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5 Books to Read During Quarantine to Feel Like Traveling in Greek Islands

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Last updated on November 4th, 2021 at 12:57 pm

Reading on the beach
Reading on the beach – Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Probably every tourist will agree that a trip to Greece will remain in the heart forever. This country is a favorite destination for many tourists and a dream for those who have never been there. Azure water, antique luxury, olive paradise, white sand, and antic mysteries are just a part of those that attract people to Greece from all over the world.

Now avid travelers feel confused as most of the favorite destinations are closed due to COVID-19. Fortunately, quarantine is not a limitation for our imagination and everyone can go on a journey without leaving their home. All you need to do is get the right book. Greece has been the muse of many writers for millennia, and today dreamers have a lot of books to read to feel like they are on the Greek islands.

Top 5 Books to Feel Like Traveling in Greek Islands

An Aegean landscape in Santorini
An Aegean landscape in Santorini – Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay

Do you miss Greece? Or are you just dreaming of going on a trip? One way or another, COVID 19 dictates its own rules and changes the plans of people around the world. However, you still can feel like traveling across this ancient country since books are still great tools to travel without leaving your home.

There are many books about Greece, and the first thing that comes to mind is mythology. However, in addition to antiquity, history, and mythology, some books inspire travel.

If you want to find yourself in Greece under the scorching sun, breathe in the sea air and find yourself among the olive trees, then the following books will help you do it. There are no books on Greek mythology here, and most of them can be a real discovery for the reader.

1. The Names by Don DeLillo

This book is suitable for those who not only want to travel to Greece but also love detective stories. This book by a famous author is not as popular as his others. But this is a real guide to Greece, that will be familiar to tourists.

The author is not only a writer but also a guide. He describes the details as a true traveler and an excellent observer just like how top-notch freelance authors write the best websites content.

His text can evoke a love for Greece, even for those who have never wanted to go there. The text seems to take the reader into the bright sun, to the bell tower against the background of a blue-blue sky, stones, and sand. If you have ever been to Greece, then the description of nature and the general atmosphere will make you say “Yes, yes. That’s so true. ”

2. The Corfu Trilogy by Gerald Durrell

The books from this trilogy tell about the five years of the life of the author and his family on the island of Corfu. Initially, the author wanted to describe the animal and natural world of the island in the Ionian Sea. But the author could not omit the stories about his family, so in addition to the delightful description of the island of Corfu, the reader will receive interesting characters and stories.

These books will tell you how Corfu influenced the future of the writer and will immerse you in the life of the island. The words from the book will make you consider a popular tourist destination from the other angle, and perhaps your next trip to the island will be a discovery for you in the other context.

3. Greece on My Wheels by Edward Enfield

This book is a mix of the author’s journey and Greek history. It will allow the reader not only to imagine Greece but also to plunge into antiquity and historical mysteries. There is no doubt that this book will make you smile and dream.

This book is more than a fun guide. This is a gripping tale of a journey with a mix of historical knowledge and wit that undoubtedly inherited the author from his father. If you were looking for a book that will help you delve into various milestones in history, this will be the right choice. This production will open up new pages of Greek history for you, as well as slightly open the veil of the stories of other peoples – Romans, Turks, Albanians, and other nations.

4. Greek to Me: Adventures of the Comma Queen by Marry Morris

If you are in love with Greece and want to find a like-minded person, then Marry Morris is what you need. In short, the title of this book perfectly describes what you read about. This whole book is a declaration of love for Greece, for language, myths, legends, and culture.

The book is written with such warmth and love for the country that everyone will want to give up all their deals and go to this sunny destination. If you are fond of foreign languages and philology, then you will like this book since the author also focuses on the Greek language, its alphabet, and linguistic details.

5. Greece and The Greek Islands by Lonely Planet

Even though this is not a book but a real guidebook, it will appeal to both experienced in Greece tourist and a newcomer. Most people note that this travel guide surpasses many online resources and even Pinterest with its beautiful photos. The guide will allow you to discover new interesting places, sights of Greece and may become your real helper in the future journey.

There is a lot of information here, not only about the regions and islands but also about which restaurants you should dine in. Therefore, if you plan to go to Greece at the end of the quarantine, then here you can find a lot of useful and interesting information for your future trip.

The Bottom Line

Navayio beach in Zakynthos
Navayio beach in Zakynthos – Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Most likely, people love Greece so much because from early childhood they are well familiar with its fascinating history and mythology. The above books will allow you to stay in Greece without leaving your home. A person’s imagination has no boundaries, and books are a good impetus to start your exciting journey.

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