Benitses: The Celebration of Agia Marina

Last updated on November 7th, 2023 at 10:24 am

Celebration of Agia Marina - Folklore dances
Celebration of Agia Marina – Folklore dances

July 17 is the celebration of Agia Marina, the patron Saint of Benitses, and the festival to honour her.

The church of Agia Marina, was built on the banks of the river that once passed through the village and now is on the road that goes through the old village.
The river carried the boats that took flour up to the mills situated near the present-day aqueduct.
The church remained in the same place after the river was diverted.

The feast of Saint Marina lasts for two-day (July 16th & 17th) but it may go on for longer in the future.
Itinerant stall holders occupy the best positions days beforehand and the air is smoky from the stalls grilling kebabs and turning lambs on the spit.
There is a really festive feeling, as dancing and singing go on until the early morning and for those two days, Benitses’ inhabitants are joined by visitors from all over the island, as well as from overseas.

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