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Traveling With Pets This Holiday? 7 Things To Pack

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Last updated on May 29th, 2022 at 10:18 pm

Traveling with my dog
Traveling with my dog – Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Your pets are members of your family. Maybe you take them everywhere with you no matter what, or you might be having trouble finding a kennel or someone to take care of them while you’re out of town this year. Whatever situation applies to you, if you’re traveling with pets this holiday, here are seven things you should pack.

Grooming Supplies

Grouming – Image by ariesa66 from Pixabay

Whether your furry family members are big shedders or not, packing their grooming tools can make traveling with pets much more enjoyable this holiday season. Bringing along a brush is a great idea, especially if grooming is something your pet enjoys. Grooming your pet while you travel can help them learn that car rides aren’t something to fear. Packing your pet’s grooming supplies ensures you will be able to keep their coat healthy and clean while you travel too.

Food and Treats

A dog with a bone
A dog with a bone – Image by Stefan Glazer from Pixabay

Traveling can be stressful for your pet. It’s an abrupt change to your pet’s routine, and many animals hate riding in the car.

Flying is even less enjoyable for them.

Keeping as many things constant as possible can help your pet cope with traveling, and that includes their food.

Packing enough of the food they are used to eating to last the entire trip can help them feel at ease and decrease the likelihood that they will stop eating and make themselves sick.

As with grooming, packing a few of their favorite treats won’t hurt either. It may even help you build positive associations with travel for them.

Seat Cover

On the topic of grooming and fur, pets tend to shed when they’re stressed. It’s probably not pleasant for them, but it’s even worse for you when you arrive at your destination and discover your back seat coated thoroughly in dog fur.

To save yourself the trouble and expense of vacuuming your car, consider purchasing a seat cover. Look for one that’s machine washable and waterproof. The seat cover can protect your vehicle from both fur and any accidents that might happen.

Pet Carrier

Finally, bringing Best Dog Carriers for Travel can make life much less complicated.

Some dogs are comforted by having their crate to sleep in, which can lessen travel-induced stress.

Pet carriers also keep your pet contained, making it easier for you to focus on driving. No one wants to be going down a motorway while attempting to get their cat out from under their feet.

You also don’t want to have to worry about your pet making a break for it the moment you open the car door.

A pet carrier can make traveling safer for you and your pet.

Bathroom Products

Unlike humans, our pets can’t look up where the next gas station or rest stop is when they have to pee. Dogs are stuck relying on us to notice when they have to go or use a pee pad, which isn’t necessarily something you want to have in your car for several hours. Remember to pack pet waste pick-up bags or enough pee pads for dogs to change them out regularly.

Traveling with cats is even more challenging. Most cats will attempt to escape if you let them out of the car to use the bathroom.

Consider investing in a travel litter box if you’re traveling with a cat this holiday season. Ideally, the travel box will be covered to prevent litter from getting everywhere. A covered box also gives your cat some privacy. In case you feel that cats don’t like covered litter boxes, a study from researchers at the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine shows that they don’t have a preference one way or another.

Water Bowl

Hydration is essential for your pet’s health, especially when they’re stressed. Your pet needs continual access to fresh, clean water. Providing enough water while traveling with a pet can be difficult.

Luckily, water bowls meant for traveling exist. Some are collapsable for easy storage, and many have clips or non-slip bottoms, so there’s less risk of them spilling during a car ride. Make sure to change the water regularly, and keep both food and water as far away from bathroom areas as possible.

Identification and Papers

Dog love
Dog love – Image by Mat Coulton from Pixabay

It’s best to have your pet’s identification tag on their collar and maybe even a microchip, but it’s doubly important when you’re traveling.

Your pet might also need a passport. Depending on where you’re traveling, it may be wise to pack papers proving your pet is up-to-date on all of its vaccinations.

Do your research before you leave. Vaccinations keep your pet healthy and help protect other animals they might come in contact with.

With the right supplies, traveling with your pet doesn’t have to be stressful. The products listed above can help you and your pet have a safe, happy, and smooth trip this holiday season.

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