Lassithi
  19. Vai beach in Lassithi
  20. Istro beach in Lassithi
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Beaches on the Greek Mainland

An endless coastline of almost 8.000km belongs to the Greek islands. This means that the Greek mainland offers another 8.000km full of more and equally lovely beaches, in almost every part of the land that touches the sea.

The beaches of mainland Greece have nothing to envy from the beaches of the islands, and there are plenty of them, all around Greece.

West Greece, Epirus, and Sterea Ellada

Starting from the west, across Corfu is the Epirus region, with beaches of great beauty like the famous Syvota that has very beautiful scenery to share, also Parga is a place worth visiting. In Parga, there is a beach in the town and very close is the beach of Valtos.

Further south we are in Sterea Ellada, the central region of Greece. On the west Ionian coast, there are some very interesting holiday resorts with nice beaches. With Nafpaktos, Itea, and Kammena Vourla to be nice places for family holidays.

Beaches in Macedonia

Beaches in Chalkidiki

In the region of Macedonia in Northern Greece you can find the best and more busy beaches in the tourist resort of Chalkidiki at the North Aegean sea.

Chalkidiki is a region south of Thessaloniki and consists of three legs that go deep inside the North Aegean, Kassandra, Sithonia, and Athos. Kassandra is the busier and most tourist development with many exotic beaches and hotels.

Athos, the third and easternmost peninsula, is an autonomous religious republic devoted to only male monks and can be visited only by men after special permission.

The best beaches in North Greece are in the first leg of Chalkidiki, named Kassandra where most of the eastern part is a large beach. The best beaches here are Sani, Armenistis, Kallithea, Hanioti, and Pefkohori.

Nea Potidea canal separates Kassandra from the rest of Chalkidiki, actually making it an island.

Beaches in Pieria

More beautiful beaches in Macedonia you will discover in Pieria, an area opposite Chalikidiki across Thermaikos gulf.

Here the beaches are sandy and long with tourist facilities, the best beaches are The Olympic Beach, Leptokarya, Paralia, and Platamonas.

Beaches around Kavala

Finally, some more beaches are in the region of Kavala, an industrial town in East Macedonia. Toska beach, Ammolofoi, Batis, Kalamitsa beach, and Nea Iraklitsa are very popular beaches here.

Tip: The area of Chalkidiki was first colonized by people from Evia (Euboea) in the 8th Century BCE and is famous for having been the birthplace of the philosopher Aristotle in 384 BC. It was part of the Hellenic Macedonian Empire.

Beaches in Thessaly

Thessaly region is between Sterea and Macedonia. Its coast meets the west Aegean and includes large towns as Volos and Larissa.

The coast is pretty rich in tourist activity and has plenty of sandy beaches, most of them are in the peninsula of Pelion mountain at the East of Pagasitikos gulf.

Pelion is a unique and spectacular tourist destination. Pelion mountain has dense vegetation and dominates the peninsula. You can enjoy some extraordinarily beautiful mountain villages here, like Tsagarada, Portaria, Makrinitsa, Miles, Vizitsa, and Chania, where there is a ski center, one of the favorite destinations for winter sports and vacations in Greece.

On the east coast of Pelion, we have some incredible beaches, with Agios Ioannis, Papa Nero, Mylopotamos, Horefto, Mourtias, and Fakistra to be some of the best.

Beaches in Peloponnese

The Peloponnese is the southernmost region of Greece, its old name was Morea. (Morias in Greek)

It joins the rest of the country through the isthmus of Korinth, but after the opening of the canal, it could be considered an artificial island.

The area is very mountainous but on its diverse coasts, there are beautiful tourist resorts with long beaches.

To be honest, here and especially on the southern coasts perhaps are the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

Elafonisos in Lakonia Greece
Elafonisos in Lakonia Greece

Saying this, immediately brings to mind Elafonissos beach, a small island south of the region of Laconia.

The island connects to the mainland through a sandy beach that creates an amazing landscape. For many, this is one of the most spectacular and beautiful beaches in Greece.

Equally beautiful beaches, however, are everywhere in the Peloponnese. Such as Mavrovouni beach in Gythio, Voidokilia beach in Pylos, the beaches in Methoni and Koroni, and some others in the beautiful small bays of Messinia.

Voidokilia beach in Pylos

This beach in Pylos of Messinia needs a special reference.

Voidokilia is one of the most beautiful beaches worth mentioning, it is almost a perfect cycle shape beach in stunning surroundings.

See at the photo, words can’t describe the scenery the way a photo can do!

Voidokilia beach in Pylos Messinia
Voidokilia beach in Pylos Messinia – Image by Johannes Krasser from Pixabay

About the name? Better you shouldn’t ask, cause Voidokilia means the ‘belly of the ox’, Yes.

Further north and east, in Argolida prefecture, well-known tourist destinations with popular beaches are Tolo, Ermioni, and Porto Heli.

Final words

These are only a glimpse of the best beaches in Greece. We hope that they will be enough for you to choose from. Just keep in mind that there are thousands more, equally nice and worth visiting, but difficult to fit them all on one page.

