Asprokavos & Arkoudilas Southern Corfu Capes

At the southern edge of Corfu, opposite Paxos, we find the cape of Asprokavos and a little further north and on the west coast the cape Arkoudilas. These are virgin areas without tourist development, thus unchanged for hundreds of years natural landscape consisting of a series of high cliffs parallel to the sandy beaches at the edge of southwest Corfu.… Read More

Gardenos Large Sandy Beach at Vitalades Corfu

Gardenos beach is situated in the southwest end part of Corfu and is the beachside of the traditional village of Vitalades. Distance from the town of Corfu is quite large, about 30 km from the airport but it is worth the drive. The region took its name after the small river which flows into the sea and separates Gardenos into two regions.… Read More

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