Corfu Easter 2017

Easter 2017

Easter for the Orthodox church this year is a little early, on April 16th, so the Sunday of Thomas is on April 9th and the other holidays are on Friday 14th and the second day of Easter on the 17th, the other related to Easter celebrations will continue until the Sunday after Easter on April 23.

Roughly events almost every year have become traditions followed almost the same order.
Top are those of the falls of large pots from the windows of buildings around Liston in the morning of Holy Saturday during the so-called first resurrection.
This Custom hapens around the island but has a special beauty in the Esplanade Square and the point of Pentofanaro next to Liston, due to the environment and the presence of big crowd.
Also the ceremony of Resurrection at Sunday midnight to Sunday, every year in the Upper Square.

See these and many other events of Holy Week with the details here.

Benitses at winter of 2017 from a drone

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Benitses of 2017 with the drone of our friend Nektarios.
For his first attempt as he claims, it is very good and especially the montage even better, although he is using only the fade effect on changes.
We are confident that in the next video his imagination will help and have amazing results.

Distances from Corfu town to the villages

Here are the distances in kilometers from Corfu Town to the largest villages, beaches and the most important points of interest in the island.

It will help to form an idea of the size and estimate the time you need to get around the island during your stay.

Apart from the list the distances are captured in a special map for more direct approach.

Map with distances in Corfu

Map with distances in Corfu
Map with distances in Corfu

Distances to and from Corfu town

Names are not in alphabetical order, but start from northeast and go counter clockwise around the island

From Corfu town to:

Agios Spiridon north   44km

Antinioti lake        40,5km

Acharavi          39,5km

Roda   37,5km

Astrakeri     35km

Sidari    35km

Peroulades     37km

Avliotes   40,5km

Karousades    33,2km

Nymfes    33,2km

Agios Stefanos northwest    39,5km

Arilas    39km

Afionas   37,3km

Agios Georgios pagon    31,5km

Agros    25,5km

Korakiana   18km

Skripero   18km

Doukades   22km

Lakones   25,3km

Paleokastritsa   25,5km

Liapades   21,4km

Gianades   18km

Ermones   15,5km

Mirtiotissa   16,5km

Pelekas    12,7km

Glyfada    15,5km

Kontogialos   16,5km

Gialiskari    17,5km

Sinarades    14km

Kastelani   11km

Kynopiastes   9km

Agios Gordis    17kms

Garounas    16,3km

Paramonas    17km

Stroggyli    18,2km

Agios Mattheos    21,5km

Korission lake    26km

Chalikounas   26,5km

Chlomotiana    24,2km

Issos    28km

Argyrades    30,5km

Agios Georgios Argyrades    31km

Marathias    33,5km

Perivoli   35,1km

Vitalades    38km

Gardenos    39,5km

Kanoula(Lakka)    41,5km

Arkoudilla cape    45km

Asprokavos cape    48km

Kavos    46km

Alikes Lefkimi   42,2km

Lefkimi    40km

Lefkimi port    41,5km

Petriti    35km

Boukari    33km

Messoghi    18,5km

Moraitika    18km

Agios Ioannis peristeron   15,5km

Benitses    12,5km

Perama   8km

Stavros   15km

Agioi Deka   11km

Gastouri(Achilleion)    11km

Vrioni    5km

Kanoni     3km

Garitsa   1km

Mandouki    1,5km

Kontokali   7,5km

Gouvia    8,2km

Tzavros    9,5km

Potamos   4km

Afra   8,2km

Komeno   12km

Dassia   13,2km

Ipsos    14,2km

Pirgi    14,5km

Barbati    19km

Nissaki   22,4km

Agni   25km

Kalami   27,5km

Kouloura    29,9km

Kerasia    30,5km

Agios Stefanos northeast    32,5km

Kassiopi    36,2km

Pizza house Kavouras, Simply the best pizza in Corfu

The Pizzeria Kavouras is located on the main street of Benitses, across the north side of the harbor and right next to the pharmacy in Benitses.

It is a restaurant for pizza lovers and is specialized in Italian pizza type, the menu is dominated by many kinds of pizza and special pastas.

The dough is opened in front of the customer, the toppings are placed and pizza is baked in a wood oven situated between the tables.
Kavouras knows what to put in the dough, what and how much toppings will use, how warm the oven should be and how to cook.

The result, as all customers say is the best pizza in Corfu.

We have tried pizza in many parts of the world made by the best Italian Pizza Makers and we think that this expression is injustice for this pizza, it is not just the best in Corfu but the best of all we tried.

If you love pizza, Kavouras is the best place to go! Great toppings, fantasticly cooked, just wonderful! Not to forget the friendly environment and super low prices.. a definite MUST!

The restaurant is open during the summer season, usually from May to October and is always full.
Opening hours 7:00pm until late.

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