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In South-East Corfu, there are large tourist resorts, well-known fishing villages, the largest town on the island and Kavos.

The tourist destinations of Moraitika and Messongi are among the largest in the island with thousands of visitors and have the only sandy beach on the east coast.

There are the fishing villages of Boukari and Petriti that have a large harbor for fishing boats and several fish tavernas.

Lefkimmi is the second most populous city of Corfu and is located a few kilometers north of Kavos.

It has grown significantly in recent years and became a modern city.
Does not reminisce in any way the city of the 80s where the dilapidated houses and a sense of regression and delay were present.

Kavos is the favorite destination for young British tourists.

A place that has been chosen either by themselves or by the travel agencies that bring them, as a place for outburst for the oppressed in their homeland youngsters, needless to say, anything more.

Further down to the southern end of Corfu there are the wild capes of Arkoudilas and Asprokavos…

Map of South Corfu
Map of South Corfu
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