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History of Corfu – Modern Times and Union with Greece

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The Union with Greece at 21st May 1864

Newspaper of 1864 about the Union of the Ionian Islands
Newspaper of 1864 about the Union of the Ionian Islands

On the 21st of May 1864, the British ruled Corfu and together all the Ionian Islands, following the London Agreement and the Ionian Parliament’s resolution, united with Greece.

In fact, it was a gift of the British crown to the new King of Greece George A ‘.

The London Agreement was made in accordance with the requirements of British diplomacy and the agreement of the then great powers, while Greece did not even participate in the talks.

And the vote in the Ionian Parliament was more symbolic than essential, the decision was taken.

The Agreement for the delivery of the Ionian Islands provided some very severe conditions for Greece, which undertook and agreed to pay many compensation to foreign governments, companies and individuals.

There were also disagreements and unrest because of the fear that the Ionian Islands would lose their good financial position by joining a poor state.

The opposition of many of the Eptansians to the Union was well known , especially in Kefalonia and some Corfu villages.

It was one of the most important turning points in the history of Corfu, the turbulent historical past of the island ended, so ends the prominence of Corfu as capital of the Ionian state.

Shield commemorating 50 years of Union
Shield commemorating 50 years of Union

The consequences

Since then the historical course of Corfu and the Ionian islands is common with Greece.

The newly established Greek state could not afford the existence of two centres of economic and cultural strength, so in the battle with Athens Corfu lost and after just 40 years became a Greek provincial town.

This was done by removing from the islands many important infrastructures, such as the power plants of Corfu transferred to Piraeus, the closure of the Ionian University, the abolition of the Ionian Parliament along with the degradation of its building, important changes in the prosperous banking system of the Ionian islands and many more.

In conclusion and after a few years it was obvious that the union was disastrous, especially for Corfu, which from a thriving former capital became one of the poorest and most neglected areas of Greece.

The modern times

It was much later in the 20th century when, due to the natural beauty, the fertile soil, the rich cultural heritage and the energy of the Corfiots, the island recovered initially with a flourishing of the local industry based on agricultural and livestock products and later with the booming of tourism industry.

Today, although in the midst of the economic crisis unfairly and maliciously imposed on Greece, Corfu is always, at least financially, a step above the rest of Greece.

The island’s economy is now almost entirely based on tourism, but the island has great potential to support its economy in other areas too. Its rich soil and resources are more than enough to support any other economic activity.

Corfu has always retained its unique identity, this helped the memories of the past to remain and strengthen, and they are the ones that make Corfu unique, a Greek island that does not look like the others.

Fair deal car rentals in Corfu

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5 minutes with Amazing Corfu scenes from drone

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Amazing Corfu scenes from all around the island.

Of course there are only a few parts of Corfu as it was not possible to include more in this very short video, we hope you will enjoy it.

For this video we used scenes from other videos of Christos Servos, you can find them all in Chris Servos channel youtube

Video by Dronakias

Corfu: The New Fortress

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The New Fortress

Another example of the high capacity of Venetians in fortification, and an architectural marvel of art built by the Venetians and with physical labor of the inhabitants from 1576 until 1645.

Venetians due to the permanent threat of the Turks, felt that it was necessary to complete the fortifications of the city which meanwhile had been extended far beyond the old fortress.

So at 1576 they started the construction of the new fortress on the hill of San Marcos extended south with walls and ramparts reaching the sea at Garitsa bay, Corfu is now all within the walls, it was then that Corfu took the name Kastropolis.

To become a fortress, except the exhaustive work of the residents, 2,000 houses in particular where now stands the vast Esplanade square had to be demolished.

The reasons that this happened was not only to find building materials, but primarily defensive, the Venetians wanted to create a large buffer zone between the old fortress and the city which would help better their defense plans.

So today Corfu has perhaps the largest square in Europe, the famous Esplanade.

At the entrance of the castle is still the emblem of Venice, the lion of Saint Markos, while inside the fortress is worth seeing the underground galleries, reservoirs and ammunition depots.

The fortress also houses the Museum of Ceramic Art, photography, painting, sculpture as well as concerts and other cultural events.

Inside the fortress today there is also the Naval Station of Corfu.

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