Drastis cape North Corfu

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Best Resorts with beaches in Northwestern Corfu

North and West Corfu is a quite large area that includes many well-known great tourist resorts. Many sandy beaches, and stunning beauty spots.

Places such as the beautiful Palaiokastritsa in the west which looks spectacular from the village of Lakones just above. And the rare hidden beaches south of it.

Sidari and Peroulades with the rare sandstone geological formations at the northwest coast of the island.

Here is the Canal d’Amour between Sidari and Peroulades. The cape of Drastis and the majestic Loggas beach.

More tourist destinations with large sandy beaches, such as Agios Georgios Pagon and Agios Stefanos of Avliotes in the west. Roda and Acharavi on the north coast.

Smaller sites of rare beauty such as the small Porto Timoni double beach north of Agios Georgios. Plus others such as Astrakeri, Afionas, Arillas.

The traditional villages of this area are situated in the innermost parts. They are semi-mountainous and named with the generic name: villages of Gyrou. A term that was first used in the 13th century CE.
Many of their inhabitants are descendants of Byzantine soldiers who served at the fortress of Angelokastro. Near the village of Krini above Paleokastritsa.

Map of North-west Corfu
Map of North-west Corfu

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