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The best and most famous beaches and tourist resorts of Central Corfu are here in these guides.

Central Corfu is the geographical center of the island.

It is the area with the most population, about 40,000 permanent residents live here. It includes the city of Corfu and the municipal district of Achilleion which after the city is the most populous.

It has several small and big traditional villages and many tourist seaside resorts and beaches. Both on the East and on the West coast of the island.

Here and on the Eastside, there are destinations such as Benitses, Perama, Kanoni south of the city, and the capital city of the island itself.

Also in this area is the Achilleion palace, but also the most important monuments of the island in and around Corfu Town.

While on the west coast we find unique beaches such as the nudist beach of Myrtiotissa, and the famous Pelekas with its beach of Kontogyalos. The long sandy beach of Aghios Gordios, the beach of Ermones, and Glyfada, island’s most cosmopolitan beach.

Central Corfu map
Central Corfu map

Agios Ioannis Peristeron Beach in Corfu, Greece


Agios Ioannis Peristeron Beach is positioned along the eastern coast of Corfu, to the south of the island’s capital, Kerkyra, and approximately 3 km from Benitses.… Read More

Mirtiotissa: The Corfu Nudist Beach of the 80’s


Myrtiotissa is on the western coast of the island, and isolated, therefore since the 60`s it was the nudist beach of Corfu.… Read More

Perama: A Tranquil Seaside Gem on Corfu’s Eastern Coast


Perama is located on the eastern side of Corfu, about seven kilometers south of the town of Corfu and just opposite the Mouse island and is connected with Kanoni by a pedestrian bridge.… Read More

Pelekas: Mountain Village with Shocking Views in Corfu


Pelekas is perched high up on a hill, casting its gaze over the heart of Corfu. You can spot it from miles away, and trust me, the view is absolutely worth it.… Read More

Kanoni: Where History Meets Scenic Splendor in Corfu


Kanoni, one of Corfu’s most famous sights, sprawls across the entire southern peninsula of Corfu town, where the ancient city of Corfu once stood.… Read More

Glyfada Beach Corfu: A Vibrant Sandy Resort


Glyfada is Corfu’s cosmopolitan beach, stretched at the bottom of an olive and cypress covered hill- looking out across the sea to Italy.… Read More

Ermones Corfu: The Resort in West Coast


Ermones is on a dramatic cove at the west coast of Corfu, claiming to be the place where Odysseus landed and found the lovely Princess Nausika.… Read More

Agios Gordios Corfu: A Lively Beach and Resort


Agios Gordios is a long wide sandy stretch, offering water sports and plenty of entertainment in the bars and tavernas along its length.… Read More

Benitses: A Guide to the Charming Corfu Beach Resort


Let’s talk about Benitses – that charming spot right in the heart of Corfu island’s east coast, just 12 kilometers away from the bustling Corfu town.… Read More