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Rovinia Beach

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Rovinia is located in the area of Liapades in western Corfu just south of the rocky shores of Paleokastritsa.

Small, remote, beautiful and unspoiled.

It belongs to the group of hidden beautiful beaches of western Corfu, where the western coastal mountain range literally collapses steeply into the sea creating a natural dam of the coast from the interior of the island.

Rovinia considered by foreigners to be the most beautiful beach in Corfu.

It is accessible from the sea as well as from the land through a small path with steps, about 600 meters long, unlike the other isolated beaches of the area which are accessible only by the sea.

It is deserted, therefore not very crowded, with fine pebbles, little sand and a turquoise crystal clear sea in a landscape of exceptional natural beauty, it could be a nudist beach.

It is a small petal shaped beach, almost surrounded by tall rocks on both sides, rocks that at its southern end creating a small but spectacular cave.

Waters in Rovinia are crystal clear, fairly cold, almost frozen, as well as in the whole area of Paleokastritsa, due to the cold streams from the Adriatic that end up on these coasts.
They deepen abruptly so the beach is also suitable for those who want to use the surrounding rocks for diving.

We have not visited it yet, but seeing it from the pictures we have the impression that we been there already, or to be more presice we have found our selfs on a very similar beach many years ago, but we certainly do not remember where.

It is the famous Deja vu, this beach looks amazing the same in all with a beach that exists either in Lesvos or Lemnos islands in tha Aegean sea, but we certainly do not remember the place or the name …

In fact, Greece has so many beautiful places that resemble each other.

We hope to be able to visit Rovinia in the near future, in the meantime we try to convince you to visit it, it is worth the effort as those who were been there say, as well as the very positive comments by foreign tourists.

10 Top Corfu beaches

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Can we distinguish the 10 top beaches in Corfu?

On an island where anywhere the sea meets the shore there is a beach, it seems almost impossible to choose and present the beaches standing above the others.

So we should set some criteria, as objective as possible, to be able to make this presentation.

What to look for? The natural beauty, the recognizability or, on the contrary, its tranquility, the cleanliness of the water, the ease of access, the facilities and infrastructures offered, the sand and gravel beach, and many others that constitute a long list of criteria.

So we will try to present, in our subjective opinion, the best 10 beaches of Corfu, which is a special challenge and will surely offend many other beautiful places.

Finally In order to be as objective as possible and to avoid injustice, we have decided to leave the choice to you.

The choice is yours.

Because we will not be completely objective anyway, we have decided to relay on your opinion.

We suggest that you vote about the best beach, you can use more that one vote but only once.

To see the results you must vote.

Select the beaches you think the best and then click the VOTE button

The voting will continue during 2017 and 2018.

Then the poll form will be replaced by the first 10 beaches according to the result, all with descriptions and photos or videos with the first beach on the top followed by the rest.

As you can see, there are two polls, one on the Greek page and one on the English, with the results so far differing significantly.

The ranking will be decided by adding the votes and get the results out of the total votes.

Vote everybody, it’s easy and no registration is needed, the more you vote the better, so we will have a large sample, more representative as possible, and therefore a more objective result.

Corfu Nightscapes – A walk on the moon

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Video from the captivating night of Corfu with photos by Bill Metallinos, selected snapshots of his stunning Corfu Nightscapes, literally a walk on the moon.

Music background is from the old song a walk on the moon, as played by the composer Manos Hatzidakis and the unforgettable solist George Zampetas.

Here is the channel of Bill Metallinos on youtube

The cedar forest of Korission lake at the beaches of Halikounas and Issos

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Forest between Chalikounas and Issos beaches
Forest between Chalikounas and Issos beaches
Next to Korission lake there is a small cedar forest that separates the two large sandy beaches of Chalikouna and Issos.

It was spring of 2015, first of May, long before the hot summer, when a group of friends we decided to visit a tavern in the area of Chalikouna.
The one who had the idea insisted that before we go for lunch we should make a nice walk, as he called it, inside the cedar forest up to the beach of Issos.

Besides, walking is good and opens up the appetite.

Between Chalikounas and Issos – Inside the cedar forest

So we left our cars at the end of the road along Halikouna, in the mouth of the lagoon at the point where the lake joins the sea, and we passed by a small and a little dangerous old wooden bridge we entered the path just next to the waters of the lake.

The Korission Lagoon is a very rich wetland and a place where local people fish, Very small shrimps abound in these waters as well as many species of fish.

Wherever there are shrimps and fish offspring, there are also birds and other not very friendly species, like mosquitoes spiders etc…

As soon as we entered the path I immediately realized that I had to take great care when talking or breathing, due to mosquitoes which were millions around our faces and sting badly.

I asked my friend if we came to walk or to feed the mosquitoes?

We had no choice but to move quickly to get to the other side.

After a while, we left the mosquito trail and walked further into the forest.

Here besides the mosquitoes there were many snakes, the viper of Corfu is local and venomous, so our driver went forward by striking the ground with his legs and a long reed to drive away the snakes that could be under the roots of the trees into the sand.

In the branches of lush vegetation were hanging spiders small and large and various strange and somehow unknown species of nice insects that best not to sting you …

After one kilometer of fast and difficult journey, as the feet sank into the sand, the trees gave away to better ground with sand and shrubs, only another 500 yards separated us from the beach.

There was big effort during this walk, therefore unfortunately I never think to take some pictures, so the only photo here is the one from google earth that shows exactly where the forest is and the locations around it.

At the end of the footpath I was shrieking from the mosquito bites and all I was thinking about was how to go back.

The women of the company, on the contrary, threw it all and fell into the sea!

For the return I decided what I should do and I dug in the sea too, temporarily forgetting the walking which is not of my favorite habbits.

After an hour we were ready to return.

I’ll wait for you in the cars, i said to the others and then i took a deep breath and start a fast walk, almost running.

I did not even felt bumps or anything, in three minutes I maked the distance and waited for the others to reach.

Despite difficulties the whole experience was beautiful

This is the cedar in Korission Lake, beautiful, wild but with millions of missiles-like mosquitos thirsty for blood.

I can not hide, of course, despite itching and swelling, the whole experience was beautiful, especially after the restaurant where we enjoyed every dish and every moment.

All this narration can discourage some others from doing this, but eventually after a while I realized that it was a very beautiful experience after all and maybe if I have the opportunity i ll do it again soon.

The photo shows the path with a red line, try it yourself!

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