This land favored by nature with the best weather in Europe and the most islands that a country can have, this is a blessing and a curse.

Greece’s 300 inhabited islands and their beauties have condemned the country to depend to a large extent on tourism. That’s because it is not easy to develop infrastructures in so many islands without tourism.
It’s like telling a man 7.2 feet tall that he can’t play basketball!

5 Essential Items To Pack When Travelling To Corfu

Last updated on February 14th, 2021 at 04:13 pm

Rear view of man with hat and suitcase-bag walking to the beach
A man with a hat and suitcase bag walking to the beach – Poster vector created by macrovector

Greece is one of the most recognized tourist destinations in Europe. Commonly known for the Olympics and mythology, Greece is a fine cosmopolitan destination comprising several coastal beaches and picturesque islands, namely Corfu.

Neighboured by the Mediterranean Sea, Corfu’s island is the perfect pick for your summer vacation holidays. The primary reason for travel enthusiasts choosing Corfu is because of its accessibility. You can easily reach the destination, may it be by availing a plane or even a ferry, if you are lucky. Apart from the slight stretches of beaches, this place is also very famous for its history and architecture and offers authentic Greek cuisine.

Emotions are bound to get high after checking out all the gorgeous images of Corfu on the internet. But before setting off, you will need to pack your luggage for the vacation. So, here are the five essential items that you cannot miss while going to Corfu.

1. Ideal Luggage Choice

Carry luggage should always be comfortable and versatile. They are supposed to be a tag-along companion and not an unwanted burden. This is even more fitting when you are planning to relax on holiday. Either duffle bags, wheeled bags, and carry-on bags are good to go. Each has its features and benefits.

Duffle bags are mostly light in weight and easy to pack. However, carry-on bags are best suited for those who don’t wish to take many things on vacations.
Bonus tip: Luggage bags with built-in charger ports are beneficial.

2. Clothing and Makeup

You must have clothes for every occasion while traveling. There might be times when you are lost in the beauty of Corfu Town during sightseeing or just lazing around the beach and the setting sun. Your luggage must have the following items.

  • Bathing suit
  • Sandals
  • Shorts
  • Hat
  • Underwear
  • Pajamas
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Balm

Bonus tip: Don’t pack anything that could return unused from the trip. Pack smart.

Business and family vacation travel luggage with handbag
Business and family vacation travel luggage with handbag – Poster vector created by macrovector

3. Medics And Toiletries

It is very wise to carry medicines while traveling on the road. You might be a minimalist, but your luggage must feature emergency support to remain healthy in unfamiliar conditions.

Some medication can cure plenty of travel health scares. But, one must know how to consume them. Apart from the prescribed medications, you must carry things like hand sanitizers and Braun Series 9 as well.
For toiletries, you must pack the following:

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Soap
  • Feminine hygiene products
Top view bath products arrangement
Top view bath products arrangement – Poster vector created by macrovector

4. Travel Docs

A well planned holiday is a risk-free holiday. This planning mainly contains packing all the necessary things for the vacation. When you plan to visit some foreign country for holidaying, you must carry your identification with you. Similarly, your travel documents must be at your immediate disposal as well. It is best to take a pouch or a money belt to keep your IDs, passport, bank cards, and boarding passes.

Bonus tip: Always keep a few photocopies of all your documents. It will be better if you make a file for them. Additionally, create a digital soft copy of those documents to save them in your cloud. Furthermore, carry a dozen of your passport-size photographs when you are traveling.

5. Electronic Gadgets

In the millennial age, it is prevalent for travelers to carry electronic gadgets along with them. It is perfectly all right to share your travel stories with your friends while you are on your trip. And to meet this desire, you must pack the following items in your luggage.

  • Laptop
  • iPad
  • Chargers
  • Camera
  • Headphones

Bonus tip: If you consume a lot of digital content while traveling or carry electronic devices, you will need to recharge them all the time. Instead of packing a bunch of wired chargers, get one portable Wi-Fi router power bank. This gadget will allow you to enjoy your Netflix sessions without worrying about the battery status.

Gadgets amidst school supplies
Gadgets amidst school supplies – Poster vector created by macrovector

6. Outside Shout

While traveling promises a lot of fun and joy, it brings anxiety and stress as well. Packing is one of the worst traveling aspects. The above-discussed items are a total thumbs up if you want to have a comfortable vacation. However, here a few miscellaneous items that can add value to your plans.

  • Power Strip
  • Dry Towel
  • Packable Backpack
  • Plastic Bags
  • Dryer Sheets
  • Universal Plug Adapter
  • A plastic bag could come in very handy during a crisis.

Final Thoughts

Travelling exposes you to a new culture, boundaries, and people. It will help you shatter the monotony in your life and contribute to improving health, especially your mental health, by pushing you to go out of your comfort zone.

Traveling is much easier than you think. A trip to Corfu could help you to disconnect from your daily life. So, pack your bags, including all the essentials mentioned above, and you are all set. But, make sure you are careful while carrying all the essentials with you.

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